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Audrey Knight, A Hairbrush And An OTK Leg Lock, The Perfect Night In


6 responses

  1. Ouch! She is definitely sending him a message!


  2. The thing I like about Audrey Knight is that she spanks like she means it, and conveys the type of spanking I am personally used to. No pit-a-pats in absurd costumes with her! 😉

    • I agree with you on her technique, KD. I would like to add to that, her serious concentration face and attitude. No false laughter or mocking, but a good, stern, getting on with the task at hand demeanour.


  3. Audrey is one awesome Lady. Best of all she’s a Switch!

    • Her work as a professional Bottom performer is very good, txdwcr. Due to my nature, though, I prefer to see her as a Top. Although, seeing her in a submissive role is still worth viewing, in my opinion.


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