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Daily Archives: January 18, 2023


I tend to be a bit outdoorsy, but at this time of year, when the weather seems to alternate between mild and soggy and freezing cold, here in Northern Europe, I spend more of my free time indoors than I would prefer. It is nice looking at some loverly, winter landscapes, from the dry, warmth of a vehicle. It looks like some folks enjoy doing this and then stopping, in a secluded spot, to enjoy a quick spanking. Before getting back to the snug, comfort of their mode of transport.

Just time for a quick switching

We decided to bring a friend along for the drive

At least the heater will keep parts of them warm

They might risk scratching the paintwork

With both doors open, at least a little breeze can freshen the car

Thelma and Louise thought that this was a better idea, than driving off that cliff

A brisk spanking in the crisp winter air and then back to sitting uncomfortably, in a warm car?

I think that I have had worse ideas 🙂