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Wikipedia – A New Blog – Sciatica – And Glasses Are Good


Adding a blog

crop 46

Disciplined behaviour is a mostly F/m blog with a nice mixture of pictorial and text based content. it will be added to the second blog roll.

Spanking and Sciatica


This subject was explored on the blog Spanked, Not Silenced, in this post Spanking and sciatica. Many tips and pieces of advice about participating in spanking whilst suffering from this condition are explored and could be very useful for any spanko that has this problem.

Wikipedia porn pogrom ends


Thanks to Melon Farmers for information on this article. Not really sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but according to this report AVN – Fox: Wikimedia No Longer Purging โ€˜Pornโ€™ From Encyclopedia, the search for porn images on Wikipedia has now ended.

Glasses are good

It is no secret to regular visitors to this blog, that I find women better looking when they are wearing glasses but apart from increased attractiveness, here is another reason to wear glasses, if they are needed.


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When Looking For A Pro Disciplinarian?


I do not approve or disapprove of the disciplinarians, who’s images I have used in this post, I simply chose them because I am unlikely to visit them due to geographical location. These images came from Miss Kami Robertson Disciplinarian,ย Miss Sarah Gregory and Mistress Claudia Surrey Domme.

When I visit the website of a pro disciplinarian I am looking for…

Recently I have been thinking about visiting a professional disciplinarian and so have been touring the ‘net looking at websites and finding that some of them are lacking the kind of information that I want. Well I am going to say what I am looking to see on a pro disciplinarian’s site.

Clear and easy information

I want to know the general location of business, not a precise address but just an idea if it is within reasonable traveling distance.

I want to know what services that are or are not offered.

I want contact details.

And I want to know times and dates of convenience.

I would like all of this to be easy to find and not have to hunt around for it.


Galleries are great, a picture can say a thousand words but I get annoyed at galleries that just seem to say “Look how hot I am.”.

Photos of the disciplinarian are good, I am not looking for them of someone in a state of undress (some might but not me) but I like to see an image that can cross that first physiological barrier of “Can this person look like they can click my Yes Mis’ button”.

Show the range of toys/implements available is always a good idea.

And showing some results of the spanking range offered, from most ,mild to most harsh, is a very good guide.

Some images of the location are also useful

I also like to see…

An “I do not offer sexual services” notice. I’m looking for a spanking and not sex so it is reassuring to see that, that is the deal.

An idea if I can go “Ouch!” at the place of play. Having to control the loudness of vocalization reduces the enjoyability of play.

A nice clean simple website. All the bells and whistles of sophisticated web design, might be impressive at first but it can very quickly become annoying.

I don’t want to be a time waster

I do not like having my time wasted and I do not like to waste the time of others and an informative and easy to negotiate website can help reduce the numbers of unnecessary emails from inappropriate clientele. Different Tops/Dommes offer different services and different Bottoms/Subs want different services, good websites can help people find the right match bad ones can put potential clients off and encourage time wasting.


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Shamu Training Your Man, An Alternative DD

I have never been tempted into seeking a DD relationship I simply do not think that it would work for me. For example, if threatened with a walloping for not doing the washing up then I would happily settle down and watch Top Gear, get thrashed and enjoy both ๐Ÿ™‚ But I came across something called the Shamu training method and thought this could work for Spanko and BDSM women wanting to train their men.

The Shamu training method

Shamu is an Orca (Killer Whale) and the positive reinforcement training method used get it to perform for an audience was used as a way of teaching small children life skills (Potty training etc). One vanilla woman, as she tells in this article What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage – New York Times, used this method to train her vanilla man, as described in the excerpt below.

Back in Maine, I began thanking Scott if he threw one dirty shirt into the hamper. If he threw in two, I’d kiss him. Meanwhile, I would step over any soiled clothes on the floor without one sharp word, though I did sometimes kick them under the bed. But as he basked in my appreciation, the piles became smaller.

