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How A Birching Was Carried Out Way Back When

I’m not sure when this practice was stopped but The Isle Of man was, I believe, the last authority in Europe to use corporal punishment as a judicial punishment, in the form of birching. This is an actual news report where a police officer explains how the punishment was conducted.

And I Just Thought That This Was Funny

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St. Cure D’ Ars

This is him


And that really is him. His face is covered by a wax mask but that is his body, not a representation.

How I found out about him

I was having a little history walk around a French town and went into a church to have a look around.  As in most Catholic, French churches, there were statues of saints around the place and the inscription under one statue said St. Cure D’ Ars. Great! Just what every Christian spankee needs, a saint that cures arses 🙂

The Real Saint


Of course St. Cure D’ Ars does not mean what it sounds like in English. It does mean St. Priest (or curate) of the town of Ars (yes there really is a French town called Ars). His real name was John Vianney and he is the patron saint of priests. After the revolution he helped save French Catholicism and founded a home for girls with Catherine Lassagne and Benedicta Lardet (and no I did not make up those names). And he spent most of his life in the town of Ars.

Maybe a prayer?


I’m not a Christian myself but any Christian spankee that finds their bruised and battered rear end throbbing away, on a hard pew, one Sunday morning could consider saying a prayer to this saint. Even though he is not a real spanko saint, who knows, perhaps he can “Cure The Arse” 🙂

The final image came from Parox Dark – Fetish and BDSM Art


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Divine Bondage

This blog is not as it usually is. For more details visit this post This Blog Is On Tick Over.

Tying up the gods

Sitting on Dover docks, waiting for a ferry, I was passing the time by reading the BBC History Magazine. An article caught my eye as it involved a practice of the ancient Greeks and Romans of punishing their gods by tying them up. Part of the article went like this,

local communities decided to punish or detain gods by binding them with chains- in one case to a cross.

The goddess Artemis bound


Gods where treated this way to prevent them from defecting to adversaries or to punish them for helping an enemy of for failing to help a community.

This is the first that I have heard of this ritual and it does a certain question. Are gods and goddesses subs or are subs gods and goddesses? 🙂


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Hot Cockles

Just how old is this game?

Many of you may have played this game, even Elizabeth Hurley admits to having played it. I know that I have but I knew it as “Guess the spanker”.

It is played like this

One player sits down, another player is blindfolded, kneels, and places his/her head in the sitter’s lap. The kneeler places an open hand on his/her back, with palm uppermost, which other players take it in turns to strike, and the kneeler must guess who has struck the blow.

Except the version that I played had mine and other peoples back sides glowing, before it was finished.

But it has been going on for some time

Originally I presumed it to be a Victorian parlour game but last week I heard on the radio that this game had been defined in the first English Dictionary, written by Samuel Johnson dating it as far back as 1746.My curiosity aroused, I engaged on a little internet search mission and found this page Hot Cockles: Information from that stated that this game may have been going on since the 14th century.

So rather than the hundred and something years that  I thought this game had been played, it looks like it has been going on for seven hundred years or more. Long may this traditional spanko game continue.

And here endeth the history lesson 🙂


Pole Of Shame

I’ve been passing by the subject of this post for a few years now but was inspired to do a post about it after seeing Public humiliations – historical inspiration on the blog Leia’s New Musings!. I see this particular historical item on a regular basis.

The schandpaal

More commonly referred to as a Strafpaal in spoken Flemish (it’s great here, you get to speak in Flemish but read and write in Dutch, just to make life interesting), the Dutch name literally translates as “Shame Pole”. It was the equivalent of The Stocks or Pillory, commonly used in historical times, in other countries.

Those to be punished would have a metal collar placed around their neck and then be attached to iron rings, by a short chain, set into the stone around the pole, for the purpose of public humiliation and pelting with rotten veg and various other nasty things.

The rings were set at such a hight as to be too high to allow the victim to kneel but too low for them to stand erect, thus leaving them in a muscle burning, stress position. As a usual sentence was between two and six hours, it can be imagined that this added greatly to the distress of those being punished.

There are multiple rings set into the stone, so that up to three miscreants could be dealt with at any one time.

There are also some accounts of this type of pole being used as whipping posts on some occasions but the main purpose of these facilities was to publicly show and shame petty criminals.

The images in this post were taken by myself and I am happy for anyone to use them for free but a link back to this blog is always welcome.


Sunday Cinema – A Hiatus Posty

Although I have nothing against Pro Dommes or Prostitutes, I do think that they should be seen as two separate groups of people and this clip does make the mistake of mixing the two. But it does give an idea of the size of the market in the UK.

National figures