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Two For Tawse And Tawse For Two

Coronavirus Belgium

Just a quick update on the situation here in Belgium. I have to say that I am cautiously hopeful that we are on the road to recovery here but I am keeping a weather eye on the Indian strain that has yet to appear in large numbers, at this time in Belgium. All the bad numbers have been on a steady decline for some weeks now and we have reached the national government set target of less than 500 people in Intensive Care Unit beds, with COVID-19. This should allow some relaxation of regulations to go ahead in June. The last Rt rate, that I saw, stood at 0.82 and deaths are down to an average of 17 per day. The vaccination program has picked up pace and is steaming ahead nicely now. If you want to see all the latest figures, click the link below. Remember these numbers are for a country with a population of a little over eleven million people


Three ways to legally get the vaccine in Belgium

There are three ways that people can get vaccinated in Belgium and I thought that I would list them for your information

1/ Wait for a letter from the national government, that contains a personal code for you. Then make an appointment, via the internet or telephone to visit your local vaccination centre. This is how most people (including myself) are getting their vaccination

2/ Put your name down on the reserve list for your local vaccination centre, via the internet. If there are missed appointments on any particular day then vaccination will be offered to those on the reserve list. This is a good option for anyone in a situation where they can just drop everything and go at short notice to get a jab

3/ Hang around your local vaccination centre at the end of their operational day. Rather than throw vaccine away, if there is supply left after those with an appointment and those on the reserve list have been seen, vaccination is being offered to any passers-by who have not been vaccinated already. I am presuming that there are reasons that the vaccine (mostly Pfizer in Belgium) cannot be re frozen and it would be a shame to waste it



I’m Getting Vaccinated

As this scheduled post goes live I should be on the road, driving down to my local vaccination centre to get the COVID-19 jab. It is ahead of time, for my age group in Belgium but for some reason (I will ask why when I am there) I have been put on the priority list. When the letter came I did not argue, I just made the appointment. I am getting the Pfizer vaccine, you don’t get a choice here, I am not unhappy about that. V Day has finally come.

In reality getting vaccinated means…

I will be 70 something percent less likely to get and spread the virus, after a few days and after my second jab, in June, that goes up to 90 something percent. I doubt if they give the jab like this but one can only hope 🙂

In my fantasies getting vaccinated means that this is like me versus Coronavirus…

More Medical Mask Spankings

This is still a spanking blog, so following on from last Friday’s post here are some more spankings in medical mask pictures, for your enjoyment.

And another spanko mask

And to answer that question – Every idiot that does not put their mask over their nose



Sex Work Is Set To Get A Better Legal Status In Belgium

Why do I care about this? I do not pay for, what I consider, sexual services but I do on occasions employ the skills of professional Dommes and Disciplinarians and they come under the classification of sex workers. Some of them do offer sexual services, I do not seek that part of their services, they are offered but are not compulsory. Many only offer BDSM services. Apart from the dress code being somewhat different, I do not see that there is much difference between a non sex service offering Domme and a professional Masseur but society here tends not to agree with me.

What is the situation at the moment?

At this time it is technically legal to participate in paid for sexual services in Belgium, both for the provider and the client. However, this law is overly simple and has a clause to stop a third party from profiting from this transaction. This was designed to penalize pimps and people traffickers and I agree with their activities being restricted or hopefully stopped. BUT, and it is a big but, this law was badly written and can be interpreted that anyone taking money earned from sex work can be prosecuted. For example, if a sex worker uses his or her hard-earned cash to buy a loaf of bread, then the bakery that sells that bread can be prosecuted for profiting from the earnings of sex work. This area of the law is at the discretion of municipalities (Towns and City councils) to apply or not apply as they see fit. As a result some local authorities have effectively totally banned sex work whilst others allow sex work on the professional’s own property or in a brothel or even in Red Light window areas, in some towns. There is a news article that explains this better than I can, it is linked below


The Problem

This has left Belgian sex workers in a grey area of being neither officially employed nor unemployed or self-employed, although they are still expected to pay taxes on their earnings and I believe that most of them do. This has been a greater problem recently as due to a certain global pandemic many of them have not been able to work for long periods of time and due to their uncertain employment state, have not been entitled to any of the benefits afforded to others that have been effected by the crisis. There have understandably been some protests about this, such as the one in a news article that is linked below


What Is Happening Now?

The Justice Minister for Belgium, Vincent Van Quickenborne (Flemish liberal), will hopefully be getting the law changed to take away the vagaries about both the status of Sex Workers and where and when they can spend their taxed earnings. And about time too, in my opinion. You can read a short news article about this in the link below


I hope that this post has left you more informed and hopefully not been too boring



I decided to participate in March questions month and here are the answers that I have given. The questions are ranked in chronological order from the first asked to the last

morningstar Asked

I know you go to pro dommes (I’m right aren’t I?)
Do you find spankings arouse you? and if they do……. is it difficult considering the spanking isn’t with a primary partner?

