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This Is A Subject That Floats My Boat

I do like the authoritarian atmosphere, that seems to radiate from a woman in uniform. It really clicks my “Yes M’s” button. And uniforms can be very flattering to the female form.

I have to confess to having a little personal problem about this, though. I try to keep a very strict separation between my play life and everyday life, but this self-discipline can be challenging to keep to sometimes, as women in authority, in real life, wearing uniforms, can make me slip up. A train guard gave me a simple instruction once and without thinking about it, I replied “Yes Ma’am, at your command”. I don’t think that she noticed and just seemed to be content that someone was doing what she asked them to, without giving her any jip. But I still feel incredibly embarrassed about this memory, to this day.

Even when I see play scenes with uniformed women on the receiving end of a spanking, my mind kind of turns things around and just sees this as a training session for when they are the uniformed disciplinarian.

It is a subject that holds a wide range of potential for posts, with modern uniforms, historical uniforms, military and civilian uniforms fitting into this category. Even, perhaps, illustrating some historical recollections of uniformed corporal punishment.

But I have to ruminate if doing this might increase my slip ups in real life

So I thought that I would ask the opinion of the visitors here as to whether or not I should start doing this, semi regularly, as a posting series?

Do you think that this is a good Idea or not?


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  1. Hi Prefectdt, there would certainly be a lot of scope and material for such a series, but if you are concerned that it could be a trigger for you it may nit be the best idea.

    Maybe you could do some ad hoc posts to start with and take it from there.


    • I was thinking of maybe limiting myself to historical, fantasy and other uniforms, that I do not see day to day, Roz. Perhaps this might be a good compromise.


  2. If it’s your kink and want to do it…….it’s your blog. But since you asked your readers,,,,,,,frankly it does nothing for me at best, and at worst the posed shots seem silly and absurdly unbelievable. (Do I think a person in a uniform is actually going to give or get a spanking during their duties? Absolutely not. Maybe at home. So any uniform scenario just reads to me as: corny studio shot with dress-up. ) Even the real women in uniform are just women in uniform and I find attributing characteristics to unknown (most likely vanilla) women to be as irksome as when someone uses a vanilla photo for a kinky caption.

    HOWEVER….that said……if you DO decide to go with this despite your personal reluctance…..well, for me it will likely be a field day for joke fodder I probably won’t be able to resist.

    (Hey, it’s me. You know I don’t tend to swim with the other fish. 😉 LOL)

    • I like the “silly and absurdly unbelievable” things sometimes, KD. It gives me a reason to go to my fantasy headspace and play out things that could never happen in real life. Isn’t that what fantasizing is all about, giving yourself a little break from the banality of hum drum reality?

      If I do go with this, let the humour roll 🙂


  3. yes, please! I love seeing women in uniform getting spanked or doing the spanking. Uniforms are hot! XOXO

  4. Go for it, for sure! Loved the first picture and the flight attendant.

  5. Pref – Your blog, do what you want and feel comfortable with.


  6. Whether she’s beating me or being punished herself I love a woman in uniform. Even just the fact that she is in uniform is exciting and that 1st picture is fantastic.

  7. I’m mostly neutral about uniforms. If she’s wearing something that fits tight across her backside, such as leggings or yoga pants, or if she’s wearing a skirt or dress that can be raised, that’s what I like.

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