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I Want To Take Up Skiing Again

The Current Situation With COVID-19 In Belgium

Due to time availability issues, I am writing this post on Sunday 28th of November, so be aware that some of the following information might be slightly out of date, as you get to see it

Worryingly, the Omicron variant of the virus has made it to Belgium already. Only one confirmed case so far, but it was found in someone who had travelled from Egypt and not Southern Africa. This makes it more worrying. European Authorities have issued information about this and drug companies are already looking into this variant, as can be seen in the following two links



The situation in Belgium now

Infection rates are at the highest that they have ever been at, over 15000 per day on average, but thankfully death rates are not in the hundreds, as they were during previous waves of infection and are about 37 per day, as I write this. You can see more about the figures in the following link


The last available infection map of Europe is looking decidedly red

New Measures Introduced In Belgium

You can see these through the following links






It’s not all bad news



And that is all I have for now

My mood video for this post


Catchu-2bkinky Out Of Business

less than a month after starting this blog I reviewed a shop, that I had visited in Antwerp, called Catchu-2bkinky, you can see the review through this link Catchu-2bkinky – A BDSM Clothing And Accesories Outlet Review. I liked this shop but had not visited there in some time (more than 18 months) and had decided to go back and check it out again. Going to my own review to link through to the shop’s website, I found that the link no longer worked. I then Googled for the shop and found, in a legal document, the following –

Bij vonnis van de rechtbank van koophandel te Antwerpen van
1 juni 2011 werd het faillissement van Catchu-2BKinky BVBA, Nassaustraat
8, B-2000 Antwerpen 1, ondernemingsnummer 0882.829.761,
gesloten bij ontoereikend actief.
Beschouwd als vereffenaar : P. Van Der Parre, Nassaustraat 8,
2000 Antwerpen 1.
De curator : Mr. Van Passel, Marc, advocaat, Frankrijklei 146,
B-2000 Antwerpen 1.
De griffier-hoofd van dienst, (get) M. Caers.
(Pro deo) (25387)

Basically a legal declaration that as of the first of June, this year, Catchu-2bkinky had been declared bankrupt. Belgium is a small country and good specialist shops and facilities are not exactly thick on the ground, So I was a bit gutted to find this news.

Goodbyeeee Catchu-2bkinky

I’m gonna miss this shop and wish that I had visited more often


>A Goodbyeeee – Privacy – Getting Toppy – The Sunday Brunch – And Some News For The M/m and F/f players


Goodbyeeee The Unsecret Diaries Of Emma Bishop

Ms Bishop announced her retirement from modeling in the spanking world some weeks ago and now her blog has disappeared into the internet ether. Good luck with your life and love life Ms Bishop and thanks for sharing your experiences in The Unsecret Diaries.

Reader privacy issues

Ludwig has raised an important issue, concerning a widget that some blogs use, that may compromise reader privacy, You can read about it in THIS POST. He has followed this up with a more tongue in cheek post which you can read HERE.

A trip to the Toppy side

Adele Haze has been exploring her switch side with a rather interesting couple of posts, that you can read HERE and HERE. These make very interesting reading, especially as they come from someone that usually presents a strong sub/bottom image.

The Sunday brunch is at Hermione’s for now

Bonnie has flown of for some fun in the sun and so for now the weekly Sunday Brunch is being held over at Hermione’s Heart. It is always nice to join in the Sunday natter so perhaps it is a good time to pop over and voice your opinion.

Some news for M/m and F/f players in Northern Europe

Antwerp pride weekend June 24-27

Next weekend, from Thursday the 24th of June to Sunday the 27th of June, sees the annual IGLTA Antwerp Pride weekend in (surprise surprise) Antwerp. Kinky events include the Falconfair, a fetish fair and A Hard Night, a fetish party aimed at the boys. I believe that there are other kinky events aimed at the lads at The Boots club. I have not been able to find anything fetishy aimed specifically at the girls but some of the events at the Cafe De Love do look very interesting. There is a full calendar of the weekend’s events through THIS LINK.


