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Daily Archives: August 5, 2022


Black Cat BDSM Escape Room In Poland

I have never done an Escape room, but surfing the ‘net, one popped up that looked interesting. You can see more information about it in the following link.


Apparently the theme goes like this. You are a group of beginner detectives at an agency. Your first “mission” revolves around the most usual type of problem – unfaithfulness and blackmail.

A certain Mr. Jacek pays a visit to your agency. He’s a well-earning manager, a happy father and husband. However, he is not that innocent.

He has been secretly attending the services of a dominatrix, whose ad he stumbled upon on a website. One thing led to another, and he happened to visit her multiple times last year. However, the mistress apparently didn’t have any good intentions, which only meant trouble for the poor manager.

He is being blackmailed and the task is to break into the BDSM dungeon and find the material being used in the attempted extortion.

This all sounded like a lot of fun to me, but I thought it a pity that this place was only available in Poland. But then I found these videos.

Boston BDSM Based Escape Room

And A SAW Themed BDSM Escape Room, I Don’t Know Where

It is nice to know that the kinky community is being so well catered for, in the Escape Room industry 🙂

Note – This is a not for profit blog, no sponsorship, goods or services were received for informing you about these Escape Rooms. I just posted this for fun.