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I Can Tell That This Makes You Happy, By The Way That Your Tail Is Wagging


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  1. Looking at clips like this always gets me wondering about thermostats.

    I think Rosa and mine are set way higher than the folks who professionally produce some (certainly not all) of these films. Understandably I am used to way worse than what this guy is enduring…….or perhaps ‘enduring’ is way too extreme a word, since she’s not even using an implement. But forget about me…..Rosa isn’t even submissive, and I would not even call her a switch, but occasionally she likes to be smacked as foreplay, and when I slap her butt it’s HARD. WAY harder than this exchange. The sound reverberates through our room!

    I’ve seen so many clips where the smacks are absurdly mild. A spanking like that is hardly worth the time it takes to bare oneself. So of course this guy must ‘like it’……..he’s barely feeling anything! LOL

    • Also……forgot to add: she must be Italian, because that swat looks like she must be saying, “Hey, whatsamatta for you, eh?”

    • Also she must be Italian, because the gesture of that swat looks like she must be saying: “Hey, whatsamatta for you, eh?” 😉

      • I think that she might dare to spank harder, if she took her hand out of his mouth. As it stands, one swat hard enough to get a reaction, might result in the loss of one of her fingers 🙂 Or perhaps the finger in his mouth was coated with bolognaise sauce and she is convincing him not to be so reluctant about sampling it 🙂


  2. I’m not really a fan of plugs or tails, but I love the caption. I agree too, it looks like a very mild spanking.


    • Not sure why, but I have wanted a butt plug tail, since the first time that I saw one, Roz. I cannot imagine a situation where I might actually wear it for play, though. The spanking does look mild, but I have no idea if that was it, or it got a bit more fun, later on.


  3. Doesn’t matter; she’s very attractive, has a blouse-full of boobage, and with legs I’d be happy to be over.

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