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Daily Archives: January 9, 2023


Please note that the GIFs used in this post have nothing to do with me or my spankings. They are there just for your entertainment.

A New And An Old Pervertable

Whilst in the UK, over Christmas, I got a new pervertable. The bath brush pictured above. It did not cost much, Just 6 pounds Sterling, but it is a nice little thing and has gotten my imagination going.

You might think that I would already have a bath brush, and I do. The one in the image below.

“So why buy a new one?”, I hear you ask. The answer to that is that the old one is a bit of a beast and I can only really handle being on the receiving end of it, when I am feeling at my most pain sluttiest. It has not been used for about a decade now. The next image might explain why.

I consider it more of a clubbing toy, than a spanking toy. When I have been spanked with it, I have been left with that “Hollow Buttocks” feeling. You know, when you can still feel the sting on the skin, but the flesh of your bottom feels like it is not there any more. The new one might be a bit more bearable. You can see the difference in the next two images.

So perhaps with the new one, I can endure it more often and for longer. A bit like this.

Or this

The new bath brush is made of bamboo. I have never owned a bamboo pervertable before. If anyone has information, about what it is like being on the receiving or giving end of a bamboo pervertable, that would be very useful, to me.

The action side of my new bath brush looks like this

And I hope that it ends up being used in play like this 🙂

But I am still keeping the Old Beast

Just in case Y’know 🙂