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It is time, once more, to explore my fascination with the hotness of women who wear glasses, especially when they are in a spanking situation.

And just to change things around, a bit, we will start off with a “Spec”tacular Computer Generated GIF.

Now brace yourself to receive six of the best “Spec”tacular spanking images

the image above was found at


the image above was found at



12 responses

  1. Yeouch at the second one! 1 and 6 are my favourites


  2. Number 1 for me! Her glasses are going to fog up very quickly.

    • Number 2 with the pink satin is great but number 5 steals it for me

      • @ Hermione – Probably, she looks like she is huffing and puffing, a bit 🙂

        @ Summertime – I have a few images of the performer that you like, so she will be appearing in “Spec”tacular posts of the future.


  3. The first one is a warning to all to NEVER spank with a broken wrist. No good will come of it for either party.

    4 and 5 are probably my favorites, though I wish 5 had her jeans down. Her expression is wonderful, though.

    • Or perhaps a message that CGI still has a way to go before it is perfect, KD 🙂

      I have some other images of her, without jeans, that will pop up in the future, so stay tuned.


  4. Love the expression on the gal in the second photo…the indignities! XOXO

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