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I Like To Be Beaten

If you follow this link, it will take you to a post that I commented on


In the comment, I admitted to getting a thrill from a group of words, that I don’t tell people about very often. Those are words like, Beat, Beaten, Beating and so on and so forth. So I thought that I would do an illustrated post about words on this theme and why they get my attention.

From childhood, through to my teenage years, I would often scour the books in my local library, looking for tales of UK boarding schools, in the bad old days. Books with scenes of corporal punishment in them. I would not even check these books out, to save embracement. But instead would commit the tales to memory for later.

The CP scenes in these books were always M/m but later, in my mind, they were converted into F/m imaginations.

But there was that group of words that came up over and over again in those books, in phrases like “I am going to beat you” or “You will be beaten for that” or “There will be a beating, later today”. And so these words stuck in my mind as something thrilling and exciting.

Why I Don’t Often Admit To The Buzz That These Words Give Me

In these modern times, these words are associated with a lot of negativity and so a lot of people, understandably, do not like to use them in spanking play. For example, how often has your favourite sporting team been…


And there are a lot worse things that this group of words tends to get tied to.

So I am very careful of whom I ask to use these words and phrases with me. And I have and would never use them if I were Topping on a woman.

But They Still Thrill Me

A beating well-earned

You must be beaten

I will beat the lesson into you

Sometimes it is a word that you just can’t beat 🙂

But still it is a word that I am very careful about when, where and who I use it with.

I hope that you have a less controversial set of words or phrases that gets your spine tingling.


5 responses

  1. I remember those books well, and never liked the word “beat”.

    Hearing the word “spank” said out loud makes me full on flush with embarrassment, but seeing it in print is a real turn-on.


    • I know that my word is controversial, Hermione, but it fixed in my head at a very formative age. I am a bit jealous that your word is Spank, it comes up a lot 🙂


  2. Hi Prefectdt,

    The word ‘beat’ definitely has negative connotations and would have the PC brigade coming down on you like a ton of bricks. It’s all about context.

    How about a ‘thrashing’? 🙂


    • I think that terminology is a minefield for many of us, Roz. As Ms Scott pointed out in her post, what one sub loves, another might hate. I think that this area is good for discussion in pre play negotiations, along with safe words, tolerance levels and hard limits. What is going on in the mind is just as important as what is going on at the butt.


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