>The Mega Erotica Beurs Or Erotica Show – A review


The Erotica Exhibition In Antwerp

In General

The Mega Erotica Beurs is an Erotica exhibition that is held at multiple venues across Belgium (click on the link to see venue and dates for 2010/early 2011). It is an exhibition aimed at multiple interest groups and has retailers, artists and other show elements from countries across Europe. I visited the exhibition when it was at the Antwerp Expo (Antwerp Exhibition Halls) on Sunday 14th of March 2010. Entry to the Exhibition cost €20.

The Venue

The exhibition was at the Antwerp Expo in Antwerp. Firstly I would like to say that this is a very hard location to find. I was planning to visit the exhibition on the Saturday but I could not find the place, so ended up making a second visit to Antwerp on Sunday (armed with some better instructions). This Expo is not signposted from the motorway and is not in a highly frequented area of Antwerp for visitors to the city. Better directional signs, on the roads and motorway, are needed. Once there the venue suited it’s requirements well. There was plenty of free parking. The Exhibition occupied two halls of the center, providing plenty of space. Paid entry toilets (the norm in Belgium) where available, refreshments and food could be purchased in the halls and there was plenty of walking space between the stalls and shows. There was no where for smokers to go to get a quick gasper though, meaning that you had to get your hand stamped for reentry and leave the venue if you wanted a smoke (and I did, poor show Antwerp Expo).

Retail stands

There were plenty of retail and promotional stands, catering for many tastes. A good selection of BDSM retailers had a presence at the show and this gave me plenty to look around. As well as these there where the vanilla sex goods stands, artists, body piercers, tattoo artists, specialist clothing stalls, video retailers and other retailers and goods promoters.

Shows and demonstrations

These where a pleasant surprise. I expected a token effort of demonstrations but the shows where full on and well worth seeing. Amongst the shows included in the entry price where, BDSM displays form Steel Moon, a body painting outfit, an interactive glamor photography area, a hardcore (penetrative) Male/Female sex show and Dildo/vibrator demonstrations.

If you wanted to pay extra there where private girl/girl sex shows nude lap dancing and further shows and strip acts in the paid entry swingers bar.

various kinksters and characters where parading around the exhibition in general.

The shows and demonstrations where a lot better than I expected and I wish I had had more time to stay and see more of them.

The hard core area

More than half of the second hall was sectioned off as the hard live show section, with large warning signs for those that did not want to see the live sex shows. Here there where live penetrative sex acts and dildo/ vibrator demonstrations. You could also pay extra for some private shows in this area. The entrance to the Swingers and Gangbangers cafe was also here but it was paid entry, so I did not go in. I did stop here to see a little of a show featuring one guy and two gals, which as far as I could tell seemed pretty good (nothing was hidden anyway) but I left after a few minutes because I find watching vanilla sex a bit boring.


The exhibition itself was very good. Before going in I thought that the 20 euro entry fee was a bit steep but that was before I discovered all the shows on offer. You could very easily pay this much or more for just one of the shows alone, in many places. The retail and promotional stands where interesting and I found the prices charged to be very competitive, for some items a lot less than you would normally pay for the same items in specialist shops.

The exhibition halls, although adequate, did not live up to the standards that I have come to expect from other exhibition halls in Belgium. Antwerp Expo just did not seem up to scratch.

To round up the exhibition was well worth it but the exhibition halls where a bit so so.

Would I go again?

Yes but I would like to see this at a better location. Hopefully I will go to the exhibition when it visits Gent Expo, in November, which I know to be a far better venue.

If you want to see more posts about this exhibition try the following three links, LINK 1, LINK 2, LINK3.


