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New Pyjamas And Fantasies

New pyjamas

As you can see, I have got my self some new Jim Jams I am very happy with them, not only are they of a classic cut and pattern but they are also made of Flannel, making them pretty similar (at least in my imagination) to those worn in boarding schools in the first half of the twentieth century. This has fuelled many fantasies. I can imagine myself getting caught by Matron, out of bed, with smoking contraband in my top pocket.

And forbidden sweets (candy) in the side pocket.

Then with only a single layer of cloth for protection, bent over, I await my punishment.

Before the inevitable happens, after the first flurry of swats the order comes to bare my bottom.

Worse is to follow as Matron decides that before the harshest lashes are to be laid on I am dragged back to my dorm to be left for half an hour in an embarrassing pose, having to endure the jeers and cat calls of my dorm mates and then after that to have the grand finale of my fate played out before their intense gaze. I had better not blub!

All that mental spank candy for just 15Euros. A good deal I think 🙂


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>Sisters Of Epione And The Temples Of The Algea – A Lottery Winning Fantasy

Every week I tootle off down to a local shop and put my numbers down for the Euro Millions lottery. I have no illusions that I will ever win the big one but that two Euros buys a lot of fantasies about what I would do with all that filthy lucre, if I ever did win it big. One of those fantasies is starting my own spanking pay site, something I would never do in my life as it is now, as I know nothing about video production or Internet commerce and am very proud of my Neanderthal attitude towards computers. But if there were oodles of millions at my finger tips, I could hire people in to take care of all that and run it as a rich boys hobby. This post is about my fantasy spanking site, that is called……………….

The Sisters of Epione and the Temples of The Algea

Yep really pretentious, I know but it is my fantasy and I can make it as pretentious as I like. Basically it would be a site having both F/f and F/m spanking material. The premise is that Two groups of underground female religious sects have to perform acts of corporal punishment on both men and women, as part of their worship. The Goddesses in question have been around throughout human history and in all cultures, although they have been known by many different names they have come to be known by the names given them in Greek mythology. The site would be split into two halves, one for the good gals and one for the bad gals.

The Sisters of Epione
(The good gals)

Epione is the Goddess who wonders the world relieving man kind (the sick and the injured and people like that) of pain but that pain does not disappear and is stored up by Epione. Epione can only store so much pain, so in order to help Epione carry on her work, her worshipers have to seek out volunteers to pass the pain on to. The priestesses (The Sisters of Epione) work individually or in small groups, constantly seeking out spanking and BDSM bottoms and subs all over the world to take part in their religious rights where the excess pain of Epione is passed on to these volunteers (and they have to contentiously volunteer) with spankings, canings, whippings and other forms of corporal punishment.

The Temples of The Algea
(The bad gals)

The Algea are three Goddesses, Algos, Akhos and Lupa, who are responsible for bringing pain, sorrow, distress and trouble into the world. To them pain is power, they collect it to make themselves more powerful. The priestesses of this sect are a little “Witch like”, they have powers like instant hypnosis and the ability of amazing deception. The worshipers of The Algea kidnap, trick and blackmail their victims and take them to under ground temples, all over the world. In robed ceremonies, their victims are tied down, naked, on the alters of sacrifice where they are beaten and abused, to extract the pain that gives the three Goddesses form and power.

Throughout history

The beauty of the two in one set up is that it has been occurring throughout history. and so the clips can be set in any time or place. This opens up the possibility of a huge amount of costumed CP play at any time in human existence, from the cave dwelling stone age right into the sci fi world of the future (my Gods, this had better be a bloody big Lotto win).

The choice

This would be an ethically run site, with all performers, be they Tops, bottoms, Dommes or subs would be equally paid. When performers are invited to make material for this site they would be offered a choice. They would be asked if they preferred to shoot material for The Sisters of Epione or The Temples of The Algea.

Which would you choose, the goodies or the baddies?

Images in this post came from pain4fem and Spanked Hubby


[A note about this post – To Ludwig or anyone else who has some knowledge of history, I am well aware that both Epione and The Algea are not accurately depicted in this post, nor where they ever worshiped in this manner. This post is about fantasy and not historical or mythological accuracy]

>Veronica Bound Versus Chelsea Pfeiffer


The fantasy of competition

Being human I need to have fantasies and I fantasize about female tops. One of the main criteria for the choice of female tops is that I am unlikely to ever meet them, so often ladies from across the Atlantic are the ones that fit the bill. Now, normally a lady will occupy my mind for anything from a week to a month before my attention moves on (fantasy spankee me is a fickle little drifter). For nearly the past year, though, two ladies have held my attention. My theory about this is that, I have never fantasized about two spankers at the same time before and this is extending the period of interest in this pair of bottom roasters. I thought it may help to find an explanation for this phenomenon, if I explored the attributes of both parties on this blog.

