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Daily Archives: August 10, 2022


Amazing F/m images

Having a little nose through the “Archive Blog Roll” on this blog, I popped in to take a look at Red Rump, a blog that fell silent, without explanation, about 7 years ago. You can check it out through the link below.


You used to see his images around a lot and for a reason, they are very good. They tend to be seen less often now. So I thought that I would highlight a few of them in this post, before they totally fade from memory.

The art nearly always featured F/m imagery, I have a feeling that this was what the artist loved the most.

The females, in the pictures, always looked capable and in control. Just how I fantasize my perfect match to be.

But the males depicted were never, weird or wimpy. They gave the impression of being competent, everyday sort of guys. Although, ones who were in need of stern correction.

I even found a portrait of a celebrity spanker.

Often the works showed a good sense of humour.

Let us hope that these works do not fade from view or memory, they are very good. I often wondered if I could walk into a drawing and become part of the action, which one would I like to be in?

Yes, That’s the one 🙂