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Daily Archives: January 23, 2023


I Did Get A Watch Though

Well, I bought a watch with a combination of some Christmas money and Birthday money. So I got time for my birthday (today as I write this, but yesterday and you read this), I also booked a day off on Monday to do my chores so that I could have time to do not a lot and enjoy it, on my birthday. This is not the watch that I was planning to get but when I got to the jewellers, that had the watch that I wanted, this one had appeared in the window near to it. I not only liked it better, but it was 50 Euros cheaper than the other watch. Having this fun money to burn, I decided to go to a nearby “Grown ups only” shop and was determined to spend it on something frivolous. You know, the type of thing that you want but do not get, because you can never imagine yourself actually using it much. My first thought was a butt plug tail. Like the one below.

But once in the shop, I spotted something else and got that instead and have spent a good chunk of my birthday playing with that. I might post about that next week. It is not spank related, but it had a surprising effect on me 🙂

How old am I? So old that the image below has become true for me.

I still would like to get a birthday spanking. It would be another one off the bucket list. I did not have much time to put this post together, after my adventures with my adult birthday purchase, so I will just leave you with some birthday related images.