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Well Look What’s New

I had not searched for spanking machine images or GIFs for some time. It looks like the cartoon artists have been busy, since I last did. Let us take a look at what I found.

And it is nice to see that some of the old classics are being represented



Sometimes Blogging Does Not Work Out Like You Planned

I got all my posts in schedule, up until Thursday, on Sunday. This gave me plenty of time to work on a project, that should have been in this post today. But technical difficulties got in the way and I ended up wasting a lot of time, for no result. Now (Thursday evening) I have no time to come up with a good replacement post. So, all I have to offer you are some GIFs interceded by some ‘Toons, that I found through a search some time ago and kinda liked. I should be thoroughly thrashed for my failure, but at least you get something to look at today.



Potential Uniformed Disciplinarians Of Times Gone By

The cinch waisted tunics and tight breeches of 19th century uniforms seem particularly flattering to the female form and the militaristic styling just oozes authority. I do not want this irregular series of posts to stray too near the type of women that I would bump into in a day-to-day situation, who wear uniforms. So, a series of art images that depict the type of attire I would like to see adorning a woman, handing out some corporal correction to my good self (or bad self, depending on the scenario) in the fantasy world of my mind, seemed like a good way to go. These images took way more time than I planned for, to collect, so I do not have much time left to put this post together and will just let the images speak for themselves.

I am not sure if this kind of thing works as a spanking blog post. I will keep an eye on the stats and the comments, to decide to continue with this theme or not.



It Was Just One Of Those Things

I was just in one of “those” moods and for no particular reason Googled “Dragon Spanking”. To my surprise, there were a lot of images that popped up.

Most of the images seem to come from


A site that provides some excellent content, but proves to be a little hard to navigate sometimes. So the images that I am posting here are from a web search

Unfortunately, a further search did not provide any Dragon spanking GIFs

Still, a good variety of pictures are available

Even a cartoon, with its own little story

It is a nice sideways vent, to find that so many artists are interested in both Dragons and Spanking. It was all new to me. I wonder if this is a strong side branch in the consensual spanking community?



Or Tied Up Small Scale

Although I am not so interested in taking part in extensive bondage myself, I do like to see the end results of bondage. Tootling around the ‘Net, a little while ago, I stumbled across the bondage ornament that you see above and went on a little search to see if there were more examples out there. There was. These rapidly became part of the decor of my fantasy “If I win it big on the lottery” play room. I thought that you visitors here might like to take a gaze at what I had found. So here are a few examples of what is available.

I hope that inspired some ideas for your own kinky, interior design plans



Ants In Your Pants Or Even Worse

Formicophilia is the sexual interest in and pleasure derived from small animals, insects, or snails crawling over one’s body.

I have to admit that I had a total WTF moment, when I found out about this fetish.

It had never occurred to me that people could get any kind of pleasure out of this. I mean, it is not like the obviously pleasurable experience of being bent over something and being hit on the bottom, until you are in excruciating pain.

It is surprising that it often involves things that bite and sting.

Could there be anything worse than leaches?

O yes, of course. Big leaches.

Yes, there are even cartoons and lots of art work about this.

And a lot of this stuff just had me saying, “You have got to be kidding me”.

At least the last image involved some nice, wholesome bondage.

I have to admit, at this point in the post, I am running out of things to say.

Except perhaps to ask if someone can please get me a bucket?

I do notice that it always seems to involve icky creepy crawlies, never nice creatures, like butterflies or ladybirds. I did manage to find a YouTube video about this fetish.

Bug Play On YouTube


Until the weekend gone, I was blissfully unaware that this fetish even existed and I am wondering if I would not be happier, if that was still my knowledgeable state. Would I try this myself? I think that I will have to answer with a big fat NO. I get creeped out when I find one or two creepy crawlies on me during my post work shower, which is something that I just regard as a normal, occupational hazard, in my line of work. To those that do practice this, I have two things to say to them.

1/ Please ensure that these creatures are returned to their natural place of existence, in an unharmed state, once you have finished playing.


2/ Stay a long, long way away from me when you are doing this, please.