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I have had such a busy week with Christmas preparations (and it’s only Tuesday, as I type this), so I thought that it was time for a Christmasy post for the blog. As there has been a little series recently on kink related art, it seems that some Christmas bondage creations are appropriate.

Unleash the Yuletide jolliness



Searching to expand knowledge of bottom related artistry, that has caught my interests of late, I came across an interesting artist from the northern reaches of Europe and thought that the visitors to this blog might wish to see some of her work.

Riikka Hyvönen is a Finnish artist who has completed paintings of several bruised butts. Unfortunately these bruises where not caused by spanking but by Roller Derby injuries. This series of works are listed as Roller Derby Kisses and the bruises are regarded by the participants in this, all girl, sport as badges of honour.

To expand this project perhaps Ms Hyvönen could look to the spanking community for inspiration. I think that I would be happy to offer my posterior as a sacrifice in the name of art. And how hard could it be to teach her to swing a cane in a butt blisteringly artistic manner? 🙂

If you wish to learn more about the works of Ms Hyvönen you can visit her website through this link

Riikka Hyvönen

Or read this article about her and her work

In Riikka Hyvönen’s Art, a Bruise on the Buttock Is a Badge of Honour

To find out more about Roller Derby try this link




Over the last couple of months there have been a few posts about arty posteriors on this blog. For this post I thought that we could take a look at some hardy souls that have braved the tattooist’s needle, in the name of rear end art.

Note – Once more I searched for some male rear ends to put into the mix but all I found of any merit was one guy who had JEREMY KYLE on his butt and I was not going to post that. There have to be some standards kept.

Perhaps I should get some buttock ink? Any suggestions as to what I could have tattooed there are welcome.

Many of these images came from




Note – I am away on a mini break this week and will not be able to respond to any comments until my return.

Have A Sparkling Halloween

This is the last post on this blog before Halloween, so the post for that is here today. I have a feeling that many of you will know what a Bumpkin is but I only found out about them last weekend. Here is a selection of these sparkly, Halloween rear end terrors.

Now as a reader of this blog, there is just one question that you have to ask yourself.

What just made that creaking sound behind you!

Happy Halloween everybody.



Last Friday this blog featured a post, STONED BOTTOMS, about sculpted art that featured the human bottom. I thought that this week it would be nice to feature some art work that was created on the human posterior, in the form of body painting.

This last one does not have a backside in it but it is clever how it plays with your mind

Please note that I did try to find some suitably painted boy butts to put in this post, for those that prefer the male form but sadly there did not seem to be any good quality photos of that kind around. Perhaps that is a gap in the market that someone could fill.



Well they are not all stoned, some are metalled or made of something else.

Artistic Rear Ends

Roses and heart FROM HERE
Does this photo make my bum look big? FROM HERE
Bent over and listening FROM HERE
This is a cast of some guy FROM HERE
Just brush my cheek before you leave angel FROM HERE
Nothing prettier than a stripped bottom FROM HERE

It’s An Old Joke Butt…

I hope that this post was not too arty farty (fnarr fnarr)