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>Kinky Souvenirs From Brussels

>It is great living in Flanders but there is a drawback, when friends or relatives from the UK come to visit you they tend to want to see all the classic tourist traps. As a result , over the last eleven years, I have done the sites of Brussels to death and am a little bored with all the normal stuff. So last week, while the folks from Blighty where looking at the statue of the little boy peeing and the Grand Place, I started to look at the shops in between the normal gift shops to see if I could find some souvenirs for the kinky visitor to the capital of Belgium. My apologies for the quality of these photos, they where taken quickly, through glass, when the relatives where looking at the sites.

First up is a framed print of what appears to be a fantasy drawing of a tattooed Betty Page.

Betty With Tats

Next for all of those people with a uniform fetish, who’s significant other is out of town for a while, can find comfort by taking Captain bear to bed with them.

Uniform Ted

Lastly I found one of those shops that sold those really expensive dolls houses and accessories (the kind that the kids are not allowed to play with). On display was this doll, which is either a strict doll teacher or a kinky graduate on her way to the party to get her celebratory graduation spanking.

Strict Miss Dolly

The same shop had this kinky little red headed dolly of the night, complete with corset, stockings and see through knickers (panties)

Miss Come To Bed Dolly

Where, other than Brussels, are you going to find a dolly with see through underwear, well maybe Amsterdam……………or Hamburg………………or Paris……………..or Milan…………and maybe Soho in London………

Ain’t Europe Kinky?