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The images and GIFs used in this post have absolutely nothing to do with the written part of this post. But this is still a spanking blog and sometimes I get a build up of images and GIFs, that I like, but cannot find a use for, in another post, so I might as well put them in this post for your entertainment.

Emergency Post

I was planning another post for today, but due to circumstances beyond my control, it did not get finished.

Due to an incident at work, I spent most of yesterday doing medical stuff. When I tried to put the post together last night, I found it hard to find all the relevant GIFs and images that I wanted to use. Being in pain, I just gave up. And so I find myself cobbling together this post on Friday morning. Usually, posts on this blog are scheduled from at least the day before they go live.

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I managed to get an injury to my ribs. It was not as bad as first feared and there are no broken ribs.

There is damage to the muscles between the ribs and that is causing a lot of (not fun type) pain.

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It is not a big deal, but it is highly irritating and affecting my ability to concentrate.

I have been given some Diclofenac patches to wear 12 hours every day. And some Algotra tablets, which seem to be the world’s most useless painkillers and not really worth bothering with.

Instructions have been given to take part in rest and gentle exercise. And I will hopefully be recovered by the end of next week, when the sick note runs out.

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All in all, very irritating but not a biggie. At least it is an excuse to use some stuff from the hard drive, that I like but could not fit into another post. 🙂



Enjoy Nature Or Else



It is time, once more, to explore my fascination with the hotness of women who wear glasses, especially when they are in a spanking situation.

To start off, we have a GIF of a very “Spec”tacular bed strapping.

Now brace yourself to receive six of the best “Spec”tacular spanking images

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Viewing The Wonders Of Winter



This Is The Cage I Have Now

I have had this little beasty, for more time than I would care to remember. When I got it, it was a pricey, high-end model. You can pick up ones like this pretty cheap now. Although it is still a good, sturdy piece of kit that does the job well. I am not into chastity and denial and except for one occasion, have never worn this for more than a few hours. But in the past it has helped me get play dates with fellow amateurs, which might not have happened otherwise. Having met a potential playmate only a few times, often they can feel a bit nervous about going somewhere private with someone they do not know well enough to trust yet. Throwing this into the mix and the other party knowing that I am rendered harmless to them, indeed reliant on them, to release me has been a deal maker.

So What Is The Problem?

A small problem, is that the pins marked A, in the photo, fit into the sockets marked B. These can be very painful skin pinchers and are difficult to line up. The big problem, though, is that the ring, C, is fixed. I am pretty average in the porcelain pointer department, but my two veg are a little larger than normal. The fixed ring, on this, is 50 mm and is the largest available for this model. It has always been a struggle getting it on, but trying it recently, after not using this for some years, It was somewhat painful to get things to fit (I am sure they are getting bigger, as I age) and it is not hard to imagine that this might be a problem in a pressure on situation. The good feature, that I would like to keep the same, is the small padlock, marked D. These are easily available and some women like to bring their own, to make sure that I do not have a spare key.

The Solutions

I want to get a model with a hinged ring, similar to the ones above, but with no pins and sockets.

This Is The One That I Am Considering

A shop, not too far away from me, is selling this model. It has a hinged ring, no pins and sockets and is considerable lighter, than the one I have now. The weight of my current cage can be an issue, after a couple of hours. I really like the way that this looks, too.

I have only ever owned one Cock Cage, in my life. So if anyone with more experience than me has an opinion on the model above, or recommendations for something else, I would gladly like to hear what you have to say.

All advice welcome



Those Reassuring Hands