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Well, They Sold Me A Rudis

A Roman rudis was a wooden sword, given to gladiators when they had gained their freedom. This is not a real rudis, but more of a child’s toy, although a very well-made one. And now it is my newest pervertable 🙂

I got this at the Gallo-Romeins (Celtic-Roman) weekend event that was held in the small Flemish town of Wervik, that is situated on the border with France, during the first weekend of October. It was a very enjoyable event that is held there every two years. With re-enactments of Celtic and Roman life and warfare. Along with people showing the skills of the craftsmanship, in making artefacts. This is where I purchased my newest pervertable, for the princely sum of 11 Euros. Initially I thought that it would make an excellent OTK paddle, but on closer inspection, once I was home, judged it to be sturdy enough to be used for harder, stand up paddling, as a light to medium paddle. I gave the back of my sofa a few hard whacks with it (bad sofa, don’t do it again) and found that it stood up to serious usage well. I won’t write about it’s size. You can check out the photos below for that. The tape measure shows centimetres and inches.

I think that the blade is made of Beech wood. Not sure what the handle is made of, but it is the same colour as the blade. I tried a few self spanking swats and although I don’t think that it will be nearly as painful as traditional American style paddle, it does have a very stingy punch and was very easy to self spank with, due to its size and shape. There are no splinters, but I might take some fine glasspaper to the blade, to get it really smooth. I might varnish the handle too, to make it easier to clean, between spankers. I can’t wait to try this in a spanking session 🙂

And What Did The Celts Do For Me?

They sold me some Mead.

Mead is wine made from honey. And this mead is delicious, especially for those who have a sweet tooth.

Was There Anything Else To Interest The Perverted?

For the more BDSMy among us, there was an opportunity to have a short experience of being an Oar Slave, on a replica Roman river boat.

And that all leaves me dreaming of a Roman style play session, like the one below, except she can swing the rudis and I can be on the receiving end 🙂



The End Of A Very Long Era

Today, Thursday the 8th of September 2022, Queen Elizabeth II came to her final rest. In my younger days, I used to be totally against the idea of monarchy and I would not say that I am very pro royalty now. But it is kind of nice having a national representative who is outside of political wrangling and biases. Also, I was an employee of a Commonwealth organization for about 11 years and so her majesty was, at least technically, my ultimate boss, during that time. The queen was a figure of stability for the entirety of her reign and should be respected and remembered for her hard work and dedication throughout over 70, often turbulent, years of service to the public and the countries that she represented. I would particularly like to thank her for her service during WWII and her recognition of the veterans of that and other conflicts.

And for having a sense of humour


I met that guy once, very briefly, in the 1990s

Normal service will be resumed at 12:00 Midday (Central European Time), on Saturday the 10nth of September



Vive La France

Yesterday’s defeat of the far right, in the French presidential elections, gladdened my heart. I would not call it a victory, as it seemed to me as an election, where everyone was voting against someone else, rather than for someone. However, the idea of living on the border of a Nazi French regime is not appealing, and so normality is resumed. As a spanko, can you think of a better excuse for a French Maid spanking post. 🙂

These French Maids do seem to come in all shapes, sizes, genders and nationalities. 🙂

Liberté, égalité, fraternité



I Think That This Is My Poshest Corner Time Ever

LOL Day With A Twist

Hermione of Hermione’s Heart has announced that LOL Day for 2021 will be on Friday the 19th of November. You can read her post about this in the following link

LOL DAY 2021

This year’s LOL Day will be a little different. Instead of Love Our Lurkers, it is now Love Our Lifestyle. I will be joining in the fun and I hope that other bloggers and readers are up for it too. Thanks to Hermione for organizing this event. You can visit her blog through the next link




I’m Getting Vaccinated

As this scheduled post goes live I should be on the road, driving down to my local vaccination centre to get the COVID-19 jab. It is ahead of time, for my age group in Belgium but for some reason (I will ask why when I am there) I have been put on the priority list. When the letter came I did not argue, I just made the appointment. I am getting the Pfizer vaccine, you don’t get a choice here, I am not unhappy about that. V Day has finally come.

In reality getting vaccinated means…

I will be 70 something percent less likely to get and spread the virus, after a few days and after my second jab, in June, that goes up to 90 something percent. I doubt if they give the jab like this but one can only hope 🙂

In my fantasies getting vaccinated means that this is like me versus Coronavirus…

More Medical Mask Spankings

This is still a spanking blog, so following on from last Friday’s post here are some more spankings in medical mask pictures, for your enjoyment.

And another spanko mask

And to answer that question – Every idiot that does not put their mask over their nose



On Friday I posted about a German annual Kink event on Lake Constance in the post


It seems that there is another annual floating BDSM event in London that has been going for even longer, 26 years up until 2019. Although I doubt if 2020 or 2021 will see this floating inferno let’s hope that it is revived in future years. I have found some promotional videos for this annual pain and kink cruise that where made to promote the 2019 sailing. Enjoy 🙂

The Boat By The Firm

I love some of the promotional artwork for the last video. It is so much better than just photos 🙂