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Top Of The Click Pops For November 2022

It’s time to see what the top ten most popular images were on this blog, in the past month.

The link to the original post, that contained the image, is in the title above the image.

So Play The Music

Number 10 with 46 clicks

Number 9 with 47 clicks

Number 8 with 51 clicks

Number 7 with 52 clicks

Number 6 with 54 clicks

Number 5 with 59 clicks

Number 4 with 61 clicks

Number 3 with 65 clicks

Number 2 with 71 clicks

Number 1 for November 2022 with 76 clicks

Remember, you can vote for any picture at any time, on this blog, by simply clicking on it, to see it full size or right-clicking it and opening it in a new tab. Or taping on it on your smartphone. The only pictures excluded from this are one’s in “Top Of The Click Pops” posts, but even these you can get a counted click, if you click on them from their original post.

If you tap on a picture on your smartphone, you can expand the picture to any size that you want to.


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  1. Sorry, but the room decor in the top click is hideous. Yeah, I know I’m supposed to be looking at the spankee. I have never seen some many patterns mixed together.

    • I think that someone likes to decorate in high Victorian style, Bogey. I have visited a few historical houses of that period, with similar decor. It was about showing off that you had the latest in home fashion, rather than thinking about if things matched each other. They had calmed down by the end of the Victorian era, though.


  2. I always enjoy seeing what pics made the top clicks each month Prefectdt. Nice line-up



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