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Shamu Training Your Man, An Alternative DD

I have never been tempted into seeking a DD relationship I simply do not think that it would work for me. For example, if threatened with a walloping for not doing the washing up then I would happily settle down and watch Top Gear, get thrashed and enjoy both 🙂 But I came across something called the Shamu training method and thought this could work for Spanko and BDSM women wanting to train their men.

The Shamu training method

Shamu is an Orca (Killer Whale) and the positive reinforcement training method used get it to perform for an audience was used as a way of teaching small children life skills (Potty training etc). One vanilla woman, as she tells in this article What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage – New York Times, used this method to train her vanilla man, as described in the excerpt below.

Back in Maine, I began thanking Scott if he threw one dirty shirt into the hamper. If he threw in two, I’d kiss him. Meanwhile, I would step over any soiled clothes on the floor without one sharp word, though I did sometimes kick them under the bed. But as he basked in my appreciation, the piles became smaller.

The kinkster version

He does the washing up

And gets a short sharp over clothes hand spanking

He installs a new kitchen including a dish-washing machine

And gets the works

If you insert all the different levels inbetween these two extremes and you start to build up a picture of how spanking and pain play, used as rewards, can be used to insentivize an train your man using this method. You know, I think that this could even work on me 🙂

A little vid showing how Shamu training works


>Spanking Tube – A Couple Of Questions For Readers


Question #1

Spanking Tube has changed it’s format recently and part of this format change has included some unasked for pop up windows for a live chat show website. I am not against websites making an honest buck but in my opinion unwanted pop ups are not acceptable on any site. I am very protective of the contents of my side bar links and would not have linked Spanking Tube there in the first place if the site had had this from the beginning. But this site is such an excellent resource for spanking clips that I am loathed to lose it as a link now. So my question is…..

Do you as a reader think that I should dump the link on ethical grounds or keep it, as this is just an annoyance on an otherwise great site?

Question #2

I have had trouble embedding clips from Spanking Tube on this blog before but the embedding seems to be working now, when I view it in the post preview. Taking into account that this is a scheduled post and I will be at work when it appears on the blog my second question is…..

Can you see this clip and is it playing OK?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help on these matters.


>TV Host, Ashley Hames, Does Something That I Wouldn’t


This is definitely not my kind of thing but I have to take my hat off to Mr Hames for letting this French Dominatrix do this to him and seeing it through to the end. I get the feeling that this is not his normal bag either.


>Second Life Whipping

>Although it lacks a little detail, I found this animated Whipping scene from Second Life (resists the temptation to make a joke about this being the game for people who have no first life) very intriguing. Perhaps a live version, shot from this kind of angle, would work well.


>Domestic Differences Between Men And Women

>I have never been in a Domestic Discipline relationship with a woman and although I would not be adverse to trialing such a situation I think that it may be difficult for both parties. Any woman involved with me in such a way would have to be very determined, strict and be willing to spend a long time correcting my waywardness. On my part, I would probably need such harsh and frequent correction, to reach reasonable goals, that it is doubtful that I would be able to sit comfortable for at least the first two years of the arrangement. I suspect that the biggest problem would be the differences between definitions of domestic cleaning values between myself and a woman. I have come up with a few examples for this post.

A woman’s definition
These windows are not cleaned properly, I can still see the smears
My definition
You can tell that I have cleaned the window because there are smears

A woman’s definition
This room is filthy and covered in dust
My definition
This room has a lived in charm

A woman’s definition
look at this mess, no one can find anything in here
My definition
I know precisely where everything is, on the floor

However this arrangement would have certain advantages over a similar vanilla arrangement

The vanilla solution
Have a roaring great row about it

The DD solution
Harsh but fair measures are taken to resolve the difference in opinions

(Photo found at Ma’am yes Ma’am)

Vanilla result
Man slinks off in a huff to have a beer

DD result
Man resolves his ways hoping to please his other half

I think that the results in this case justify the methods 🙂


>An F/m Flogging And Whipping


Apart from one miss hit, it is obvious that this woman is very skilled with a flogger. This is how a man should be flogged. But I am not so sure about the whipping, perhaps the whip is wrapping around this guys front a bit too much. I am not really sure, never having been whipped with a single tail that is as long as this one. Maybe someone (male or female, it does not matter), with some experience of this kind of implement, can give an opinion on this ladies whipping abilities.