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It Got Set To Music

Lyrics and music meet

Some of you might remember that I wrote some lyrics, in this post Set It To Music, and asked if anyone would like to have a go at putting some music to them and to be honest I thought that, that would be an end to it. But Pandora Blake  put a guy called  Quai Franklin onto the post and he has actually done the musical bit as he posted about in this post The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 3 (Almost Live) « Quai Franklin Radio.

You can go directly to the audio of the episode, with the song through this link

The show with the song

It was kind of weird and a bit of a thrill to hear the song set to music. Quai has done it in his own style, which I believe was a good decision. People should do things in their own way.

What is it about

Generally about standing up for our rights and especially about the way that we are represented in the gutter press (tabloids/red tops). And in it’s title, is dedicated to someone that I regard as one of the greatest of Submissive heroes (at least for someone from the UK anyway), it is called Lawrence’s Grave.

A big thank you Mr Franklin, for doing this. Sooner or later and in one way or another we all have to stand up for what we believe in when the time comes.


>Femdom Action On The BBC


Femdom role play on the radio

Well it was Wednesday and I has stopped for lunch and was listening to BBC Radio 4. On the radio was a comedy about two people sharing a house, called House On Fire. It is a variation on The Odd Couple, two miss matched people, in this case a workshy layabout type bloke and an uptight professional woman, sharing a house. This episode was about a dispute over cleaning but as a secondary story the female of the duo had met a guy who was into role play. Their first bungled attempt at this was funny but later on there was an interrogation and some pain play action, with a rat as a comedy bonus. If you want to listen to this just click on the link below, the BBC will allow it to be listened to for about the next six days.

House On Fire, The Dirty Whipping Episode.

Image courtesy of Divine Bitches.