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Worse! What Could Possibly Hurt Worse?

Can You See The Windmill Turning?

I have recently discovered a way to make GIFs, directly on my smartphone. Which might provide useful material, for this blog, in the future, but I cannot post them in the way that I normally do. I have found a way that seems to work, but I am looking at the GIF on the computer that holds the GIF file, so I do not know if this is visible on the internet. So, one of my GIFs is posted below. It would be a great help if people could tell me, in the comments box, 1/ Can you see the image? 2/ is the windmill turning for you? Thanks in advance for your help with this.



Adding Two Blogs

The following two blogs will be added to the



An interesting mixed blog about spanking and other kinky topics and musings.


This is a blog mostly about spanking in mainstream media, such as films and plays. Sometimes it has other stuff like interesting photographers and news items.

What Shall I Do With This Blog?

There are two things that I like about having a spanking blog. The first is being part of an on line community, which I have from this blog at the moment. The second is being able to “spread the love” a bit by linking to articles on other blogs, this is a bit of a fail right now. Before I was forced to shut this blog down, I could put a link in a post and happily be told, in the stats, that I had sent between 50 and 200 visitors to that blog or web page. These days I see that I usually send between 5 and 12 visitors to a link in any one day. There is no great secret to why this is. It is because of the reduced numbers of visitors this blog attracts, between 80 and 150 in any one day as opposed to the 1200 to 1700 visitors that it used to get, at the height of it’s popularity. With so many other social media sources available now, I would never expect to get the amount of traffic here that I used to get but I would like to increase the foot fall a bit, so that I can get more people to follow links to somewhere fun.

Recently, whilst suffering from a seasonal lurgy, I did a daily single “Spec”tacular Spanking image post, as I did not feel able to spend too much time at the computer. This sent visitor numbers up on a nice climbing curve but as soon as I got back to the normal posting routine, the numbers dropped to what they where before. From this it looks like more regular posting gets more numbers than quality posting. So far I have come up with four options as to what to do now.

1 – Carry on as things are now and put up with not being able to spread much click love.

2 – Do cheap and easy daily picture posts with just the occasional well planed and thought out post.

3 – Carry on with my three posts a week and fill in the other days with quick and easy single picture posts.

4 – Give up on this blog and find a more popular platform like Twitter (this is my least favourite option).

If anyone has an opinion on which is the best one to pick or can think of any other options, I would love to hear about them.



In this post about NON CONSENTING, PUBLIC SPANKING OF CHILDREN I posted a video made by Jillian Keenan. It was about some evil people doing bad things to the under aged, that need to be stopped. Ms Keenan has posted an update on the situation and so I thought that it would be a good idea to let the viewers of this blog have a chance to see that.

Spanking Predators Update

Any ideas on how to help fight these people are welcome.



I was not planning to post today but I think that this is important. JILLIAN KEENAN is an international journalist, author, photographer and open Spanko. Yesterday, on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL, she posted a video highlighting a group of really bad people (Family Pro Spank Workshop) openly advertising, on FACEBOOK, an event involving non consenting children being stripped and spanked at a public event. Please watch this video and if you think it appropriate, post it on your own blog, twitter feed or other social media stream of choice and condemn such activities.





Myself, I will be writing a strongly worded complaint to FACEBOOK, which on it’s own I expect will achieve absolutely nothing but if some of you out there are inclined to do the same maybe we can get someone to listen. Remember, one email is a waste of pixels but a thousand emails will get attention.




Post Update


I found it impossible to send an email to Facebook and so instead used their inadequate reporting system, which does not allow you to add details of why you are reporting the group. Then I posted the video on my vanilla Facebook time line. I hope that this will raise some eyebrows over this groups activities.



Some Goodbyeeees – Furry Friend Aid – Where Is The Spanking Spot – Thanks – And Horror Coffee Shop


my apologies for the late posting of the  Roundup this week but I am having a nice relaxed Sunday and that delayed things a bit 🙂

Goodbyeeee DWC desires, The Woody Back to School Unit and The Little Red Schoolhouse


The Little Red Schoolhouse, The Woody Back to School Unit and DWC desires are still there but have low posting rates and have not been posted on for some months. It is time to remove them from the rolls and wish their owners all the best for their future endeavours.

Help our furry friends


Amber Pixie Wells is campaigning for Cause For Paws as you can read in this post Cause For Paws and more!. Or you can go to this page Cause For Paws. Dana Kane is also doing her bit for those on four feet, as you can read about in this post Get Ready to GIVE.

Where is Brushstrokes?


Every time that I try to click into The Spanking Spot, I get a page that says Temporarily Unavailable that tells me that because of restraints on MY system system resources. Is this happening only in my region or everywhere? Does anybody know what has happened to The Spanking Spot?

Thank you

Thanks to Chross for linking this blog, in his Spankings of the Week.

Don’t spill my coffee!

This stunt was done as a promo for a new film. It is sort of a special effects team’s version of a Flash mob. I wish that I had been in the crowd when this happened, even the dog looks shocked.


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A Blog Merit Certificate – A New Blog – A Question – And The World’s Worst Domme

A Blog Merit Certificate

Dr Malford has sent me a note from her study to say, that since the blog has become more accessible, that MarQe ‘s Study should be returned to it’s old place in the top blog roll with a bright shiny new certificate.

A new blog for the rolls

A S S K is one of the limited number of blogs featuring both male and female spankees. It features mostly photos and video clips and is a very pleasant blog to visit. This blog is being added to the second roll.

A question

One of the blogs from the Non Spanking And BDSM Blogs page,, is coming up blank. Does anyone know if this blog has stopped posting or is just having technical difficulties?

The world’s worst Domme

This clip is actually a repost from some time ago but I came across it, a few days ago and thought it worth showing again. It seems a little slow at the start but gets funnier as it goes on.


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