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I feel like one of the boys in a line outside of the Head Mistresses study. Hearing the distinctive swoosh of rattan cutting the air, as the line grows steadily shorter and it is closer to it being my turn to bend over that desk. Why? Because when I was away on vacation I did and saw nothing kink related and did not do my blog homework and have not prepared a post for my return from the holiday. But luckily I saw a couple of posts from other bloggers, SPANKED TO ORGASM from Heart and Soul and MOST POPULAR POST EVER ON THIS BLOG from Consensual Spanking, about the most popular posts that they have ever had on their blogs. So I thought that I would tell you about my most popular post ever.


It Featured This Photograph




I just put it up for a bit of a laugh but it got a lot of people visiting the blog. My stat counters have always been set at Unique Visitors and not page views, so I do not know how many page views this post received but at the height of this blogs popularity I could expect to see between 1200 and 1500 unique visitors in a day (I feel lucky to get a tenth of that now). This post attracted over 2700 visitors in one day. That has never been bettered.

For the original post click on THIS LINK



>Bottom Shaped Pizzas

>Well I’m only human and sometimes I just end up Googling the strange things that come into my head and so one of those strange things was “Bottom Shaped Pizza”. Normally this kind of thing does not yield much of a result but this time there was quite a good haul of images. I thought that I would share a few of them with you.

Confession – The story at the start of this post (apart from the bit about Googling weird things sometimes) is a total fabrication and the images in the post have been tampered with to achieve the desired results. I should be spanked for such subterfuge (applications for executioner to the email in the side bar). ๐Ÿ™‚


>Confessions of a sexual nature


Forgive me Farther for I have sinned

It has been nearly two years since my last confession and I am still a Twelve ‘o’ clock flasher. There are some things that I do not understand about myself and because I don’t want to seem abnormal I play along with everyone else. This leaves a feeling of guilt and it is time to confess some of these guilty secrets.

Forgive me Father but womens breasts just aren’t that sexy to me

photo from Kinky Ink Tattoos

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against breasts but I just cannot see the big deal. They don’t seem any more or less sexy than knees or hands or elbows. The only concern that I can see, is that they should be in general proportion with the rest of their owners body. And falsies, what a joke. Large breasts, small breast, in the middle breast, what’s the big deal? I just don’t get why breasts are considered so individually sexy.

Forgive me Farther I just don’t fancy women who are bottoms or submissive

photos from Pandora’s Blog, Spanking Pixie and Leia’s New Musings!

I am not singling out the three ladies above, they are just there as very good looking examples. This one I really need taking to task over, this turns me into a real smug b*****d. I’m not sure why but when a woman is bent over and taking some, she looses all sexual attraction to me. This is when my smug mode kicks in, I can still see she is a beautiful woman and be fully appreciative of her female attributes but unlike when I see a lass topping, for example, the trouser snake does not take over the thought process and I can appreciate her just for her looks, on an aesthetic and intellectual level. In short I become insufferable git, who thinks he has got one over on all the guys dribbling over the pretty spankee.

Forgive me Father for I think that womens shoulders are as hot as hell

This I don’t understand. I have never met another guy who can be turned on by collar bones and well toned shoulder blades, as I can. But it has it’s up side, a little sunny warm weather and more than half the women in the high street are walking around in a state, that to me, is the same as topless to other guys ๐Ÿ™‚ By the way, any women reading this might want to check out THIS SITE

Now it’s time to do penance.


>Techno Not Phobia


Forgive me father for I am a 12 o’clock flasher

No this does not mean that I hang around parks wearing nothing but a dirty raincoat. It is a phrase I first heard around the turn of the century. At the simplest level it means somebody who’s digital time tellers on electronic equipment is left flashing at 12 o’clock. The phrase seems to have died out a bit now but I think it describes me excellently.

There are two categories of 12 o’clock flasher-

  1. somebody so technologically inept that when they buy a new appliance they find an 8-10 year old child (probably the best age range to find a techno expert) to get the item in working order and then never change the settings again.
  2. Somebody who just buys or gets technology to do the main task that is stated on the box and cannot be bothered with all the bells and whistles that the marketing department thought would help to sell their product.

Now I fall into category 2 which is why I am making this confession now and about this blog. For example, readers may notice that some of the layouts are a bit ropey, well when I load a photo it seems to go where it wants and sometimes it will allow me to write above it sometimes not and sometimes in the finished product the text squeezes itself at the sides of the photo (this never shows up in the preview, which for some reason of its own gives a presentation that bares no relation to what ends up on the finished blog post).
I do want to do things like add an email link, put in links, change text colours so forth and so on and improve presentation as a whole. These things I will do in time but slowly and one step at a time because I will not sit at my computer for days producing the finished product in one go, for the simple reason that I have a life. It will have to happen bit by bit as I find the time. So please bare with me as I evolve this blog rather than produce it in one go because I am a self proclaimed category 2, 12 ‘o clock flasher.