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If You Did Not Know That Madonna Gigs Were Also Spanking Shows, You Soon Will

On YouTube, I came across (no, not in that way, wash your mind out 🙂 ) some videos of Madonna tour concerts and found out that they were also live spanking shows 🙂

Madonna Gets Spanked

There is a long pre-amble on this. If You want to go straight to the spanking, it starts after about 3 minutes and 50 seconds

Madonna Spanks A Female Dancer

Again, the spanking starts after about 4 minutes and 30 seconds

Finally, Madonna Spanks A Male Dancer

The spanking starts at about 4 minutes and 15 seconds

Now I want to go to a Madonna Gig 😛


10 responses

  1. Well, she did sing Hanky Panky lol. That would certainly be a fun gig.


  2. Well, she’s consistent. Those ‘spankings’ were to spanking, exactly what her singing is to music.

    I admit I fast-forwarded as I recalled Tuco’s advice in “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”: to paraphrase…………….”If you’re going to spank, spank. Don’t talk.”

    • The pre-ambles were a bit long, KD. This kind of spanking is, like the music, more about entertaining a crowd, than being too “in depth”. Most of the crowd there did look happy, though.


      • Oh, I’m sure as fans they would have been thrilled if she took a dump onstage. That’s the nature of celebrity worship. And yes, they paid money to see her, so they would be happy. Me? I’d pay money to not have to see/hear her. 😉

        • ” they would have been thrilled if she took a dump onstage.” Not my kink, still there are plenty of people who would pay good money to see her do that, live on stage 🙂


  3. Yep, that’s fun!

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