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Whipping It Up On Screen

Time to pop some corn, settle down and enjoy some hot whipping scenes from mainstream movies and TV. What better way to relax into the weekend?

The whipping scene from Harlots

Dubbed into another language, but you have what you have got

A hanging turns into a whipping in Dusk Till Dawn 3

A whipping in The Reckoning

I have never even heard of this before

And finally, waking up in a cellar to an ouchy surprise in Cairo Nest of Spies

I hope that has you all relaxed and mellow for the weekend 🙂



I Think That I Would Safeword

The image above was found at


I searched around for the Chinese adult spanking world, a while ago, for a post about international spanking. There seems to be a lot of stuff around from China, and the Spanko scene there looks strong. But the quality of the images and videos was not good, so I gave up on that. But I did find a lot of historic and drama productions, featuring the use of paddles for judicial purposes.

They looked very big and painful

It looks like they were used for punishment of adult transgressors of the law

There seems to be plenty of artistic representations of these paddlings, both from that era…

and modern imaginings

The Chinese producers of historical dramas show these punishments a lot

Would I try being spanked with one of these paddles? I think that I might agree to have just one test swat, just to satisfy my curiosity, but I suspect that the paddle would prove to be beyond my endurance level.

An Example Of A Judicial Paddling In A Chinese Drama

I wonder what these paddles were made of?



The TV Series That Pack A Lot Of Wallops

Magnificent Century, or Muhteşem Yüzyıl, and its follow-up series, Kosem are Turkish, historical dramas, set in the 16th and 17th centuries. Tripping upon some clips, on YouTube, it became clear that they were not shy about depicting corporal punishments, of that era. I want to see the whole thing now 🙂 Here are a few clips to whet your appetite.

The Whipping Of Anastasia

The main action starts about 1 minute 50 seconds into this clip

A Little Falaka Anyone?

The action starts around 2 minutes into this clip

And Some More Lashes With The Whip

The actual whipping starts around 2 minutes into this clip

I have only seen a few clips, but this drama does look like a quality production. I want to see more 🙂



The Blog Calendar For April

Here, in the Northern Hemisphere, the daffodils are blooming, those freezing nights are becoming rare and the birds are performing hardcore, live sex shows, down at the local park. The intermittently nice days might allow you to break your winter hibernation and indulge in a little garden spanking, let this month’s calendar page be your inspiration. As a little bonus, this month’s page has a GIF to go with it.

A Message From The Royal Canadian Mounted Police

I was going to write something witty about this clip, but I was too high 🙂



I was luck enough to stumble across a couple of videos depicting Sorority and Fraternity spankings, in main stream films. We did not have this tradition in the UK, during my student days and it has always intrigued me.

Sorority Paddling

As far as I am aware, the image above is of a real Sorority paddling. The video below is not, it is from a movie. I don’t think that there would be whipped cream in real life 🙂

Fraternity Paddling

Again, I think that the image above is the real deal and it looks like someone has a good swing 🙂 The video below is typically film staged.

And As A Bonus

The video below has only one swat in it, but it is interesting to see who was and was not in a Fraternity, in College.



it is not a long stretch, to reach out and have a little peek into the world of bondage, which often gets combined with spanking. So here are some examples of bondage in motion.

Mainstream Vintage Bondage

This is a clip from an old American movie. Made in 1933 it just predates the introduction of the Hay’s code, after which, scenes in like this would not be allowed in mainstream American films.

Useful Bondage

With the Football (Soccer) world cup happening at the moment, this old advert could prove to be a useful instructional video, on how bondage can be helpful in keeping relationships harmonious 🙂

Fun To Watch For All

Finally, we have a video of some real rope bondage happening. Even though rope bondage is not my thing, it does interest me, but can take a bit too long, sometimes, letting the attention drift. So for the less “Hard Core” bondage fans, picking up the pace a little, as in this video, can be an advantage.