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Like most people, I fantasize about winning the Lotto and having my ideal home. And obviously this would have to include a large play room. So I have done a bit of tootling around the internet and investigated some items of furniture, that I would consider for the job.

A pillory

A good traditional favourite. It holds the recipient firmly and gives good positioning for the posterior.

I might consider this one

Excellent for leaving the spankee wondering what is happening where they can’t see and great for a back flogging. I think that it might need some redesign, to allow better access to the buttocks though.

A boxed in restraint

Not sure about this one but I kind of like it. perhaps it would be better seeing it in real life first before buying.

Come fly with me

The rush of endorphins is often called flying and with this bit of kit you are in a flying position. It is well designed though, giving access to all the important areas of the body and almost totally immobilising the one on the receiving end.

A variation on a classic

Pretty much a classic spanking bench design but it has a sort of minimalist feel to it.

A classic A frame

Old fashioned stick in the mud that I am. The play room would have to have one of these.

And a bit of DIY

This looks like a bit of a home made bench. It does give good positioning and looks comfortable for the person on the bench. It would be fun to have a go at making something like this myself.

Well that has been a good start on kitting out the play room. I suppose I had better think about The Study and The Class Room now πŸ™‚



I was tootling around the ‘net, as you do, when I came across a site for cartoon animal enthusiasts. I think that a lot of these folk are spankos too, from the amount of spanking images that were on the site. Here are a few to give you an idea of what you can see there. Links at the end of the post.

I believe that no ink or pixels where genuinely harmed in the creation of these images πŸ™‚ You can go to the main website through the following link.


Or straight to the spanking section via


I hope you all enjoy this site



I would like to start by saying that I am not into transvestism or transsexualism in any way and I have got nothing against anyone who finds that either of those labels applies to them. But, in the little fantasy world inside my mind, I do often find my self wishing I was of the female persuasion, just for spanking play. It just seems to me that women have it better, as submissives.

Women Have Nicer Bottoms

At some point in most spanking play the undercrackers come down and it is time for the big reveal. But even in my younger and skinnier days I could not have shown someone a sight as glorious as that in the image above. Even guys who spend half their lives at the gym and are sporting buns of steel seldom look so physically artistic. It is just a fact that the female posterior has a greater potential to be hot hot hot.

It’s Easier For Women To Find Play Partners

I’m not saying that it is always easy for a submissive female to find the right play partner but any woman who is looking for a spanking will not find herself short of offers. In the F/m world you find far too many little m’s chasing after far too few big F’s. It’s just the way it is.

Women Are More Flexible Than Men

Or at least they are in their younger guises. I doubt that I could have ever sustained a pose like the one above for the length of time it takes to get a proper whooping. And I was physically pretty flexible for a guy, in my younger days.

Women Look Better In Clothes

Especially uniforms. The male shape is just not a right for things to fit where they should. No matter how careful I am putting a spanking play outfit together I know that it is never going to look as good on me as the equivalent outfit would look on a woman.

Women Won’t Get Labelled For Same Sex Play

A woman can be straight, lesbian or bisexual but no one would automatically conclude that she was any of these just because she was involved in spanking or being spanked by another woman. I do not usually involve sex as part of my spanking play and so have no problems with being spanked by a man, except that some people might label me as gay for doing so. I have nothing against the gay community in the same way as I have nothing against anyone from Spain but I do not want to have anyone presume that I am gay or Spanish, simply because I am neither of these.

I suspect that I am not the only male submissive who is a little jealous of our female counterparts. But perhaps it is just as the parody of the song sung by Petula Clark says

The other subs ass is always redder

That paddle hurts better from the other side

Oh the other subs ass is always redder

Some are lucky, some are not

You’ve gotta be thankful for what you got

Some of the images used in this post came from the blogs linked below






I do not, as a rule, go in for any kind of restraints when getting my rear end dealt with unless I have played with that play partner before and feel that I can trust them. But I do like the added feeling of a strange sort of freedom, that being restrained during punishment brings. For this post I thought that I would share some restraining toys and benches that I have not experienced myself but am curious about and would like to try.

Something For A Good Caning

I have often fantasized about being caned across a desk whist being bound in something like these

And this

I have also dreamed of having a body like that guy too but that is not going to happen. The general idea is that as well as being limited in movement, this would leave all my body supported by my torso. Thus restricting breathing (without any danger of stopping breathing). Something that I have found intensifies the corporal punishment element of the play both externally and mentally.

So Simple But Clever

I suspect that I might require a size larger than the one shown here. The simple design of this and the posterior presentation potential, that it has, is impressive.