>Antwerp, Kinky Elements Of A Vanilla Trip

>Recently I had family members visit, which meant doing some vanilla trips out. I like doing vanilla trips but when it means that I am traveling to a town that I have seen many times, my attention starts to wander, as some of you may remember from THIS POST and I start to look for kinky twists amongst the normal sights on the tourist trail. This time we visited Antwerp, my favorite kinky playground, and saw all the vanilla sights. So the challenge was to see the kinky elements of the vanilla side of Antwerp.

Holy sin city Batman

On a visit to the cathedral I took the photograph of the nine ornate confessionals below but these were not all, there were lots of other confession boxes dotted around the cathedral. I have never seen so many confessionals in one holy house. It makes one think that Antwerp has a higher concentration of sinners than your average city and as the cathedral is medieval I can’t help imagining the repentant being dragged out to the holy whipping post, to pay for their sins, in days gone by.

Further on there was a whole chapel filled with these uncomfortable looking kneelers or if viewed from the other side, purpose made spanking benches.

Kinky dolls

One of my relatives is deeply interested in music and couldn’t resist browsing through Pandora’s box, a shop specializing in Heavy Metal recordings.

But it was the kinky doll display that the shop had that caught my attention. Well it is just round the corner from THIS PLACE, so perhaps the owner(s) are of a kinky nature.

The devil doll with her little caged sub was my favourite.

Arty bondage chair

This was taken whilst sauntering through Antwerp’s art quarter. It is made of stone (I think) so would be cold. All the bumpy bits would make it wonderfully uncomfortable and it has many places to attach restraints. Art or pain art?

A parting moon

Well either a mooning or preparing for a bare bottom spanking. You have to admit, it is better than Brussels’ little peeing boy.

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Playing With Mistress Eva, A BDSM Experience – Part Two


The clamp down

Normally I would not go for any type of tie down the first time that I play with someone but I felt safe enough and my desire to try the restraining bench, that I wrote about in Part One of this account, helped make my mind up, to make an exception this time. Ordered to the adjoining room to remove my clothes, I returned wearing only a male thong (I always use these for a non sexual play, it’s a psychological thing, tells the little fella down stairs not to get exited). I was then ordered onto the bench and the center bar was raised uncomfortably high under my waistline, wrists and ankles where then placed into metal cuffs attached to the bench and held tight by screw down clamps. Four leather straps held my forearms and legs from the knee down flat to the device, another strap was secured over my back. The metal collar was put around my neck and tried at a couple of heights but I felt threatened by this and so it was removed and put to one side. Apart from my head and my shoulders (a little), I was now thoroughly immobilized and totally uncomfortable, this bench was made to cause strain and discomfort and it did it well.

Ouch time

Five toys then appeared and Mistress Eva showed me a flogger, a crop (a true crop and not a batter), a heavy ‘American school’ style paddle, a leather paddle and a very thin cane and I was made to kiss the cane. She informed me that I would receive ten of each and then would have to
choose one. I have to admit here that I safe worded with the wooden paddle after only two swats, it is a toy I am not used to and the situation was alien enough to me as it was, I would like to try this again under more familiar circumstances. The swats of the other toys where applied to each buttock separately, this came as a bit of a surprise with the thin cane as I am used to it being applied across both buttocks at once. I have seen canes applied this way in some BDSM clips, using only the very tip of the cane, it was not unpleasant but I think I prefer the way that we spankos use the traditional old rattan. The crop was appetizingly harsh and the leather paddle was just luscious, the best leather paddle that I have ever felt. In the end I chose the flogger, Mistress Eva delivered it with a nice piquant mixed stingy, thudy snap and with all the unfamiliar things happening to me I found the comforting familiarity of a type of toy that I regard as an old friend, a nice security blanket to wrap my mind in.

