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I was luck enough to stumble across a couple of videos depicting Sorority and Fraternity spankings, in main stream films. We did not have this tradition in the UK, during my student days and it has always intrigued me.

Sorority Paddling

As far as I am aware, the image above is of a real Sorority paddling. The video below is not, it is from a movie. I don’t think that there would be whipped cream in real life 🙂

Fraternity Paddling

Again, I think that the image above is the real deal and it looks like someone has a good swing 🙂 The video below is typically film staged.

And As A Bonus

The video below has only one swat in it, but it is interesting to see who was and was not in a Fraternity, in College.


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  1. I was a college fraternity Pledge master back in 1980. By that time, hitting a pledge like this was already so taboo that no fraternity/sorority in our college wishing to keep their charter would ever risk it. We did a lot of other stuff though, and I believe even those things would be prohibited today. Any current fraternity/sorority paddling is either likely staged or executed by VERY high-risk-taking people. All you need is one complaint, and the ramifications would be severe. “No Hazing” policies are the standard these days.

    • It is probably best, that a strict control is kept on these types of activities, KD. Hazing in Belgian Universities, has gotten too out of hand. There was another death this year and people facing gaol time for that. I am curious as to the origins of the photos, though. They could have come from many sources and just happen to look like Hazing, it is hard to tell.


  2. Interesting, college paddlings are something we have probably all heard of, but I did wonder if it was real or fantasy lol. I’m not surprised it doesn’t happen now. Makes our universities look boring lol


    • Probably the same as school canings, in the UK, Roz. Historically real, but now consigned to the past, fantasies and roleplay. We never had that kind of thing at my college either, worse we could expect was being thrown in a muddy ditch (Agric/Hortic college) 🙂


  3. The 1st clip is from a film called “Sorority Babes at the Slime Bowlarama” also known as “The Imp” made in the late 80s. As 80s exploitation movies goes it one of the better ones. I remember renting the video and finding the paddling scene quite interesting. In those pre internet days you had to rent the whole film if you wanted to watch a spanking scene and I recall watching a lot of very bad films just to see a very short spanking scene.

    • Me too, Simon 🙂 Our local video shop made a lot of money out of me, hiring old films, that no one else was interested in. I missed that one, though. I was away at college from 87 to 90, so it probably came out then, for hire.


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