Awkward And Totally Immobilising

It could be imagined how being ensconced in this device would give the feeling of being totally at the mercy of the Dom(me) or Top involved in the scene. It could also be suspected that the discomfort of being so immobilised in this manner would mean that the pain inflicted on the buttocks would be a welcome distraction from the aching feeling in the muscles of the person in this contraption.

Well that is my wish list for Father Christmas this year πŸ™‚ Or should I make it my New Years Resolution to try these out in 2020


New Pyjamas And Fantasies

New pyjamas

As you can see, I have got my self some new Jim Jams I am very happy with them, not only are they of a classic cut and pattern but they are also made of Flannel, making them pretty similar (at least in my imagination) to those worn in boarding schools in the first half of the twentieth century. This has fuelled many fantasies. I can imagine myself getting caught by Matron, out of bed, with smoking contraband in my top pocket.

And forbidden sweets (candy) in the side pocket.

Then with only a single layer of cloth for protection, bent over, I await my punishment.

Before the inevitable happens, after the first flurry of swats the order comes to bare my bottom.

Worse is to follow as Matron decides that before the harshest lashes are to be laid on I am dragged back to my dorm to be left for half an hour in an embarrassing pose, having to endure the jeers and cat calls of my dorm mates and then after that to have the grand finale of my fate played out before their intense gaze. I had better not blub!

All that mental spank candy for just 15Euros. A good deal I think πŸ™‚


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>Sisters Of Epione And The Temples Of The Algea – A Lottery Winning Fantasy

Every week I tootle off down to a local shop and put my numbers down for the Euro Millions lottery. I have no illusions that I will ever win the big one but that two Euros buys a lot of fantasies about what I would do with all that filthy lucre, if I ever did win it big. One of those fantasies is starting my own spanking pay site, something I would never do in my life as it is now, as I know nothing about video production or Internet commerce and am very proud of my Neanderthal attitude towards computers. But if there were oodles of millions at my finger tips, I could hire people in to take care of all that and run it as a rich boys hobby. This post is about my fantasy spanking site, that is called……………….

The Sisters of Epione and the Temples of The Algea

Yep really pretentious, I know but it is my fantasy and I can make it as pretentious as I like. Basically it would be a site having both F/f and F/m spanking material. The premise is that Two groups of underground female religious sects have to perform acts of corporal punishment on both men and women, as part of their worship. The Goddesses in question have been around throughout human history and in all cultures, although they have been known by many different names they have come to be known by the names given them in Greek mythology. The site would be split into two halves, one for the good gals and one for the bad gals.

The Sisters of Epione
(The good gals)

Epione is the Goddess who wonders the world relieving man kind (the sick and the injured and people like that) of pain but that pain does not disappear and is stored up by Epione. Epione can only store so much pain, so in order to help Epione carry on her work, her worshipers have to seek out volunteers to pass the pain on to. The priestesses (The Sisters of Epione) work individually or in small groups, constantly seeking out spanking and BDSM bottoms and subs all over the world to take part in their religious rights where the excess pain of Epione is passed on to these volunteers (and they have to contentiously volunteer) with spankings, canings, whippings and other forms of corporal punishment.

The Temples of The Algea
(The bad gals)

The Algea are three Goddesses, Algos, Akhos and Lupa, who are responsible for bringing pain, sorrow, distress and trouble into the world. To them pain is power, they collect it to make themselves more powerful. The priestesses of this sect are a little “Witch like”, they have powers like instant hypnosis and the ability of amazing deception. The worshipers of The Algea kidnap, trick and blackmail their victims and take them to under ground temples, all over the world. In robed ceremonies, their victims are tied down, naked, on the alters of sacrifice where they are beaten and abused, to extract the pain that gives the three Goddesses form and power.

Throughout history

The beauty of the two in one set up is that it has been occurring throughout history. and so the clips can be set in any time or place. This opens up the possibility of a huge amount of costumed CP play at any time in human existence, from the cave dwelling stone age right into the sci fi world of the future (my Gods, this had better be a bloody big Lotto win).

The choice

This would be an ethically run site, with all performers, be they Tops, bottoms, Dommes or subs would be equally paid. When performers are invited to make material for this site they would be offered a choice. They would be asked if they preferred to shoot material for The Sisters of Epione or The Temples of The Algea.

Which would you choose, the goodies or the baddies?

Images in this post came from pain4fem and Spanked Hubby


[A note about this post – To Ludwig or anyone else who has some knowledge of history, I am well aware that both Epione and The Algea are not accurately depicted in this post, nor where they ever worshiped in this manner. This post is about fantasy and not historical or mythological accuracy]