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Daily Archives: June 15, 2022


It is time, once more, to explore my fascination with the hotness of women who wear glasses, especially when they are in a spanking situation.

But First, I Am Off On A Trip

As this post goes live, my camper van should be a spec on the horizon, as I disappear off on a short tour. But whilst I am away, I have scheduled some posts for you, containing images of glasses wearing women, that I think are hot. They are not in spanking situations, but I thought that you might like to vote, in the comments box, on whether each one should be a spanker or a spankee. I will not be doing screen time on my travels, but would love to see what your opinion is, when I return. I shall be returning to normal blogging on Saturday 25th of June.

Let’s start this post with a very classy, monochrome “Spec”tacular spanking GIF

Now brace yourself to receive six of the best “Spec”tacular spanking images