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A Selection Of Scolding GIFs

I have been searching for scolding GIFs, a process that is like pulling your own teeth out, as every search term seems to bring up one or two GIFs based on scolding and then gives you a selection of blow job or anal GIFs. Not sure why this is, perhaps “Scolding” is also a euphemism for other activities and I am just not aware of this other meaning. Anyway, enjoy the GIFs, they took a lot of finding.

I tend to have one of three different reactions to being scolded

1/ This is fantastic and is helping me get into the right mood for getting spanked

2/ Bored now. Wish this was over with, so we can get on with the spanking

3/ I’m finding it hard not to burst out laughing right now

It tends to depend on the acting ability of the person giving the scolding 🙂


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  1. Hi Prefectdt, great topic. The results from your searches were interesting.

    My reaction to scolding depends on the nature of the scolding and impending spanking. Whether it is discipline or fun and games, in which case I’m usually trying not to laugh.


  2. Absolutely no scolding around here. Ever. That first one would be bound and put in a closet until she could act decent.

  3. I have the film from which the Pandora/Blake gif is derived and I enjoy it immensely. I’ve never seen a gif derived any of the numerous scolding films made by the wonderful Miss Amy Hunter but I can certainly recommend them as I think her scoldings are amongst the best in the business.


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