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Researching Short Tail Whips

A few weeks ago, a Thursday’s Animated Thrashing featured a Domme wealing a short tailed whip. This brought back some good memories. And I decided to research this subject a little. You can see the originator post, for this post, through the following link.


I am not going to claim to be a great expert on being whipped with this kind of toy. I have only been whipped with one short single tail by one person. But I was whipped by that person several times. The whip that I was on the receiving end of was a thick, semi-flexible, blunt ended whip, similar to the one in the image below.

It was applied usually to my bottom, but sometimes across my shoulders, in a strike and sweep motion. Usually this happened whilst I was prone, but sometimes standing. It was a similar delivery to the one in the GIF below.

The strike sensation was not unlike that of a cane and the sweep motion added a sort of burn to the impact site. This is a very special sensation and it can only be hoped that all impact play submissives get to experience that feeling, at least once in their play lives.

Looking around, it became clear that not all short single tails are the same, some have one or more tongues on the end and some are more flexible than the one that I was whipped with. And some are ended with a small leather ball. Also, there seems to be a lot of variety in the styles of application of this kind of toy. So let us have a little exploration on the variations in the short tail world.

This Domme is whipping from in front of the Sub. The skill to remain accurate, whilst not being able to see the impact zone, has to be admired.

This whip is being used in a “Florentine” manner. Not my kind of thing but it is nice to see that there is an alternative to floggers, for this kind of play.

These two Dommes seem to be using their whips more like short bull whips.

These whips look a lot more flexible than the one that I experienced

The following two GIFs Show the whip being applied in a different proportion to the way that I was whipped with less strike and more sweep in the motion

If anyone else has experiences of giving or receiving short tail whippings and how they felt about this. Please do share your thoughts with us.


8 responses

  1. Those whips are not for me. I hate the wrapping effect. Give me a nice, short, wide leather paddle every time.


  2. Hi Prefectdt,

    Interesting how many different styles of short tails there are and the many different ways they can be applied. I have no experience with whips. The thought makes me shudder lol


  3. I’m honestly not a big whip fan for a number of reasons……chief among them the skill it takes to wield one properly and the lack of that attribute in most casual spankers. Wrapping is also not a fave of mine……and I have a relatively small butt making it hard not to wrap. Given someone with skill who wanted to use one on me, I’d definitely go along for the experience, though.

    However, I will give kudos to this post for being very Halloween season appropriate with those outfits. 😉 I think I’d get myself in trouble if I had to rely on Pro-Dommes thus attired…….because I’d be hard pressed not to snicker.

    • Good for you KD, for being prepared to have a go, if the right circumstances came along 🙂

      Snicker at a Pro-Domme at your peril, KD. I think that most of them dress up as normal people, to scare each other at Halloween 🙂


  4. I really don’t like single tail whips, short or long. If a lady wants to use one on me, back or bottom, I will let them but I don’t enjoy it all. If they want to use a whip I prefer a flogger or a cat of nine tails. I have never used a single tail on a lady mainly because I know how easy it is to miss the intend area and how painful that can be. I have used a cat on a few very obliging ladies including one who not only allowed me to whip her back and bottom but even encouraged me to whip her beautiful breasts.

    • Sounds like you might have had some bad experiences with whips, Simon. I hope that you get a good experience with one, at some point. You never know, it might change your mind.

      Breast whipping/flogging is something that I have only ever seen on videos. I often wondered how the recipient felt about that. But if your friend asked for it, she must enjoy it.


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