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Daily Archives: November 25, 2022


it is not a long stretch, to reach out and have a little peek into the world of bondage, which often gets combined with spanking. So here are some examples of bondage in motion.

Mainstream Vintage Bondage

This is a clip from an old American movie. Made in 1933 it just predates the introduction of the Hay’s code, after which, scenes in like this would not be allowed in mainstream American films.

Useful Bondage

With the Football (Soccer) world cup happening at the moment, this old advert could prove to be a useful instructional video, on how bondage can be helpful in keeping relationships harmonious 🙂

Fun To Watch For All

Finally, we have a video of some real rope bondage happening. Even though rope bondage is not my thing, it does interest me, but can take a bit too long, sometimes, letting the attention drift. So for the less “Hard Core” bondage fans, picking up the pace a little, as in this video, can be an advantage.