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OK, this blog is in danger of becoming too serious, it is time to have a little fun. From the amount of spankees in the world it is obvious that the spankee gene is attached to the survivor gene. Spankees have survived everything from the ice age to world wars, so how can being a spankee help us survive a plane crash?

Number 1/ Please keep your seat belt fastened at all times

BDSM subs may have the jump on us on this one, enjoying bondage more but you would be hard pushed to find a spankee that does not go in for the odd tie down. So rather than being in too much of a hurry to unbuckle, the average spankee will be enjoying that constrained feeling and will keep their belt on for as long as necessary.

Number 2 Assume the (crash) position

with the average crashing jet liner going from about 300 kilometres per hour (200mph) to 0 in about four seconds, being in the right position on impact can mean the difference between life and death. Your vanilla passenger might find it difficult to stay in the right place whilst hurtling back to earth ,whereas your spankee is used to maintaining difficult positions in stressful situations.

Number 3/ Doing the bratty dodge

Most air crash victims survive the initial impact but become fatalities by not being able to get out of the plane fast enough or not getting far enough away from the plane after exiting it. Years of dodging grabbing tops, shooting through small gaps and generally finding that elusive exit route to a study door, will have equipped your natural brat with the skills to get out of and away from that burning plane with a good head start on all the poor vanilla passengers.

Number 4/ Save me and you can spank me

This one will probably work better for the female spankees than for male (damn! the girly subs grass is always greener) but it might be worth a try even for the boys. Shout this out while bobbing up and down in the water or trapped under a piece of wreckage.Even a vanilla rescuer might be swayed by the thought of having a pert bottom staring up at them from their lap, to give the spankee priority over other victims on the โ€œwho to rescue firstโ€ list.

Number 5/ Listen to the pre flight instructions OR ELSE!

Many air crash fatalities are caused by passengers not remembering the proper crash position, where the exits are or lots of other things that they are told in the pre flight instructions. So while all the vanilla passengers are picking their noses and worrying how their fold down tray works, during this little lecture, pretend you are in class, sit up straight, listen to every detail, assume that you are going to be asked very probing questions about what you are being told and that a stout caning is going to happen if you cannot answer these questions. That way you will be far better informed than the doomed vanilla, in the seat in front of you.

Personally, I wonder if there is any good survival advice for all the tops and dom(me)s out there?

Note About This Post

This post is actually an enhanced repost. I stumbled upon it whilst looking for something different. It comes from March the 10th 2010 and I cannot remember writing or posting it, so it seemed like something new to my eyes, that gave me a bit of a giggle. So I decided to repost the mainly written post of the me from ten years ago and add some images as the more photograph based blogger that I am now. So this post is the Frankenstein’s monster post that is either the best or the worst of the two me’s from ten years apart.

Enjoy your flight ๐Ÿ™‚



As lock downs and regulations start to ease in many countries, people will want to start socialising again and that includes the kinksters of this world. But any body with at least half a brain is going to want to do this safely and mouth and nose masks are going to be a part of the near future. Here is someone getting ready for the good times to resume by finding fun ways to accessorize a basic, black safety mask.

Getting Ready For That First Meet In The New Normal

But wait a minute! What if Mistress turns up for that party and has forgotten her mask?

No Problem Her Submissive Has One She Can Use

But what if the submissive is a girl?

Still Not A Problem

I have a feeling that many subs and bottoms might end up going “Commando” to some meet ups ๐Ÿ™‚

You could always try to outsmart the virus by disguising yourself as one though ๐Ÿ™‚

It amazes me that the last video was posted nearly five years ago. That guy must have the best crystal ball ever.



I’m not sure which country this comes from, as my knowledge of East Asian languages is non existent. It seems to be from some sort of reality or challenge TV program but it has spanking and a lot of laughs, enjoy.

Double Spanking Stick Survivors

And just for fun. Some advice to the British on how to help save lives ๐Ÿ™‚

Britons, Your Country Needs You To Do………



One For The Bucket List

I like to try new spanking implements but I never even thought about trying this one. It might require a post spanking shower though ๐Ÿ™‚

This image came from


I have decided that I will, from time to time, post a little update about the present situation in Belgium concerning myself and COVID 19. Normal posting will continue and I will tack these updates to the bottom of the post, to make it easy to just skip them, if you are not interested. If there are major changes here I will do a big post about them.

My Life And COVID 19 In Belgium – As Of The 22nd Of March 2020

I will put some relevant links both to this blog, another blog and English language news sources for Belgium at the end of this post.

1 – Work – My employers have decided that it is not viable to have all concerned reporting to the same depot at this time and have reduced the work force to a maximum of 9 on any one day. A rota has been drawn up and my working week has been reduced to 2 days, next week.

2 – Volunteering – I think that it is important that everyone is prepared to do their bit during this crisis. Thus I have asked for my name to be put on a list of volunteers to help set up an emergency triage centre for the local area. Major population areas have been given priority for these facilities, so I do not know when work will start on this in our little borough but I am happy to lend a hand when it does.

3- Shopping – I’m not sure if it is because of the restricted access to essential shops or because people have stopped panicking but on a visit to one of my local supermarkets yesterday, I found that most things had been sufficiently restocked and you can now get almost all the food and household items that you need (even toilet paper). I HAVE JELLY BEANS YAY!

4 – I need a spanking – Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not been spanked since last June. Two plans to get spanked last weekend both fell through because of the situation here and it looks like I’ll have to wait a while for a butt roasting. I feel so pain slutty right now ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

5 – Lists – I am developing a strange compulsion to write everything down in lists.

6 – This is not a lock down – Despite repeated reports in the international news media and although the regulations are strict here, Belgium is not in a full lock down. There will now be a video from Spain, to show everyone what full lock down looks like.

