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I Bid A Fond Farewell To morningstar

who wrote the blog


Hermione broke the news first and then Sir Steve wrote on morningstar’s blog

“It is with a heavy heart that I need to let you all know that on Friday, July 22/22, at about 7:20am, Morningstar, AKA, Sheila, Passed away after her short battle with lung cancer.”

I originally started following morningstar in 2008, around a year after I started my own blog. morningstar had been blogging for a few years by that time, her blog then called The Journey. I think that myself and morningstar travelled very different roads on our way, but the paths often came close enough that we could, happily, look into each other’s lives and celebrate our similarities and differences. She shared her general life, as well as her kinky exploits.

I am going to miss her and her blogging so much. Especially for…

Her sense of humour

Her sentiment and empathy

Sharing her tastes and preferences

And especially sharing how she helped those youngsters who needed it, both in her professional and private life

I’m sure Christopher Robin will remember her too

Goodbyeee morningstar of The Continued Journey

I thought we had more time to peek into each other’s lives and thoughts 😥

Best ‘O’ luck with your next journey



Dangerous When Wet

The image above was found at



Thank you for what you gave to the world



The Blog Calendar For July

For July, it is the turn of a male recipient to be shown on the Blog Calendar. And it is a lucky guy who has someone so happy to spank him. I can’t but help think that she has him the wrong way around on her lap, though. Still it is a good image to celebrate the month.

Some News About Consensual Spanking

A little while ago I said Goodbye to the blog Consensual Spanking in this post


At the time, it looked like I was premature in wishing this blog farewell, but unfortunately it turns out that this blog is gone for good. Which I learned about from a comment left on this blog. I suspect that some of you might have heard via another social media outlet about this, but I only have enough time for blogs. So for those of you, like me, who get your updates via blogs, I thought that I would post what Red had to say about the situation here. The comment read……

Hi Prefectdt:

Thank you for such very kind and thoughtful words. Really nice to read, and thank you to Roz, Hermione, KDPierre, Morningstar, and naughty Nora.

Sadly, the blog is gone forever. I did ask, but they replied: “We have reviewed your request regarding your account and confirmed that you have violated our Terms of Service. Therefore, we will not reinstate your account.

Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information about our policies and the actions that we take in response to policy violations on our products.

I have thought of starting a blog on WordPress, and have posted once at

however, it is rather liberating to actually stop posting!

I have said all that I ever wanted to say on the topic of spanking, and related activities, and can now drop by other people’s blogs whenever the mood strikes. This is much more difficult, because either I bookmark the sites (not something I want to do), or I have to use a email with all the sites to click on to get to. A royal pain in the bottom

In addition, Google is blocking me from leaving a comment as, so I have to use anonymous.

So, Happy trails to everyone was how I was ending the blog, with Roy rogers and Dale Evans singing the song, until we meet again.

bottoms up

All the best to Red and Cindy and I hope we see you around the blogs, from time to time



New Post Update – Consensual Spanking is back, in a way and can be found through the link below


Post Update – It seems that my reporting of the end of the blog Consensual Spanking may have been premature and there is a chance, that after sorting some problems out, that it may return. I am leaving this post up just to prove that I am human, make mistakes and should be jolly well spanked for them. I hope that Consensual Spanking returns soon

Goodbye To An Old Blog Buddy

Note – All the images in this post are ones that I nabbed from the blog Consensual Spanking, with a mind to use them at another time

I decided that I would not do Goodbyeeees any more, but there are exceptions to every rule and when I saw that this blog had gone, I decided that this was one of those exceptions.

