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Today in Belgium (Monday 11th November) it is Wapenstilstand Dag (Ceasefire Day). It marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Armistice and the end of the First World War.

And the troops of both sides could return to their loved ones.

Except for those that would never return at all. This day is also a day to remember those from all conflicts who paid the ultimate price to preserve our freedoms. Please take a few minutes to remember them all.

And also remember the families of those who don’t return and those that do return and may need help. You can help them by supporting the organisations, in your country, that help the veterans of conflict. Below is a link to one of those.

The Royal British Legion

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: 
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. 
At the going down of the sun and in the morning 
We will remember them.



A New Book – Upcoming Events – Thank You – And The Jewel In The Banjo


Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque


This is a new book by Devlin O’Neill, you can read about it in this post New Book! “Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque” or get it here Hanlett, Princess of Dayn Marque eBook.

Eroticon 2014


Eroticon 2014 is an event for erotic writers and bloggers taking place next weekend in the UK. Thanks to Pandora Blake for telling us about this in this post Eroticon 2014 and other stories.

Feminist Porn Awards 2014


For those of you lucky enough to be in Toronto, Canada on the 3rd and 4th of April the 9th Feminist Porn Awards will be making presentations. Thanks to Melon Farmers for telling us about this in this article Diary: Upcoming events.

Thank you Chross


I would just like to thank Chross for linking this week’s tftd in his Spankings of the Week.

The Jewel In The Banjo

I’m sure that you all remember the Duelling Banjos scene from the film Deliverance. Well one of my favourite musical comedians, Bill Bailey, came up with an alternative twist on this.


Spanking Bench Found In Public Park

Monday was a public holiday in Belgium and I decided to go to the Zoute Markt in Kemmel, which is a once a year event, where vendors come from various parts of Belgium to promote and sell specialist baked goods and sweets (Candy). It was a hot day so I got an ice cream and headed for a break in the nice shady park that the village has. Here I found a nice kinky surprise….

A public spanking bench in the park

It even had diagrams for suggested positions, although I think only a small paddle or toy could be used in the diaper position, on this bench.

A little further on I came across another but far simpler piece of spanking furniture.

Again with suggested positions for use.

Then I returned to the Market and as I am supposed to be dieting now, purchased something that should earn me a spanking.

Beer and hop flavoured chocolates

An “Only in Belgium” product 🙂


A Goodbyeeee – Moving Blogs – Dreams Online – Victory – And The Changing Room

Goodbyeeee Her Paddle

Her Paddle the blog of a male submissive has not been posted on for over six months and so it is time to wish this blog a fond fair well. Good luck to it’s owner and I hope that the future treats you well.

Moving two blogs

A Spanking Good Time  has gone private again and Male Submission Art has not been posted on for some time but I have a feeling in my toes that these blogs are not done yet and so they are being moved to the Dormant blogs page.

Dreams of Spanking has gone live

Dreams of Spanking the much awaited new spanking website from Panora Blake has finally gone live. You can read about it in this post Meet the dreamers or see a short review in this post Dreams of Spanking – The Review.

Victory in obscene porn case

Michael Peacock has been declared not guilty in his defence against the 1950’s law on obscene material. Follow the links for news paper articles Michael Peacock’s acquittal is a victory for sexual freedom and Obscenity victory. Or if you prefer to read blog posts there is A victory for sexual freedom and Let’s talk obscene!.

The girl in the booth

Have any of you out there fantasized about meeting a beautiful girl in a changing booth?


On Going Computer Preoblems – LOL Success – Awards – And Getting A Little Exercise


Computer problems

Unfortunately the hard drive on my main computer is screwed and the cost of repairing it is just not worth while. It may be a while before I can afford a new computer, which leaves me blogging on my little 10 inch screen net book (note book), for the foreseeable future. This little box of tricks has limited software, non of the blog files and images that were stored on the big box and I do not want to gum up it’s tiny hard drive with too much stuff. So posts might be effected, for which I apologize in advance.

(Note – Sorry Fred but at more than 1300 euros for their most basic box of tricks, there is no way I will be getting an an Apple).

LOL day success

A little late for this but I think that all those bloggers and commenters that took part will agree how well it went and would like to give a big thank you to Bonnie of My Bottom Smarts  for organizing this wonderful event.

2011 Spanking Spot Awards

Brushstrokes of The Spanking Spot has asked asked for nominations for this years awards and if you have any suggestions you can put them in the comments box of this post The Nominations for the 2011 Spanking Awards are OPEN!.

Getting some exercise

Why waste money on a gym membership when there is a cheaper way to get fit?


It’s Not Hogwarts

But it is a school for Witches

A few weeks ago IN THIS POST I posted a couple of clips from a local Witch festival. One of the traditions of this festival is that people, in the village, make witches and put them in front of their homes, shops and offices. One of these displays was the above. I wonder what the disciplinary policy is at this school?

The school must have a Quidditch team, as their half time support band was out in full force

Quidditch support band