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Daily Archives: May 25, 2022


A Selection Of Scolding GIFs

I have been searching for scolding GIFs, a process that is like pulling your own teeth out, as every search term seems to bring up one or two GIFs based on scolding and then gives you a selection of blow job or anal GIFs. Not sure why this is, perhaps “Scolding” is also a euphemism for other activities and I am just not aware of this other meaning. Anyway, enjoy the GIFs, they took a lot of finding.

I tend to have one of three different reactions to being scolded

1/ This is fantastic and is helping me get into the right mood for getting spanked

2/ Bored now. Wish this was over with, so we can get on with the spanking

3/ I’m finding it hard not to burst out laughing right now

It tends to depend on the acting ability of the person giving the scolding 🙂