You are right morningstar I do employ the skills of pro Dommes and Disciplinarians, including those of the lady in the photograph above. Fantasizing about spankings arouses me but actually being spanked has the opposite effect and I find that I would much rather enjoy the spanking and the high that it gives me, than participate in “Adult happy Time”. I have participated in sexual activities in play situations in the past but this was to satisfy the desires of the other party involved and not for my gratification. I also play with fellow amateur enthusiasts but I will not be likely to write about those encounters on this blog

Naughty Nora Asked

Hmmmm….well, as you have probably gathered, my particular kink is spanking as discipline. Could you share with your readers about a memorable time you were spanked for being naughty? Or, if that doesn’t apply….perhaps you could share about your most memorable spanking?

Nora I play for fun and the high that I get from playing. BUT I have always aspired to be a stoic spankee and I do not always achieve that, being a bit of a dancer and flincher when taking some. When I cannot control myself whilst playing, I feel better if I am punished for that at the time rather than beating myself up mentally about it for weeks afterwards. Once some time ago I was being caned and repeatedly blocked with my left hand. I requested that I be dealt with for this offence but the person I was playing with was reluctant to be more harsh as we were already playing very hard. She told me to sit on the table, that I had been bending over and then gave me six hard cane strokes on the front of my thighs. I did not like this, neither psychologically nor the type of pain it caused. The threat of it happening again proved to be an effective deterrent and I kept my ordered positions for the rest of the play session.

Fondles asked

Would you name 3 implements that are employed regularly (or have been in the past) besides the hand, on your behind (or your spankee’s behind) and rank them in order of preference pls

Number 3 – Belt

Number 2 – Flogger

Number 1 – Cane

morningstar Asked Again

I am curious how you came to live where you do? I know your parents are in Britain…

My parents are now both deceased but did live in the UK. I found work with an organization that operates internationally. First they sent me to The Netherlands and then they sent me to Belgium. Then they wanted to send me back to the UK and I did not want to go back there and so left that organization and found work here in Belgium and decided to settle here permanently

KDPierre Asked

In what capacity do you use your botanical skills? Vegetable yields? Garden design? Something else? As a gardener with small ponds, I’m curious.


Also……….what is your opinion of Affligem Tripel?

I am afraid that I have not tried that beer yet. There are so many to get through in Belgium but I will give it a go next time that I see it

By qualification, I am an Amenity Horticulturist specializing in the use of plants and other ornamental green stuff in areas to be used by people. I have designed and created maintenance plans, am a trained and experienced adult instructor and my personal specialities are in topiary and herbaceous perennials although I am skilled in many other aspects of ornamental and utilitarian horticulture. Having said that I currently and for some years now, only working as a professional gardener, due to having less than perfect written Dutch and my own desires to keep my hands in the earth and avoid a desk job

Roz Asked

As I understand it (please correct me if I am wrong), you have experienced being both spanker and spankee. Which is your preference?


Where in the world would you like visit (when that becomes an option again)?

The next place to tick off is a trip to the Rhine Gorge but I think that I would throw that over right now, for a chance to have a tour of the UK to see some of my family, none of whom I have seen since Christmas 2019

I am by nature a spankee but have and am still prepared to switch if the occasion arises. Although I never seek to Top, I am happy to help someone else get to their happy place and I believe that experience on the receiving end helps develop the skills to achieve that

MJ Asked

How about just letting your readers know just a little more about you. I know you are British, but that’s it.

I am afraid that I am not going to answer that one MJ, for the same reason that I do not have an email address on my blog. Some time ago, when this blog got a lot more traffic than it does now, I attracted the attentions of some far right groups in Belgium, who were not happy about my internet activities here. All of the blogs and other internet media that I knew about are gone now, due to anti terrorism laws but with more private platforms available, for example WhatsApp, I cannot be sure that they are not still having bad thoughts towards me and so am not going to hand them, on a plate, my identity. Honestly I think that 999 out of a thousand of these people are just piss and wind but it only takes that one in a thousand nut job to do you harm

I hope that you all enjoyed that. I think that if I do this again next year I will split the answers into two or more posts but it was an interesting project to take part in



Simply Saucy Snacking

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COVID-19 Belgium, Four Weeks Of Hell

I truly thought that we were on the last lap of this pandemic but it turns out that the light at the end of the tunnel was just a train coming towards us. The bad numbers are climbing rapidly, the hospitals are starting to fill up again and it has been predicted that we are in for “Four weeks of hell” which means we get four weeks of purgatory, as new restrictions are introduced to counter the spread of the disease. These include schools being closed again, non-essential shops open by appointment only and……..Just follow the next two links if you want to know more





You’ll Be Too Sore To Steal Another Horse

COVID 19 Belgium – A Rule Relaxed

As of the 1st of December 2020, non essential shops will be allowed to open again in Belgium. People must shop alone, spend no more than 30 minutes in a shop and no more than 1 person per 10 square meters is allowed in any store. All other lockdown regulations remain in force.

The numbers are looking better here. Our current Rt rate was at 0.79 last time I looked. For other figures please click on the link below.