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A Great Place To Get Hot Buns

Spring has definitely sprung in Belgium and temperatures are climbing. That got the imagination wandering onto the subject of swimming pool spankings. How else are you meant to fill in those tan lines?

And is there a better place, on a warm sunny day, to enjoy getting a spanking?

It is also a good place to cooldown those burning cheeks, post play.

If you are nervous about taking that first plunge, a little encouragement from a cane might help.

If you prefer to get a bit more BDSMy, floating bondage could be fun.

Just before he got spanked

And just before she got spanked

Happy bottoms can be soggy and sore 🙂



The Blog Calendar For March

Finally, we near the end of February, the worst month of the year and this year it has been an exceptionally bad one in Belgium. Now March is almost upon us. The month that turns the blight of winter into the gentle beginnings of spring. At least in the top half of the world. This month’s page features the type of room that I could imagine myself getting comfortable in. Whilst waiting for someone to come along and make me distinctly uncomfortable, just like the Gent in the image.

My Ideal Home

A few months ago now, morningstar, from the blog


Asked people to comment, on her blog, about their idea of a dream house that they would like to live in. Mine was a canal side house with a garden end mooring for a 57-foot Narrowboat, in the UK. unfortunately it was one of those days, when I could not get a comment to stick on her blog. But since then, I saw this video of a house that was even better than the one that I fantasized about. So this is now my fantasy home.

At nearly a million pounds for the house and at least a hundred and twenty thousand pounds to have my ideal fantasy Narrowboat built, this will have to remain a lotto wining dream.



This Is My Ideal Spanking Machine

During the past weekend, Hermione hosted a brunch, part of which asked about spanking machines. You can view the post through the link below.


Coincidentally, on Sunday I posted an image that featured a spanking machine, in this post.


morningstar, from


Speculated that I might be expanding on a theme from Hermione’s blog. I was not, it was just a happy accident. But in the old days, it was normal for bloggers to expand on a theme, from another blog. This was good fun and added to the community spirit. So today, I thought it would be nice to try and revive that tradition, by taking a look at the spanking machine that impresses me the most.

The Spanking Server/Pain 4 Fem Spanking Machine

This machine is a very effective and impressive administrator of a spanking. One thing that it has over many other spanking machines, is that it can, automatically (I presume) change the location where it lands a strike. Covering an area, rather than hitting the same place, over and over again.

As is illustrated in this image

It can also deliver at a notable strength of stroke

And is capable of delivering these strikes with a variety of implements

GIFs of this machine spanking bottoms did not present themselves, but GIFs of this machine delivering breast whippings are available. So you can see it in action.

It does seem to be a most effective device

I suspect that it is based on an automatic, clay pigeon thrower

And seems to be controlled by computer

It does seem to get a strong reaction from the recipient

This makes me think that this is the machine that I would like to be spanked by. I wonder if anyone has published plans, on how to build your own. 🙂


Note – This is a not for profit blog. No financial or other rewards were sought or given for featuring Pain 4 Fem/Spanking Server images or products, in this post.


At The Top Of My Christmas List

Long time readers of this blog might remember that I have an envious eye, for female, submissive spanko counterparts of myself. I am not trans and do not desire to be a woman or anything like that. But there is a feeling that female submissives have things a bit better than us blokes on the receiving end. Which is just, probably a case of “The other sub’s ass is always redder”. But one thing that gets my little green-eyed monster to wake up, is the wonderful wobbliness of the female posterior.

See what I mean. Male behinds never react like that. Even girls with a skinnier caboose can produce a marvellous motion.

The male back side cannot compete with that. Especially during a spanking.

Oh! How wonderful it would be to know that the person spanking me had such a visual cornucopia to view. A woman’s buns are so much more fun to play with, too.

The next spanking would not be nearly so much fun with a boy bum.

Even the lightest tap can reveal riotous ripples

Now I have some letters to write

Dear Father Christmas,

Please, can I have a girl’s behind, to replace my boring boy bottom. I have been a good boy this year.

Signed Prefectdt

Dear Mrs Christmas,

If Father Christmas gives me what I asked for, from him this year, can you help me to test it out. I have been a very bad boy this year.

Signed Prefectdt

Fingers crossed 🙂



Kinky Snow People Rock

Will we have a white Christmas? Probably not here in Belgium. But you might be in a part of the world where the fluffy white stuff is fluttering down. Perhaps this post will inspire you, with some ideas on how to spice up your snowman/woman, so that it will turn heads and hopefully cause some blushes 🙂

The digital art world has a lot to say about what snow people do, when you’re not looking

Barbie has been naughty this year

There are plenty of traditional illustrations on this theme

Perhaps a nice snow figure spanking toy would make a good present

At this time of year, you can’t forget about Santa

I hope that is inspired you to build something special, if it snows




2021 marks the 700rth anniversary of the death of Dante ( AKA Durante di Alighiero degli Alighier – and if you think that I had to copy and paste that name, you would be right) who is most famous for his extended poem The Divine Comedy. In this work Dante is given guided tours of hell, purgatory and paradise. The most interesting of these three is the first part, usually known as Dante’s Inferno, where he is guided through the nine levels of hell, with different levels of punishment for the sinners cast down there based on the sin that they have committed. I thought that it might be fun to imagine what Dante might have witnessed if he had been given a tour of The Spanking Inferno

Level One – Of Spanking By The Hand

Level Two – Hairbrush Hell

Level Three – Fiery Flogger Flagellation

Level Four – Slippers for Sinners

Level Five – The Belt From Beelzebub

Level Six – The Torture Of The Tawse

Level Seven – For The Countlessly Caned

Level Eight – The Punitively Paddled

And Level Nine – The Brutally Birched Level

The worse punishment level, reserved for those that have committed the most heinous of sins. Such as eating crunchy snacks in the cinema, or stealing my favourite parking space.

Or are there any alternative levels that you would like to show Dante?

If you would like to know more about Dante please click on this link

Dante – Wikipedia