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Top Of The Click Pops For February 2023

It’s time to see what the top ten most popular images were on this blog, in the past month.

The link to the original post, that contained the image, is in the title above the image.

So Play The Music

Number 10 with 35 clicks

Number 9 with 36 clicks

Number 8 with 39 clicks

Number 7 with 40 clicks

Number 6 with 41 clicks

Number 5 with 52 clicks

Number 4 with 56 clicks

Number 3 with 58 clicks

Number 2 with 65 clicks

Number 1 for February 2023 with 72 clicks

Remember, you can vote for any picture at any time, on this blog, by simply clicking on it, to see it full size or right-clicking it and opening it in a new tab. Or taping on it on your smartphone. The only pictures excluded from this are one’s in “Top Of The Click Pops” posts, but even these you can get a counted click, if you click on them from their original post.

If you tap on a picture on your smartphone, you can expand the picture to any size that you want to.


8 responses

  1. I’ve been clicking, but I don’t think any of my choices were in the top 10. Funny how people’s tastes vary even when on common ground.


    • I don’t think that the results are a totally accurate reflection of what people like, Hermione. There seems to be a lot of factures that affect the pole. Like, pictures posted towards the end of a month have not had the same time length to be clicked on, as pictures posted earlier in the month and images near the top of a post of multiple images are nearly always favoured over images near the bottom of a post and there are more things to consider. I think that this posting series should be regarded more as a bit of fun, rather than an accurate indication of preferences.


  2. Love #3…classic spanking pic! XOXO

  3. Number 6 remains my favourite although the others are very appealing

    • Number 6 is one of my favourite images, that I have posted on this blog, in the last year, Summertime. It’s simple, effective yet very imaginative and the model is scrumptious.


  4. Great line-up Prefectdt. Love No 1


    • I love that one too, Roz. I can just imagine them having a mid-spanking chat about anything but spanking, like how bad the traffic was today.


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