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A Bit Of A Different Kinky Post Today

I have a file on my computer, labelled potential post pictures. Some of these images stay in that folder for a long time. I was looking at them and wondering why I kept some of them, realizing that they were the ones that kicked off my imagination. So let us take a look at some of these.

This is just so clever

It would be nice to know who created this, just to see if they are always so imaginatively talented.

Time for some erotic writing

Made me laugh, hope you did too 🙂

This is my type of fantasy scenario

a room full of women at a tutorial on how to use a toy or toys and I am there as a subject used in the practical demonstration. A Psychologist once told me that the thing that people want the most is what they cannot have. Therefore, most women don’t want to be objectified because men are trying to do that to them all the time. On the other hand, men want to be objectified because women hardly ever do that to them. I wonder if that is why I like this fantasy so much. It does not even involve any sexual interaction.

Talking of fantasies…

Why isn’t she real, closer to my age and knocking at my door right now 🙂

Where did they get this stuff?

It is easy to get specialist bondage gear now. But this photo must be around a hundred years old. Where did they buy this kind of gear back then? Did they have to have it specially made? I would have loved to be a fly on the wall, at the local blacksmithery, listening to that conversation.

And this just looks so much fun

Don’t it just make you want to join in

This was a bit of a change from my normal type of post, but this week I am just dog-tired and in a strange mood. It does everyone good to shake things up now and again.


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  1. Loved this Prefectdt! That first image is so clever and the second one made me laugh. I think you may be on to something with male objectification.


  2. About 6 years ago I attended the Eroticon in Bristol. It’s a conference mainly for the writers and would be writers of erotic fiction and features lectures, discussions and demonstrations. That year one of the demonstrations was on C.P. techniques and given by Pandora/Blake who already had a volunteer to be spanked and lightly punished but needed someone on which to demonstrate more severe techniques. That’s how I ended up being caned on my bare bottom in front of a mixed crowd of men and women.. It was quite a severe punishment and before it started Pandora/Blake had said that the squeamish should look away as blood might be drawn. In the end it wasn’t but it was an unusual and arousing situation to find myself in.

  3. I really enjoyed this change of pace, Prefectdt! You store some great images in that “future post” folder 🙂 XOXO

    • There is some weird and wonderful stuff in there, nora. Sometimes I get inspiration from just flicking through those images, most of which I had forgotten that I had downloaded.


  4. I loved the second one best because it tickled my funny bone. This would be a great weekly or monthly feature, and a way to declutter that folder.



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