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Wet And Messy (WAM) Or Sploshing Kink

I first heard of this kink some time ago, when it was mentioned on some other spanking blogs and was a little dismissive about it as a real kink. But having done a little research on it and seen just what extremes it is taken to, I reevaluated and decided that it most definitely is a kink. It is just so messy.

Then a search was made for GIFs on this kink and I thought that I had accidentally typed “Three Stooges GIF” into the search engine.

This fetish revolves about getting a turn on from liberally spreading wet or soggy food stuffs over one or both, or more, consenting players.

Or sometimes just parts of another person.

Or even in their garments.

When I first heard about this, I presumed that something tasty would be lightly dribbled on a relevant body part and then licked off. Now I realize that is the equivalent of that vanilla couple, who indulged in a little fingertip, patty cake spanking once and claimed that they knew about spanking as a fetish. My attitude made me realize, that when it came to sploshing, I could not be more vanilla.

There are clips sites and videos for sale on this subject. Most of them seem to be F/f or M/m

But there seems to be a lot of amateur and semi amateur material from male/female couples and groups.

And it does seem to be a fetish that is enjoyed by the type of people that have a good sense of humour.

I even found some people offering professional sploshing services.


This most definitely is a fully fledged fetish, in its own right. And many people show an interest in practising and viewing this fetish. Would I try this myself? Provisionally, yes, but it would have to be of the desire of the other person involved and at least one of us would have to have had a substantial lottery win. Because we would have to pay for someone else to do the post-coital clean up. There is no way that I am dealing with that kind of mess.

Until then, I will stick to my own version of sploshing



7 responses

  1. Hi Prefectdt, interesting, I hadn’t heard of this before. Sounds like it could be a fun kink, but depending on the food involving, I think I would rather eat it lol


  2. Just imagine a Spanko dinner party with a “Murder Mystery” theme involving spanking and sploshing? Talk about your messy crime scene splatter! I ain’t cleaning that up….

  3. That not my thing but that looks like a lot of fun!! And like Roz just said, throw some spanking in there and that a dinner party for ya!

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