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Daily Archives: July 18, 2022


It’s A Thing I Do

At the start of a spanking, before the magic dust starts filling my mind and it just hurts and I am thinking “Why the hell do I do this”, If there is a pillow or cushion within reach I tend to grab it and hug it to my chest, like in the photograph below.

I am not sure why, but I find it comforting and it helps me get through the part when the pain is horrible, that you need to go through, before the pain becomes good and all that I want it to be.

Sometimes this is not possible

As you might need your hands and arms to stop your head banging of the floor, when OTK.

And other types of hugs are nice, after a spanking

Some spankees prefer to have something to grab, rather than hug. Sofa cushions are excellent for this, as is illustrated in…

This Photo

Or in this GIF

But I think that I have found my ultimate spanking cushion to hug

Here it is

Just think of all the hugging options, that it can offer

It’s time to go shopping 🙂