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Daily Archives: July 27, 2022


Excellent Leg Wear For Tops As Well As Bottoms

The blog Contemporary Life recently featured a post featuring the female form clad in Jodhpurs. You can see it through the following link.


It mostly focused on women on the receiving end, whilst wearing Jodhpurs, as is the style of that blog and I can see why.

They are excellent attire for flattering the female form, whilst being chastised. But for me, Jodhpurs are something that I like to see a Top wearing.

They Just Add To That Commanding Image

it puts into my mind the feeling that I am looking at someone who is used to controlling great steaming beasts. And so would have no problem controlling me.

They are the kind of clothing owned by people who know a thing or two about leather, crops, batters and whips.

The old-fashioned, less figure hugging version of this form of leg wear, still helped create an atmosphere of someone who would be in charge.

Even women with the usually have softer, more gentle kind of looks can put a hard edge on their image with the help of a pair of Jodhpurs.

And the owner of these accessories usually know how to hold a good seat and when to rise to the trot 🙂

And that concludes my exploration of the Toppy side of Jodhpurs. These most versatile of costume articles.