Veronica is very able to be sporty with her spankees

Chelsea has a way of drawing a spankees attention

Even in the simplest outfit, Veronica exudes an air of uniformed authority

and when wearing glasses…………..OMG

Chelsea’s hair is sooooooooo gorgeous

And her “Do you really think that will get you off the hook” face, could win courtroom battles,

The way Veronica can make hair fly, makes me wish I still had hair

bringing a smile to the event, Chelsea can lighten the mood of any spanking

And both Veronica and Chelsea………

………know how to grab your attention.

And who is going to redden my backside the next time my mind drifts off into fantasy land? Well I will let the two ladies decide with their customary fantasy cat fight. “In your dreams” I hear you all say………well yes, in my dreams, thats the whole point!

Sweet dreams everybody

Photographs courtesy of Good Spanking, Punished Brats, Meet Chelsea, and The Spanking Spot.


>Happy St. Andrews Day – A Fantasy Of Mine – And A Clip


Happy St. Andrews day

Well it’s not the most celebrated of national saints days but I hope all the Scottish kinksters out there have had a good one anyway.

My fantasy – Knotworth’s visit to the Head Master

I am a Head Master at a mixed boarding school. Recently one of the girls from the upper sixth, Knotworth, a tall and good looking 18 year old girl, with long dark hair has been repeatedly getting into trouble, having been bent over my desk four times already this half term, for a dose of rattan correction. This was very puzzling, as up until now she had been a model pupil, hardly ever in trouble and a high academic achiever, then Matron found and read the girl’s diary. Having been caught stealing cakes from the kitchen stores, last night, she waits outside my study door right now. I open the door.
“Knotworth, inside now!” she enters.
“Sit!” I point to a chair placed in the middle of the room, she sits her hands on her knees. I begin to pace around the chair circling her as I speak.
“Last night you stole cakes from the school stores, knotworth, do you deny that?”
“No sir”
“You know the penalty for theft girl?”
“Yes sir. The cane sir”
“Yes girl, there will be a caning.” I continue pacing slowly around her “Knotworth, for your entire time at St Mithrin you have been an exemplary student, I have never had to chastise you once, until this term. Now in four weeks this is your fifth visit to my study. I must say that this was something of a mystery to myself, until that is Matron brought this to my attention.” I cross to my desk and pick up her diary. she recognizes it and almost stands up before checking herself and starts breathing in shallow nervous breaths. The book is opened at the marked page and I read aloud.
“Today I was caned for the first time ever. It was all that I had ever fantasized about, the pain the thrill, all my emotions burst through my body like an electric shock. I can no longer live without this, I must misbehave and feel the sweet sting of the rod as often as possible.”
She is blushing bright red now, her breathing laboured, it was obvious that she was not expecting this. I casually drop the diary in the waist paper basket and resume slowly circling her seated form. I raise my voice.
“Caning is supposed to be a punishment girl, a deterrent! You are not supposed to enjoy it! Well normally a sixth former automatically receives the maximum of twelve strokes for any offense but for you Knotworth, there will be an exception made, there will be 36 strokes of the cane, six times six. Just so that you know that it is a punishment and not a thrill.”
“Yes sir”
She is fighting not to smile, this is obviously good news to her. She would soon find out that it is not the caning that she was expecting.
“Stand up, remove your blazer, put it on the chair and stand by the desk.” She complies. I remove my suit jacket and open the study’s only closet, retrieving the long stout masters cane from it’s interior and approach the desk facing Knotworth.
” There will be 36 strokes of the cane delivered at full force, with no mercy, do you understand?”
“Yes sir.” She was struggling to hold her composure and was shivering in excitement.
“If any stroke is too light it will be repeated. You will count each stroke after it is delivered and apologize for being a thief, do you understand?”
“Yes sir.”
“And from this moment on all the canings that you participate in, in this study will be a minimum of 36 strokes and delivered in this manner, as a deterrent against further poor behavior on your part.”
“Yes sir.” I point towards the end of the desk with the cane.
“Stand there.” She looks puzzled but complies, I hand her the cane, her mouth drops open but she takes it. I face the desk and drop my trousers, retaining my underwear, for the sake of decency and bend over the desk.
“Proceed with the caning Knotworth and make it severe!”
The look of shock and horror on her face is worth a million pounds.
If anyone is going to ENJOY a caning in my study it is going to be me, dammit.

The end

The clip

That is one of my favorite fantasies, it’s origin comes from an old British comedy program, called Ripping Yarns, that featured Michael Palin. The clip below shows the relevant part of the episode. They don’t make em like this any more.

If you want to see the rest of the episode follow THIS LINK and then THIS LINK.