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Hopefully We Will Have A Flag That Can Be Waved Like This One Day

What Is This Post About?

Bonnie, of the blog My Bottom Smarts, made a post about having a Spanko flag. You can see the post linked here


I so approve of her idea of a Spanko flag and wholeheartedly support her in that. But I was not too impressed with the flag that she proposed. Which is this one

I had an idea for a Spanko flag myself, many years ago, before I was forced to take a break from blogging, due to the damage that a Thrombosis caused, in my right eye. So the flag and the post never happened. But based on that Idea, I have put together my proposition for a Spanko flag. Please be aware that I do not have the appropriate software to do this and could not find any at such short notice. So this is a very rough and ready version of what I propose, that I cobbled together on Paint.

It does not have the impact in real life that it did in my imagination, but I will tell you the symbolism behind it. It has 12 stripes (2 times 6 of the best) in black and blue to represent the marks that we take pride in. There are three inverted hearts (an old spanko symbol) in red, amber and green to represent Tops, Switches and Bottoms. The colours also represent the “Traffic Light” safe word system to indicate that the play that we take part in is only between consenting adults. I think that my symbolism is good and it could be easily recognized from some distance away, an important factor for any flag. However, it does not match up to what I thought it would be like, in my imagination.

Perhaps someone could improve on one or both of these flags. Or even come up with a better one of their own. It is long past time that we had a universally recognized article to display. This is a debate that is long over due.

Fun With Flags

As an incentive, here are a few ideas of the kind of fun we could have with our own flag, once we have one.

Plus, we really need a flag for the annual Spankos pride marches that we should be having


8 responses

  1. Love the idea of a spanko flag and love the symbolism of your design.


  2. I love the design you created! Love the symbolism. XOXO

    • Thanks nora. I can’t help but wonder, though, have I reverted to type and designed something that I could do as an annual bedding plant scheme, on a 25 degree slope.


  3. Well done, Perfectdt! We love your design AND the symbolism of your design. Long may our freaky flag fly!
    Jean Marie and Robert

    • I would like to see some other ideas from other people, before anyone decided on a flag, Jean Marie and Robert. There is so much design and artistic talent amongst the spanking community, other people must have ideas too.


  4. Design is missing from my skill sets, so this is on you and the other talented types. I would not want a flag, maybe a lapel pin or on a t-shirt.

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