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The Blog Calendar For November

November is knocking on our doors. And what could be a better way to celebrate than to get down into a cosy dungeon or cellar and find an alternative heating method for the submissive of the house. Floggers, canes, whips and dripping candle wax are just a few of the things that can be used for this 🙂

Happy Pumpkin Day

‘Tis the day of ghosties and ghoulies and to celebrate I found some pictures that are appropriate for the season, featuring pumpkins.

The artwork above was found at


St. Sorebum’s Ghost Academy

There is a school upon a hill
It’s empty now, all quiet and still
But walk the halls as midnight chimes
And you’ll hear swish and cries and whines

For Mistress ghouls still stalk its halls
And canes on ghostly buttocks fall
If this old school you walk through
Their spirit forms will thrash you too

So fly away now go real far
By train by plane by bike or car
But though you flee by any means
They’ll catch and cane you in your dreams

[Source – Me]




Is This How Mel Brooks Got The Inspiration For Blazing Saddles?



OK, You Convinced Me, It Is A Bad Idea To Stay In Bed Till 2pm

The above image was found at




Researching Short Tail Whips

A few weeks ago, a Thursday’s Animated Thrashing featured a Domme wealing a short tailed whip. This brought back some good memories. And I decided to research this subject a little. You can see the originator post, for this post, through the following link.


I am not going to claim to be a great expert on being whipped with this kind of toy. I have only been whipped with one short single tail by one person. But I was whipped by that person several times. The whip that I was on the receiving end of was a thick, semi-flexible, blunt ended whip, similar to the one in the image below.

It was applied usually to my bottom, but sometimes across my shoulders, in a strike and sweep motion. Usually this happened whilst I was prone, but sometimes standing. It was a similar delivery to the one in the GIF below.

The strike sensation was not unlike that of a cane and the sweep motion added a sort of burn to the impact site. This is a very special sensation and it can only be hoped that all impact play submissives get to experience that feeling, at least once in their play lives.

Looking around, it became clear that not all short single tails are the same, some have one or more tongues on the end and some are more flexible than the one that I was whipped with. And some are ended with a small leather ball. Also, there seems to be a lot of variety in the styles of application of this kind of toy. So let us have a little exploration on the variations in the short tail world.

This Domme is whipping from in front of the Sub. The skill to remain accurate, whilst not being able to see the impact zone, has to be admired.

This whip is being used in a “Florentine” manner. Not my kind of thing but it is nice to see that there is an alternative to floggers, for this kind of play.

These two Dommes seem to be using their whips more like short bull whips.

These whips look a lot more flexible than the one that I experienced

The following two GIFs Show the whip being applied in a different proportion to the way that I was whipped with less strike and more sweep in the motion

If anyone else has experiences of giving or receiving short tail whippings and how they felt about this. Please do share your thoughts with us.



Audrey Knight, A Hairbrush And An OTK Leg Lock, The Perfect Night In



Hot And Harsh

It is Tuesday evening, as I type this and I have returned from my short trip away. Whilst away, I did receive a very memorable spanking from the wonderfully strict person that you see in the photograph above. She has a sort of information page that you can see through the following link.


I have been spanked by her before and returned to look for her, several times, for another spanking, as the first one had been so memorable. She was sadly not there as she had returned to her home country and trained in a vanilla skill (I did not obtain permission to tell you what that is) and it is nice to know that she has other career options to pursue, if she so chooses. But luckily for me, has returned to Belgium. And a serious as well as a very enjoyable spanking she gave me too. Three days later, my buttocks are still a little tender and definitely ouchy, if I poke them.

What With?

Her nice boot paddle came into play, but not until after I had been hand spanked. The hand spanking and some buttock massaging also continued between the use of toys.

She also caned me, with two canes, as well as giving me a taste of a cane birch bundle, part of which broke on my bum 🙂 A wrapped fibreglass rod (I think) and a small flogger also came into play.

She also spanked me with some toys that I took along.

My new Rudis

My favourite spanking belt

And some short Hazel (Corylus avellana) switches, That I freshly cut from a coppiced Hazel tree, that I have in my back garden.

If you want to see more on these, you can scroll through my list of Pevertables posts, through the following link.


I especially enjoyed getting belted by Cela. Although I found my last whooping with this belt highly gratifying, it was not until it was in the hands of a knowledgable and experienced Top, that I could experience its full potential.

If you are a bottom or sub who enjoys a spanking from a highly competent professional Top or Domme and find yourself in Antwerp, I highly recommend that you seek out the services of Mistress Cela. But be honest with her about your experience level, if you ask for a hard spanking, it will be hard, if you have not been spanked that much, tell her that and give her a chance to find your tolerance level.

A Picture Of My Ass, Spanked By Cela And Of Its Recovery

Mistress Cela was kind enough to take the picture above, of my freshly spanked rear end. She also enquired about how long I would expect to show marks from this type of spanking. So for the past three days I have taken a picture of my bottom and will send her a link to this post, so that she can see for her self. All images were taken between 4 and 6 O’ clock, in the evening.

The day after Cela spanked me

Two days after my spanking

Three days after my spanking

I think that by day four or five, I will have a bottom that looks like it has returned to normal. But I can feel that the Deep Muscle Trauma is going to last longer than that. Which makes me happy 🙂

Thank You, Mistress Cela For Such A Wonderful Memory