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I Like To Be Beaten

If you follow this link, it will take you to a post that I commented on


In the comment, I admitted to getting a thrill from a group of words, that I don’t tell people about very often. Those are words like, Beat, Beaten, Beating and so on and so forth. So I thought that I would do an illustrated post about words on this theme and why they get my attention.

From childhood, through to my teenage years, I would often scour the books in my local library, looking for tales of UK boarding schools, in the bad old days. Books with scenes of corporal punishment in them. I would not even check these books out, to save embracement. But instead would commit the tales to memory for later.

The CP scenes in these books were always M/m but later, in my mind, they were converted into F/m imaginations.

But there was that group of words that came up over and over again in those books, in phrases like “I am going to beat you” or “You will be beaten for that” or “There will be a beating, later today”. And so these words stuck in my mind as something thrilling and exciting.

Why I Don’t Often Admit To The Buzz That These Words Give Me

In these modern times, these words are associated with a lot of negativity and so a lot of people, understandably, do not like to use them in spanking play. For example, how often has your favourite sporting team been…


And there are a lot worse things that this group of words tends to get tied to.

So I am very careful of whom I ask to use these words and phrases with me. And I have and would never use them if I were Topping on a woman.

But They Still Thrill Me

A beating well-earned

You must be beaten

I will beat the lesson into you

Sometimes it is a word that you just can’t beat 🙂

But still it is a word that I am very careful about when, where and who I use it with.

I hope that you have a less controversial set of words or phrases that gets your spine tingling.



It’s All In The Hair

The Sunday Brunch, at Hermione’s Heart this week, was about who would you like to spank or be spanked by from either spanko celebrities, or mainstream celebrities. You can visit the brunch in the following link.


in my contribution, I revealed that my choice had left me with a bit of an obsession with women sporting fringes. After that, I decided to go searching for material featuring spanking and women with fringes. Take a look at what I found 🙂

Does anyone else find fringes hot?

And What Started All Of This Off?

Reminiscing youthful fantasies about getting a spanking from my first celebrity, teenage crush, from the age of 13.

Chrissie Hynde



Hopefully We Will Have A Flag That Can Be Waved Like This One Day

What Is This Post About?

Bonnie, of the blog My Bottom Smarts, made a post about having a Spanko flag. You can see the post linked here


I so approve of her idea of a Spanko flag and wholeheartedly support her in that. But I was not too impressed with the flag that she proposed. Which is this one

I had an idea for a Spanko flag myself, many years ago, before I was forced to take a break from blogging, due to the damage that a Thrombosis caused, in my right eye. So the flag and the post never happened. But based on that Idea, I have put together my proposition for a Spanko flag. Please be aware that I do not have the appropriate software to do this and could not find any at such short notice. So this is a very rough and ready version of what I propose, that I cobbled together on Paint.

It does not have the impact in real life that it did in my imagination, but I will tell you the symbolism behind it. It has 12 stripes (2 times 6 of the best) in black and blue to represent the marks that we take pride in. There are three inverted hearts (an old spanko symbol) in red, amber and green to represent Tops, Switches and Bottoms. The colours also represent the “Traffic Light” safe word system to indicate that the play that we take part in is only between consenting adults. I think that my symbolism is good and it could be easily recognized from some distance away, an important factor for any flag. However, it does not match up to what I thought it would be like, in my imagination.

Perhaps someone could improve on one or both of these flags. Or even come up with a better one of their own. It is long past time that we had a universally recognized article to display. This is a debate that is long over due.

Fun With Flags

As an incentive, here are a few ideas of the kind of fun we could have with our own flag, once we have one.

Plus, we really need a flag for the annual Spankos pride marches that we should be having



Excellent Leg Wear For Tops As Well As Bottoms

The blog Contemporary Life recently featured a post featuring the female form clad in Jodhpurs. You can see it through the following link.


It mostly focused on women on the receiving end, whilst wearing Jodhpurs, as is the style of that blog and I can see why.

They are excellent attire for flattering the female form, whilst being chastised. But for me, Jodhpurs are something that I like to see a Top wearing.

They Just Add To That Commanding Image

it puts into my mind the feeling that I am looking at someone who is used to controlling great steaming beasts. And so would have no problem controlling me.

They are the kind of clothing owned by people who know a thing or two about leather, crops, batters and whips.

The old-fashioned, less figure hugging version of this form of leg wear, still helped create an atmosphere of someone who would be in charge.

Even women with the usually have softer, more gentle kind of looks can put a hard edge on their image with the help of a pair of Jodhpurs.

And the owner of these accessories usually know how to hold a good seat and when to rise to the trot 🙂

And that concludes my exploration of the Toppy side of Jodhpurs. These most versatile of costume articles.



Spanking Used In Medical Therapy

Thanks to Mitch Philbin, of All Things Spanking, for doing a post about this. To See the post and get a link to the genuine, medical article, please follow the link below


I thought that it might be fun to pick a few statements from the article and illustrate them, with photographs and GIFs, for your enjoyment.

Spanking therapy uses spanking as a form of release. People may choose to take part in spanking therapy to release stress and responsibility, explore power roles, or work through negative emotions or trauma.

Spanking therapy may be an option for anyone of an appropriate age to take part in consensual BDSM practices.

People may wish to find a spanking therapist or learn how to safely carry out spanking therapy with a partner.

What is the purpose of spanking therapy?

Power play: People may find it sexually arousing to play with power roles, such as becoming dominant or submissive. Others may also find it freeing to release responsibility and power in a controlled environment.

Stress release: Individuals may find similar benefits from spanking therapy as those from mindful activities, such as meditation.

The authors also note that some scientific theories suggest that SM practices, such as spanking, may help some people heal from trauma.

Spanking therapy is not necessarily sexual, and some people may see it in a similar way to other forms of physical therapy. Others may see it as a more ritualistic experience.

If that has you interested, you can follow the link below, to go directly to the article


Or try this more in depth article from 2020




A Study Of Poetry In Motion

Red, Of Consensual Spanking, posted some GIFs a little while ago and I have to admit that I have been a bit obsessed by them, ever since I saw them. “Why?” I hear you cry. Because they illustrated one of the best strapping techniques, that I have ever seen. So I thought it would be good to have a look at them here. Red has announced that he will be ending regular posting, you might consider popping over to his blog to wish him farewell.


The strapping

This first GIF illustrates the excellent use of the arms. At the top of the arc, the left hand is used to hold the strap in an ideal start position. The upper right arm has an arc towards the recipient, whilst the lower right arm extenuates the arc of the swing, giving it some Umph, for want of a better word, and finally the wrist is in motion producing that final stinging flick to the ensemble. Notice through the whole swing, the spanker does not take her eyes off the target.

In this second GIF, we can see how she is “Putting her back into it”. Well, not just her back, but her torso, hips and legs, creating a whole body motion, aiding her arms in delivering a sturdy impact of the strap.

As all of us, who have ever been on the receiving end of anything leather and flexible, know, most of the pain is in the last inch or two of the implement and not along the entire length of the implement’s strike area. Thus necessitating the spreading of the place where the end of the implement lands, across the whole area of the bottom, during several licks of the leather, to avoid lop-spanking, with all the pain being delivered to a small area of one buttock. It is hard to tell from a GIF but looking at the marking, on the spankee’s bottom, it looks like this spanker has spread the impacts to create the desired effect.


If you are new to Topping or Doming, I recommend that you study this delivery and see if you can get a similar result on the back of your sofa, before applying leather to real flesh.

For those experienced at handing out some licks of leather, how does this compare to your technique? Can you add anything to improve on what you see here?