Red was the little “m” in an F/m relationship with his partner Cindy and the evil genius behind one of the most funny and entertaining spanking blogs on the internet

It was no big shock that this blog was going. Red had announced it more than a year ago, because he and Cindy planned to spend more time travelling

But then a global pandemic happened and Red found himself stuck at home and so the blog got a stay of execution

And thank the fates that this blog was still there to help us through the misery of the last months

I never visited this blog and came away without a smile on my face, it was the most humorous of spanking blogs and never failed to entertain

I wish that I had commented more but I often could not think of anything relevant to say about the posts. Although I could have written “Thanks for the giggles” a thousand times

Let us wish Red and Cindy many more happy years of travelling and many more spankings than can be counted



And thanks for the soul saving giggles a thousand times over



It is Sunday as I write this and I have not long returned from a short but enjoyable break away at the French coast. The down side of that is that I have not had chance to prepare much for Monday’s post but that is the way that the cookie crumbles sometimes.


Hermione announced in this post Save the Date! that soon it will be time for the annual Love Our Lurkers posting I hope everyone will join in.

Those links again in big for anyone wanting to use them on a smart phone


Save the Date!

Taking a blog off the roll

I am afraid that it looks like Old Fashioned Girl Spanking is not going to return or at least not at the blog’s old address. So this blog will be removed from the roll. If anyone hears of Veronica posting at another address please do tell, she has been blogging for a long time. It is a shame that a whole blog just disappears like that.

Some Photos From My Trip

I have just come back from a short break at Boulogne-sur-Mer and I thought that I would share some photos of this trip over a few posts. These photos are mostly of some cliff top ramblings. Please be aware that the weather was not the best for landscape photography, it is late October – early November after all.

the cliff top path
looking towards Boulogne
The break water
Looking towards Wimereux
Can you spot The Little Devil at the cliff top campsite?
And a Mural on the side of a house, on the road to the town.

The links in big for smart phone viewers




SPANKEDHORTIC – The Last Goodbyeeee



The blog SPANKEDHORTIC II was mostly a general entertainment spanking blog, that also hopefully gave it’s visitors a bit of a laugh sometimes. It was started when A Whip was planted in the internet woods back in July of 2007 and it’s end date was announced in this post last month. It had two contributors, Prefectdt and his fictitious Head Mistress, Dr Rosy Malford. As of the 9th of March 2014 posting has ceased on this blog and it is time to wish it farewell.


Note – The pictures used in the rest of this post have absolutely no relevance to the post, they have just sat on the hard drive for some time, I like them and it is the last chance to use them 🙂

Why am I ending this blog?


Last year my blood condition jumped up and bit me in the ass again. This time by dropping a Thrombosis in my right eye. After successful treatment the sight in my eye has been saved but the thrombosis broke the retina and that has healed but has left a scar on the retina. This has effected my right eye and when I spend too much time staring at an LCD screen (as in a computer screen or flat screen TV) I tend to get white outs and must go away from the screen for some time to recover. This has made it difficult to blog. I have been struggling on hoping that the situation might improve but the last visit to the eye specialist left me knowing that this was as good as things are ever going to get.


I have never made any money or any other type of profit from this blog and I hope that it was fun for people to visit here but I decided that was a two way thing and it had to be fun for me to post here. Struggling to find the extra time to put posts together and not being able to visit or interact with other blogs, as much as I would like to, means that it is not fun to post any more and sometimes I have even sat in front of the computer dreading the idea of posting. So it has come time to end posting on this blog.

Advice for new bloggers


When I first started blogging, six and a half years ago, many established bloggers gave advice on starting a blog, much of which was outdated even after only six or seven months. Many of the things that got this blog off the ground would not work now, so go with the flow and see how things work for you in the time that you start blogging. I would only give advice on things that I have found not to have changed over the last six and a bit years, readers like pictures (even non kinky ones), readers like links and remember it is your blog and you have to do it your way.

The end of the ride


The last six and a half years has been a fun ride, with some downs but mostly ups. I enjoyed producing this blog and I hope that you enjoyed visiting here. I am going to leave the blog open and public, for as long as I can, so please feel free to peruse the archives and if anyone wants to use any of the posting ideas from this blog or wants to come up with their own version of post ideas, that I have used, please feel free to do so.

Thank you for visiting and…