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A Spanko On The Move – Travel Warning – Janus Focus – And MMMM! Bacon

maamyesmaam  has moved

Thanks to RedRump and All Things Spanking for news about this. Due to another Google Blogger pogrom maamyesmaam’s original blog was deleted but is back in action on WordPress. the new address of this blog is

Travel warning for kinksters in Belgium

On Monday 30th of January there is a Belgium wide strike (in which I am taking part). It looks likely that most if not all of the rail network will be closed down and there will be increased road traffic. There will be a large protest in Brussels, which hopefully will be peaceful and not a stone throwing riot (with inflation as it is, stones are getting too expensive to throw away), but travel in and around Brussels will probably be very difficult. If you get caught in a jam there is a suggestion of how to pass the time in the illustration above.

Janus focus

It is a bit of a slow news week and I do like to have at least three items in the Roundup, so I thought that I would point to a couple of interesting posts that have been made about Janus, this week. The first is from MarQe ‘s Study and can be clicked to from here Roy Tersley; Janus Interview. The second is from Cherry Red Report and can be seen here Cherry Red Exclusive: The Top 10 Most Popular Janus Spanking Magazine Issues.

Bacon lube

The perfect thing for a morning glory. Thanks to Laci Green | A sex positive web space for finding this.


>A Spankable Record Label From Belgium


I was pleasantly surprised to find a record label called “Spank Me More Records“, it was doubly delightful to find out that this producer is based in Belgium. Brussels to be precise. I just had to share this info with everyone. I wonder if they would be interested in signing up Hot Fuzz.
And I just love their logo

And just to prove that this is a real record label here is a clip of one of their artists, performing a song that I found rather pleasing.

Figure Out

Le Double – “Figure Out” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO w/ SOUND) from Samuel De Smedt on Vimeo.

I would just like to state that I am not being paid or rewarded, in any way, for posting about this company and it’s artists. This post is just for fun.


>Some Images From Belgium

>I do my best to bring some news, views and local kinky culture from Flanders and Belgium in general, a few images have been stacking up in my folders, so why not post them, right!

No it doesn’t mean that

When I saw this poster, for a one man show, I thought that I had found another Dutch word for spank but when it was investigated it was found to mean “Backbiting”. The design seems to suggest otherwise though.

Pornographic tree slice

One of my workmates was making some tree slices for a display, for a school, count the rings, see how different types of trees look on the inside etc. Perhaps it’s just my twisted imagination but this slice seemed to have a “crotch shot” quality to it. Is there a market for tree slice porn?

A shop in Antwerp

Doing a little urban trekking around Antwerp a few weeks ago I came across this shop selling edible erotica and other kinky novelties.

If you want to visit it it is on a street called Oever (just that, not Oever straat or anything) not far from the historical center of Antwerp (near the cathedral)

Don’t get thrown out of this restaurant

Pretty vanilla, unless you get your kicks from eating at great heights, a friend sent me these pics a couple of weeks ago about an eating experience that is available in Brussels. Sometimes they have a piano and pianist dangling from a cradle underneath this as well, for those that like music while they eat and dangle.

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>A sort Of Vanilla Post With A Kinky Element


The European Motor show Brussels

With a bit of luck I will be buying a new car this year, so myself and a couple of mates went to the motor show in Brussels today. Whilst browsing around the “practical” cars that we could afford of course we had a smooch around some other stuff too.

Fantasy cars

Yes you would like to have them but at the end of the day they usually cost more than your house is worth.

Fun stuff

This old Fiat shell had been turned into a piece of art, a bit too big to have in the front room though.

The Ariel Atom

This is not a real car, it is more of an overpowered go-cart, that has been built so that it can be made road legal, a real rich boy’s toy. But I decided that, if I ever won the Lottery, that this is the car I would buy for summer fun. Why – well firstly when I saw this on TV it gave Jeremy Clarckson ( a British auto journalist and TV presenter) an ouch face, when he drove it and secondly because the lady below was helping to market this car.

Dressed in a Kinky Cop outfit, complete with truncheon, handcuffs and killer heels, this fine young lady was wandering the stand handing out leaflets. If real traffic Police women dressed like this, handing out swift on the spot justice to naughty drivers then you would find people like me speeding all the time.

The moral of this tale is a message to all car manufacturers – Kink sells cars.


>Kinky Souvenirs From Brussels

>It is great living in Flanders but there is a drawback, when friends or relatives from the UK come to visit you they tend to want to see all the classic tourist traps. As a result , over the last eleven years, I have done the sites of Brussels to death and am a little bored with all the normal stuff. So last week, while the folks from Blighty where looking at the statue of the little boy peeing and the Grand Place, I started to look at the shops in between the normal gift shops to see if I could find some souvenirs for the kinky visitor to the capital of Belgium. My apologies for the quality of these photos, they where taken quickly, through glass, when the relatives where looking at the sites.

First up is a framed print of what appears to be a fantasy drawing of a tattooed Betty Page.

Betty With Tats

Next for all of those people with a uniform fetish, who’s significant other is out of town for a while, can find comfort by taking Captain bear to bed with them.

Uniform Ted

Lastly I found one of those shops that sold those really expensive dolls houses and accessories (the kind that the kids are not allowed to play with). On display was this doll, which is either a strict doll teacher or a kinky graduate on her way to the party to get her celebratory graduation spanking.

Strict Miss Dolly

The same shop had this kinky little red headed dolly of the night, complete with corset, stockings and see through knickers (panties)

Miss Come To Bed Dolly

Where, other than Brussels, are you going to find a dolly with see through underwear, well maybe Amsterdam……………or Hamburg………………or Paris……………..or Milan…………and maybe Soho in London………

Ain’t Europe Kinky?