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Amazing F/m images

Having a little nose through the “Archive Blog Roll” on this blog, I popped in to take a look at Red Rump, a blog that fell silent, without explanation, about 7 years ago. You can check it out through the link below.


You used to see his images around a lot and for a reason, they are very good. They tend to be seen less often now. So I thought that I would highlight a few of them in this post, before they totally fade from memory.

The art nearly always featured F/m imagery, I have a feeling that this was what the artist loved the most.

The females, in the pictures, always looked capable and in control. Just how I fantasize my perfect match to be.

But the males depicted were never, weird or wimpy. They gave the impression of being competent, everyday sort of guys. Although, ones who were in need of stern correction.

I even found a portrait of a celebrity spanker.

Often the works showed a good sense of humour.

Let us hope that these works do not fade from view or memory, they are very good. I often wondered if I could walk into a drawing and become part of the action, which one would I like to be in?

Yes, That’s the one 🙂



Before I start this post, I would just like to state that I am not sponsored by Djeki nor am I making money out of this post in any way. I just think that this work is great.

The Russian Artist Djeki

I saw the odd example of this artist, around the ‘net and finally found a website. You can view it through the following link


The visual representations of spanking scenes within Djeki’s works is very pleasing. But more than that, she seems to capture the atmosphere of an adult corporal punishment scene.

Her works come in four formats. Oil paint, which I am not so fond of. Drawings and digital creations, that are very nice. And watercolour, where she really shines brightly. Here are some more examples of her art

Her artwork features both male and female submissives but the person or persons handing out the lashes are always women. I recommend that you check out her website. Here is the link again




Did You See This On Google Street View?

A Belgian guy “Jens Vrolijks” saw the Google Street View camera car whilst he was located at Bergstraat 1 in the municipality Meeuwen-Gruitrode in the Limburg province and decided to give it something fun to photograph. When interviewed about it he said “It is the best prank I have pulled this year”. The image appeared, like this on Google Street View for about a month but unfortunately has had the fun part blurred over now (shame). If you want to find out more about this prankster, try this link


Some Nice Drawings That I Found

I was tootling around a search when I stumbled across a web page from what appears to be a defunct website. The rest of the site seems to have disappeared into the internet ether and the page seemed to be an isolated remnant. I hope that the artist has found a new home for the work but if this is not the case, it would be a shame for the images to be lost to all and so I thought that I would post a few on this blog. The above image is the only F/m example, the rest seem to be all M/m which is not normally my thing but I liked these.

There are a few more. If you like you can check them out through




I have been in a very F/m mood this week. And in the file that I keep titled “Potential Post Pics”, where I tend to keep images that I come across and think they might come in handy one day, I have noticed a build up of F/m artwork. I thought that they might make an interesting image post. Enjoy.

Non consenting but fun

🙂 Prefectdt

>OMG She Has A Big Pussy – And Some F/m Art Work

Sorry about that but I just could not help myself (some one should stop my pocket money. Oh wait, the tax man already did) but that is what happens after a bout of totally wasted time Googling for things that just refuse to turn up. A couple of nice Femdom drawings did turn up though and I had one that has been sitting on the hard drive for some time, so I thought that I would post that too.

These two came from Men Spanked

But unfortunately I have had this one sitting around for so long that I have forgotten where it came from

Hope that you all enjoyed the piccies.


>Some F/m Material And How To Run for President

>Mike from Spanked Hubby said in recent post that this blog was mostly men spanking women. I’m not sure I entirely agree with that (The last post was “A Woman Who Should be Spanking Men). But I do try and cover all sides of spanking and so decided to go and find some more F/m material for the blog. On my flight through cyber space I found two interesting items.

An F/m picture

I found this piece on a long dead femdom blog unfortunately the artist was not mentioned.

A BDSM guide to campaigning for the presidency

This is a bit BDSMy for my usual tastes but it is a good tutorial for any one thinking of running for US President.

This lady has a website at!

Enjoy Prefectdt