The kinkster version

He does the washing up

And gets a short sharp over clothes hand spanking

He installs a new kitchen including a dish-washing machine

And gets the works

If you insert all the different levels inbetween these two extremes and you start to build up a picture of how spanking and pain play, used as rewards, can be used to insentivize an train your man using this method. You know, I think that this could even work on me ๐Ÿ™‚

A little vid showing how Shamu training works


Valentine’s Day Makes Me Toppy

Long term readers of this blog will remember my hatred of Valentine’s Day or VD, as I like to call it. As can be seen in this post Valentines Day Scrooge. I am a usually a committed Bottom and only switch for convenience EXCEPT TODAY! On VD I become a Top of the worse kind.

And the rules are…

Trying give me anything heart shaped – That’s a paddling

Trying to sell me anything heart shaped – That’s a paddling

Wanting me to give you anything heart shaped – That’s a paddling

Charging me more than normal for the same restaurant food as last week – That’s a paddling

Trying to guilt me into “Getting into the spirit of VD” – That’s a paddling

Making me pass a bunch of VD tests – That’s a paddling

Pulling me up for failing one of those tests – That’s a paddling

Having a totally inappropriate VD sale at the DIY shop – That’s a paddling

Mentioning VD – That’s a paddling

Expecting to exchange VD cards – That’s a paddling

Anything else that I have not thought about yet – That’s a paddling

In fact, if you don’t want to end up with a red raw rear end just pretend that VD day does not exist. The only good thing that I can say about VD is that I am glad that I am single this year, I hate it even more when I have a partner.


>Laci Green Has A New "Blog Type" Website


Something for the younger readers
and a few of the older ones too

I have feature the work of Laci Green before on this blog, in this post A vanilla’s View Of A BDSM Club. You might be wondering why I am putting this announcement in an individual post but when you get to my age, it can be very easy to get annoyed at the younger generation (they can all pull their trousers/pants up and stop showing us their underwear for a start), so it is very nice to see someone of so few years doing such sterling work. Ms green offers advice on all things sexual and emotional and I wish that there had been something like this around when I was a teenager (back in the 80s). For those of you with kids of your own getting to that “Certain age” it might be something to point them in the direction of, because you know they are not going to listen to you, no matter how sound your advice. I am also adding this site into the non BDSM/Spanking links list.

Laci Green can be found at

And her YouTube channel at
YouTube – lacigreen’s Channel

And finally a word from Ms Green herself


>Posting Resumes – A Goodbyeeee – LOL Day V – A Caption Competition – And Quick Entertainment For Busy Kinksters


Spankedhortic back up and fighting

I don’t like to go on about it much because I might not be able to stop whining about it if I do apart from regular blood tests and medication I can live a pretty normal life but I do suffer from a genetic blood condition (as in you have to be born with it, you cannot catch it). Most of the time it is not a problem but as happened last week, it does sometimes rear up and bite me in the ass, so I may sometimes have to take an unexpected break from blogging. I am trying to get back to normal now and so posting should resume on this blog. I have not been able to get around the blogs much, this week, so this Roundup is a bit of a scratch effort. If I have missed anything of importance please accept my apologies for that.

Goodbyeeee Bumtickler

Bumtickler was a nice eclectic blog that presented much entertainment by way of pictures videos and little musings. This blog has now been deleted and so we wish it a fond fare well from the blog roll. Thanks and good luck for future endeavors.

LOL day V

Bonnie, of My Bottom Smarts, has announced that LOL day five will be on the 21st of October. For more details see this post My Bottom Smarts: Announcement: LOL V Scheduled for Oct 21.

A caption competition

Dave at The Cherry Red Report has posted a caption competition for this cleverly photoshoped image. If you want to take part follow this link The Cherry Red Report ยป Star Trek Cherry Red Caption Caption Contest!.

Entertainment for busy kinksters

With living double lives, blogging/reading blogs and other concerns kinksters are often pressed for time but damn it, we deserve the same entertainment as vanillas. Well 5 second films have come to our rescue. With credits and clicking in and out of their clips, you will be able to get your daily entertainment fix in about 10 seconds, leaving plenty of time for kinky activities. Here is one of their films.