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Some Goodbyeeees – Furry Friend Aid – Where Is The Spanking Spot – Thanks – And Horror Coffee Shop


my apologies for the late posting of the  Roundup this week but I am having a nice relaxed Sunday and that delayed things a bit 🙂

Goodbyeeee DWC desires, The Woody Back to School Unit and The Little Red Schoolhouse


The Little Red Schoolhouse, The Woody Back to School Unit and DWC desires are still there but have low posting rates and have not been posted on for some months. It is time to remove them from the rolls and wish their owners all the best for their future endeavours.

Help our furry friends


Amber Pixie Wells is campaigning for Cause For Paws as you can read in this post Cause For Paws and more!. Or you can go to this page Cause For Paws. Dana Kane is also doing her bit for those on four feet, as you can read about in this post Get Ready to GIVE.

Where is Brushstrokes?


Every time that I try to click into The Spanking Spot, I get a page that says Temporarily Unavailable that tells me that because of restraints on MY system system resources. Is this happening only in my region or everywhere? Does anybody know what has happened to The Spanking Spot?

Thank you

Thanks to Chross for linking this blog, in his Spankings of the Week.

Don’t spill my coffee!

This stunt was done as a promo for a new film. It is sort of a special effects team’s version of a Flash mob. I wish that I had been in the crowd when this happened, even the dog looks shocked.


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A Blog Merit Certificate – A New Blog – A Question – And The World’s Worst Domme

A Blog Merit Certificate

Dr Malford has sent me a note from her study to say, that since the blog has become more accessible, that MarQe ‘s Study should be returned to it’s old place in the top blog roll with a bright shiny new certificate.

A new blog for the rolls

A S S K is one of the limited number of blogs featuring both male and female spankees. It features mostly photos and video clips and is a very pleasant blog to visit. This blog is being added to the second roll.

A question

One of the blogs from the Non Spanking And BDSM Blogs page,, is coming up blank. Does anyone know if this blog has stopped posting or is just having technical difficulties?

The world’s worst Domme

This clip is actually a repost from some time ago but I came across it, a few days ago and thought it worth showing again. It seems a little slow at the start but gets funnier as it goes on.


If you like any of the images in this post or any others in this blog, you can vote for them, for the monthly Top Of The Click Pops by clicking or right clicking on them. The top five are posted at or near the beginning of every month, for the previous months result.

Sunday Blog Stuff Roundup With More Stuff Than Can Fit Into This Title and Parking Fail

A spanko on the move

Panty Spanking  has moved, the new address is

Moving a blog

The Official Spanking Online Blog has not posted in many months. it is hard to think that such a prolific blog has shut up shop and so it is being moved to the dormant blogs page, until it has become clear what has happened here.

What has happened to Elder Lee?

I missed the last post on this blog but it has disappeared. Does anyone know what has happened to it?

Brunch moved this week

Bonnie’s  Sunday brunch is being hosted by Hermione this week. It can be found through this link Hermione’s Heart: MBS Spanko Brunch #300.

Cherry Red Guest posts

There have been some interesting guest posts and interviews on Cherry Red Report spanking blog recently. Including one from Pandora Blake and one from David Pierson.

Interesting interview

Amber ‘Pixie’ Wells  has taken part in a very interesting interview. You can read about it in this post Fractured Politics Interview or go directly to the interview though this link – Critical theory about current events: Interview: Amber Pixie Wells.

And she has a license?

Honestly, I could park a bus in that space.


Google Blogger Is F&%^c#*d Up Again And Thought For The Week

The morons at Blogger are being useless F’ups again


I tried to leave the following comment at Hermione’s Heart, on this post Whatever Gets the Votes.


Governments Pah! Who needs them. We have just celebrated a whole year without a government here in Belgium. It’s been brilliant, especially the stripping protests. Canada, just tell your politicians to go home and chill for a year. Every country should have an occasional break from these windbags.


I tried to register the comment with the “Name/URL” option several times and also using the Anonymous option, using both of these I was redirected to the Google ID log in page every time. So I went to a couple of other Blogger blogs and tried commenting on them as well, same result. I would like to ask you readers if any of you are having the same problem or is my paranoia about being targeted by Google Blogger justified?


Sorry to Google Blogger bloggers but I cannot comment on your blogs

As I am so peeved with those smegheads from Google that I refuse to use my Google ID to comment, I am afraid that I am unable to comment on your blogs until this situation is resolved.


Thought For The Week


This weeks TFTD may seem a little vanilla in flavour but it’s spankoness comes from it’s sources. And anyway, for vanillas or kinksters I just think that it is damn fine advice.


If you no longer like what you are doing then stop doing it

Or change the way that you are doing it and see if that works

[sources – Lucy McLean and the second line is an add on from me]


>Spanking Tube – A Couple Of Questions For Readers


Question #1

Spanking Tube has changed it’s format recently and part of this format change has included some unasked for pop up windows for a live chat show website. I am not against websites making an honest buck but in my opinion unwanted pop ups are not acceptable on any site. I am very protective of the contents of my side bar links and would not have linked Spanking Tube there in the first place if the site had had this from the beginning. But this site is such an excellent resource for spanking clips that I am loathed to lose it as a link now. So my question is…..

Do you as a reader think that I should dump the link on ethical grounds or keep it, as this is just an annoyance on an otherwise great site?

Question #2

I have had trouble embedding clips from Spanking Tube on this blog before but the embedding seems to be working now, when I view it in the post preview. Taking into account that this is a scheduled post and I will be at work when it appears on the blog my second question is…..

Can you see this clip and is it playing OK?

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and help on these matters.


>A New Blog For The Rolls – The Return Of Purple Angel – The Huntress Domain? – A Forum Gone – And I Want To Watch This Show

My apologies for the delay in this week’s roundup but as the old excuse say’s (that no Top that I have ever known has ever excepted), better late than never.

A New blog for the rolls

Chelsea’s Journal – I have tried to add this before but could not get a direct link, but now, the wonderfully hot, Chelsea Pfeiffer has moved her blog onto a WordPress base, a direct link is possible (dribbles).

An old cyber friend returns

Spankful delight – I thought that Purple Angel had given up on her blog but it turns out that she has been coping with some very serious problems. Welcome back and I hope things are on the up now.

What happened to The Huntress domain?

The blog and indeed the whole website of Cassie Hunter seems to have disappeared but the not found message say’s that the server and not the website is not there. So the question remains, Is Miss Hunter still out there, in cyberia? any information welcome.

The forum of Mitch, from All Things Spanking, has tuned out to be a no go and so will be removed from the list.

I want to see this show

Nathan Fillion has appeared on this blog before, asking for a spanking but an episode of his latest show, Castle, shows that his partner in crime solving has a kinky side too.

The Trailer

A snippet

When is this coming to Belgian TV?