Time to get serious

The bench was facing three full length mirrors and I could see all that was going on behind me Mistress Eva in high heels and bodice stood poised with the flogger like a painted image. Then the flogging started, the strokes soon became hard, very hard, her full arm, from shoulder to wrist articulated, the strokes in a full stroke manner that left me breathless and crying out but the strikes where also coming in fast, too fast for me, my mind could not process each stroke individually and it would be impossible for me to fly in this style of play. I called a break and asked for a reduced speed of play but at the same pain level. Mistress Eva acted very understandingly and play resumed in a way that was very pleasing.
The cane, the leather paddle and I think the crop (but I’m not sure about that) where occasionally interjected into the play but mostly it was the flogger that reddened the flesh. The buttocks got their share of attention but most of the play was happening on my back and soon I moaned, groaned, shouted and yelped and my mind touched the clouds in a mind blowing high. It was while all this was happening that Mistress Eva worked some real magic. She talked to me, complimented me, told me how much I was pleasing her, told me how good I was. Everything she said was positive and reinforced a positive inner feeling of myself. The little brat that lurks in my mind waiting to respond to the usual “bad lad” accusations ran away and locked himself in the cupboard under the mental stairway, not to be seen again that day. She had made me submissive, I wanted to obey her, not in the normal way, because that’s how play works, I really wanted to please her, to be commanded and enjoy being commanded. Perhaps I am wrong, it is the first time that I have experienced this emotion but I think that this is the first time I have experienced submission. Verbal encouragement combined with wonderful waves of pain had taken me to a place that I had never been before. I think I have a better understanding of what BDSM play now, than I had before this encounter.

O! the humiliation

The play suddenly stopped Mistress Eva said something that I could not make out then walked to my head pulled me up by the chin and looked me straight in the eyes and said “You have an orgasm?”. She might as well have thrown a bucket of water in my face, reality came back in a nasty a shocking way, I stammered something like “No, I thought it was clear, I don’t want sex”. She repeated herself “You have an Orgasm” this time I understood, there was no question mark, it was a statement not a question. Ducking my head down, I looked back towards my crotch. There was no erection, I don’t think that there had ever been one (that day), there was not even a semi, if anything the little guy was a more shriveled than normal, as though he was seeking sanctuary by withdrawing into my body. But there was a long sticky stream of liquid hanging from my crotch and a pool on the floor. I was saying things like “How?”, “I haven’t come.” and of coarse a lot of “I’m Sorry.” Mistress Eva took a closer look ” You have not come. It is clear. Like a woman has when she is horny” I helped out with the English term “Pre come”.
I have had this happen before, but not on this scale, usually just a tiny spot on the inside of my thong. It has nothing to do with sexual turn on, no erection or anything, I have always put it down thrill and excitement or perhaps muscle clenches. It has never happened to me to this extent before, even in a sexual situation. I felt very humiliated about it then and still do now and cannot understand why this happened. Mistress Eva cleaned up the pool with some paper towels and seemed to take it as a complement. Any way, it happened, there is nothing I can do about it now but if any one knows how to stop this happening in the future, I am all ears.

Free play

Down a little from the high, I realized how badly I was cramping up on the bench (if anyone can take a full hour on one of those benches, I take my hat off to them) and asked to be released. Play continued with me on the floor and Mistress Eva started working her magic again. I was soon flying and submissive again and over joyed that I could obey commands to change position and please my Mistress. The play ended with fifty hard strokes that had to be counted. I started to count in English but by the end I was counting in Flemish, not sure why or when I changed language, I was on another planet by then. Mistress Eva gave me a hug and some reassurance and after a drink of water and donning my cloths I was dispatched, blinking, sore and happy, back into the world.

Mistress Eva

Mistress Eva is a German Lady who has recently come to work in Belgium after working in Amsterdam. She works from the red light district in Antwerp. She does not have a website and does not accept clients that she has not seen face to face. From what she did for me, I find her to be a very competent Domme but is not for the faint hearted as SHE SPANKS VERY HARD!

[note – the photographs used in this post where taken once I got home and due to my fast recovery rate the marks had already faded a lot, in the couple of hours from when they where made. The black mark low down on my side is a blood blister, caused as I struggled against the waist strap, it is not a strike mark but it is all that is left now.]