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While I Was Gone

Well, my holiday did not go to plan, I was supposed to be on a trip to the UK, but that fell through. So I decided to stay in Belgium for this one. I headed south, intending to end up in the Ardennes. On the way, I stopped off for a day to visit a castle.

The castle had a chapel in it, that looked like it had been designed by a religious spanko.

That is not a picture of it. If things go to plan, there will be a special post about that at a later date, including my own photos. Then the weather got so hot, I changed plans and headed for the coast.

There I visited an open air museum and after that just chilled for a few days, enjoying the sea breezes and the coastline. Towards the end of my travels, I headed off to get spanked and took along a fun toy or two with me.

That is not a photo of my spanking, but it did involve a caning and I have permission to tell you about it this time. There will be a post about that sometime in the next two weeks.

Whilst at the coast, I took a smartphone photo, that I am a bit proud of. I think I could have improved on the image, if I had my real camera with me, but at the time all I had was my phone. Considering the limitations of a phone snap, I think that it turned out all right. What do you think?

Fun break over. Back to real life now.


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  1. I’m sorry your plans to go to the UK fell through Prefectdt, but glad it sounds like you had a fun trip. Your photos are awesome! Looking forward to hearing more about the castle and the spanking:)


    • Only the last photo is mine, Roz. The others are grabbed from the internet. It is nice to have something personal to blog about, but I think that those posts will be next week.


  2. Forest, beaches, castle and a spanking? Sounds like a pretty good trip. And hey? You found Jonathan Livingston Seagull still flying around! Nice…

  3. Great photos, glad that you salvaged a good trip out of it after all!
    Jean Marie

  4. You took a beautiful photo, but the others are all lovely too. Welcome home!



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