Lock Down In Spain

I have been following this couples vlogs as they and their two dogs and a nearly thirty year old campervan, have travelled around Europe, for about two years now. Unfortunately they have had to retreat to their apartment in Spain. This is their video about the lock down there.

Their travels to the Arctic circle last year and to central Europe the year before are well worth watching. If you want you can have a dig through their video archive through


Useful Information Links





Keep your peckers up everyone and keep washing your hands



What Kink Related Things Can You Do If Your Stuck At Home

I have been wondering of late “What if I get told to self isolate?” because of the COVID 19 virus. I know that I am in a high risk category for flu infections because of my history of being hospitalised with pneumonia and pleurisy three times. I don’t know if this puts me in the high risk category for this new lurgy going around, it’s a very different animal to flu. But I have to be ready to self isolate, if I am told to do so. This is not good for me, I am very outdoorsy and don’t cope to well being stuck inside all day. On the occasions when I have had to stay at home through illness before, I have found it helps to keep busy. During a recovery from a broken ankle, I taught myself to touch type, with the aid of a Mavis Beacon program CD (pre internet days), that helped a lot with the isolation and frustration of not getting enough out door time. I have listed some vanilla projects that I could do around the house but I was thinking of what I could do to satisfy my kinky, spanky side.

Join A Spanking Video Site

This could occupy an hour or two ever day but which one should I join? I have narrowed it down to three candidates.

Dreams of Spanking

I have been a member of this site before and really enjoyed it but that was a long time ago and I am wondering what their most recent productions are like.

Triple A Spanking

I see this one around a lot and know that it offers a lot of content and am interested in seeing if it is as good as it seems.

Girl Spanks Girl

This one interests me a lot because it will have a lot of females topping and I like to see women doing the spanking ๐Ÿ™‚

Note – I have not been sponsored by any of the above sites and am making no financial gain from them in any way.

Some Kinky DIY

I have, in the past, posted a few spanko and kinky item self builds and modifications such as the following two items



Doing stuff like this is very appealing as it is physically active, requires a bit of brain use to figure out how to do it and it would be something to blog about. On the downside, I could not just pop down to the local DIY supplier for anything I was short of and would have to get inventive, using only what I could find around the house.

And At This Point I Ran Out Of Ideas

So like the lady in the photo above, I thought that I would get naked lean on my mantel piece and have a good think about what kinkiness I could get up to, if I get stuck home alone. But if any of you out there have some bright ideas I would love to hear them.



COVID 19 Restrictions For Belgium

Post update – All restrictions mentioned in this post are now in force until the 3rd of May 2020. for an update on the most recent restrictions please visit


I have tried to spice up this post with a few interesting images but it is primarily an information post about the restrictions that came into force at midnight on Friday 13th of March in Belgium. I have noticed some differences between what we are being told here and the information that is coming from the UK news agencies and so I presume other international news media. Hopefully this “from on the ground” information will be useful to any readers or their friends and family, that may be travelling to Belgium or those who are just curious about the situation here.

International Travel

As far as I know the Belgian government has placed no restrictions, at this time, on international travel. However, unnecessary travel to and from Belgium is not advised.

Post update – Personal international travel is no longer possible until further notice

Public Transport Within Belgium

All public transport, trains, buses, ETC should be running on a normal schedule. However some of the providers are refusing to take cash payments and the others are advising against cash payments for fares. Pre paid tickets and payment by smart phone are advised and obligatory with some providers.

Belgian Schools Are Not Closed

This is the biggest mistake that I have heard and seen in the UK media. The facts are lessons have been cancelled but schools remain open, to provide child day care. I’m not sure what they are doing with the youngsters, perhaps letting them run around the play ground poking each other away with meter sticks (could be a fun new game) but children will be attending schools unless their parents can make other arrangements.

Post update – Crรจches and other pre school age child facilities are also allowed to remain in operation.

Post update – Universities, colleges and other further and higher education institutions, have been instructed to live stream lectures via the internet rather than in lecture theatres and class rooms.

Sporting And Cultural Events

All sporting and cultural events (festivals, mass art gatherings ETC) and all other indoor and outdoor gatherings and events are cancelled and banned until the 3rd of April, at this time.

Museums, Cinemas And Venues

All museums, cinemas, art galleries, concert venues, theatres, theme parks, ETC, are closed until the 3rd of April, at this time.

Restaurants, Cafes and Bars

I have had mixed messages about this. One version is that all restaurants, cafes, bars and other places where you can eat and drink on the premises must be closed after 3 pm. The other version is that these places are closed altogether. One way or another I will find out and update this post when possible. These restrictions are in force until the 3rd of April, at this time.

Post update – As far as I can tell, restaurants and bars, ETC remain closed all day. Hotels are allowed to open but their bars and restaurants must also remain closed.

Gyms ETC

All gyms, swimming pools, dance studios, sports training centres and the like are closed until the 3rd of April, at this time.


Libraries will remain closed until the 3rd of April, at this time.

Post update – Libraries are now allowed to open but social distancing regulations, people keeping 1.5 meters apart, must be respected.


Essential shops, food shops, markets, pharmacists and the like, will remain open as normal. Other shops are allowed to open from Monday through to Friday but must close at the weekends. This situation is in force until the 3rd of April, at this time.

Post update – Staffed fuel (petrol and diesel) stations are also allowed to open at the weekends.

Frites shops And Take-aways

Frituurs (chip or fry shops) and other take away food venues remain open but only for take away food. No consumption on the premises is allowed. Until 3rd of April, at this time.


I have not shown any symptoms of infection at this time but the situation has caused some hot fantasising.

Well despite the present crisis, this remains the blog of an F/m spanko ๐Ÿ™‚