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I was tootling around the ‘net, as you do, when I came across a site for cartoon animal enthusiasts. I think that a lot of these folk are spankos too, from the amount of spanking images that were on the site. Here are a few to give you an idea of what you can see there. Links at the end of the post.

I believe that no ink or pixels where genuinely harmed in the creation of these images 🙂 You can go to the main website through the following link.


Or straight to the spanking section via


I hope you all enjoy this site


>A Monday Blues Busting Blistered Butt – And Thanks For The Help


Thank you

I would just like to say a big Thank You to those of you that helped out with my vanilla blog link, for the Expat World Blog Surf Day. The event went very well and I found a lot of expat blogs that I had never even heard about before and learned a lot about national celebrations world wide. Now without further delay , back to butt blistering 🙂


OOH! does that look sore. I think that it is the result of a single tail whip, It was found here Punishments.


>A Monday Blues Busting Blistered Butt

>I’ve been running my little legs off, over the past two weeks, for something good but it has left me a bit shattered and so there will probably be lots of simple posts this week, although I will have to slot the monthly calendar page in somewhere. I hope you enjoy the posts.

Well this butt is very well stripped

This image come from this free gallery Hard No-Nonsense Bare-Bottom Caning – HARD CANING.


>The Photographs Of Arne Jahn – Or Beware Dangerous Models


Arne Jahn

I haven’t featured a fetish photographer for some time and I was holding off posting about Arne Jahn because I could find little information about the photographer but I like his work so much it just had to go into a post. Christain von Astor summed it up when he wrote the Arne Jahn’s work gives “impressions of fetish and inclinations of power” and that the photographs convey that “pain is the language of scholars”. For myself I say that I am a lot happier looking at these photos than I am with the idea of being in the same room as the models. The images of Arne Jahn convey a sense of anger and power of both dominants and submissives, so much so that a viewer could believe that the restrained models have been chained up for the safety of others. Where Mr Jahns work shines over others is in the interpretations of facial expressions. There is fetish, sexual undertones and the raw inner rage of every model expressed in all his photographs. If you enjoy the images below you can find more at Arne Jahn’ own site.

Once again there are more images at Arne Jahn’s website


>Ulis – Some Wonderful B&W Images

>When time allows I like to indulge my interest in quality photographs. Searching for those that really hit the mark takes time and effort but sometimes I come across a set of images that say something special.

Photographs from Ulis

All these photographs come from the website S/W Fotodesign Ulis

There is something about the simplicity of imagery of these BDSM images that gives them a calm, cool feel.

The suggestiveness of this hand, even without a figurative image spoke volumes on it’s own.

The site contained very little information about the photographer and what there was, was in German, which I cannot read. If anyone knows about this photographer or where more images can be found please do tell.

There are more images on the site and it is well worth a visit. In case you missed it earlier the link is here S/W Fotodesign Ulis

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>The Whipping Machine, A New Film From Pain4Fem


The Whipping Machine

As always, I am promoting this film because I like the work of this company and the preview intrigues me, I am not part of any affiliate programs and do not make any money from this.

This post contains some images from the new film from Pain4Fem, these photographs grabbed my imagination and the description of the film sounded very interesting. It is the second film that this company has produced featuring a mechanical administration source, the first being “The Caning Machine”. So far it does look like a very effective device as can be attested to by the facial expressions in the following two pictures.


And oh my god Aarg!

Apparently the hight of the stroke can be adjusted to avoid hitting the same piece of skin twice but the accuracy and consistency of the machine is illustrated by how parallel the marks are on the recipients back.

Parallel whip marks

This film immediately made it onto the wish list and I will be looking out for this on my shopping trips. The thing that gets me about Pain4Fem productions is they seem to keep coming up with things that I want to try myself. Perhaps it is time to go to some classes in light engineering 🙂

You can see more PICTURE from this film at THIS LINK and a clip from THIS LINK