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>It’s Alive! Or One Home Made Toy That I Will Not Build On This Blog – A Hiatus Repost


When I first came across this it had me rolling on the floor. Whoever came up with this, you have too much time on your hands. Original post HERE.

Home made sex doll

A face that only a creator could love

I was poking around at the Collar N Cuffs website when I came across a link to a web page about custom building your own sex doll. As you can see, from the photo above, it ain’t exactly pretty. In fact if I could maintain the necessary “stiffy” whilst looking at that, I would seek out a psychiatrist. Why build such a monstrosity? well the site stated:-

“Want a custom sex doll, but don’t have $7,000 to shell out? No problem. You can build one with off-the-shelf parts for a fraction of the cost. Is this the ideal love doll or Bride of Frankenstein? We’ll let you be the judge.”

You can choose which bits you want where though

And they also had one for her

Don’t leave them alone together

They may breed

If your depraved enough to want to build one of these for your self, you can find more details here Make Your Own Sex Doll. That is if you want to make love to Edwina Scissor thighs.


>Plant Clips, Testing A Pervertable – A Hiatus repost


I must say that I did not enjoy doing the practical research for this post at all. I am reposting it as an illustration of how much I am prepared to suffer, to get new material for this blog 🙂
Original post HERE.

Before I start this post I would just like to say that putting cloths pegs and suchlike on my skin is not my type of thing. I did this in the pure light of (a lot of) pain and discomfort for the readers of this blog, with no high or turn on for myself.

Testing plant clips

Many people use cloths pegs on the skin as part of play, when I saw these for sale they seemed to be a far more esthetically pleasing alternative and at a couple of Euros a bag they are not likely to break the bank. As you can see I purchased two different sizes to try. The business end has some nasty looking serrations and the holding force is provided by a circular spring. These are available from most garden supply outlets.

Note:- The writing in italics is taken from notes made at the time of testing.

The comparative test

For this part of the post it was decided to test the two different sizes of plant clip against both wooden and plastic plant pegs. I applied two of each to my fore arm for a period of twenty minutes.

After the pegs where applied I made the following notes.

The least pain full are the small plant clips, the large plant clips and the plastic pegs are about the same pain level, the wooden pegs are the most painful.

After 10 minutes.

The wooden pegs are noticeably painful, the rest are irritating, the whole of my forearm has become itchy.

At the end of 20 minutes the pegs where pulled off without opening the ends.

small plant clips – not too bad. Large plant clips – a bit ouchy. Plastic pegs – about the same as the large clips. The wooden pegs – Aaarg!


Comparatively the wooden clothes pegs produce the most pain while on and being removed. The Large plant clips and the plastic clothes pegs where surprisingly similar and the serrated grip seems to make no difference. The small plant clips are the mildest of the group and for this reason and because I am a beginner at this type thing I decided to choose these for a more intense and personal test.

The second test
Small plant clips meet scrotum

For this part of the test I decide to attach 12 small plant clips to my scrotum for a period of an hour, with three tasks to complete while wearing them. While attaching the clips my inexperience with this type of play showed itself, I put the clips in a fringe around the bottom of my scrotum, shortly after the attachment was made, the scrotum retracted in some kind self defense reaction and the pegs ended up around the base of my penis. Still they where on and they where staying on so I replaced my underwear and jeans and continued the exercise. Again notes made at the time are in italic script.

took photos, can definitely feel the presence of the clips but the pain is not to bad.
Put on underwear and jeans, increased pressure on the clips is causing some pain and bending down is difficult.

Task one, watching TV

The first 20 minutes was to be spent watching TV.

Sitting is hellish hard but once settled the pain reduced to a sharp ache.
Movement when sitting is found to be unwise.
End of the 20 minutes – pain very sharp and intense now breathing deeply helps a little.

Task two, Washing up

The next 20 minutes was to be spent washing as much cutlery, pans, etc as I could manage.

Standing and walking (slowly) eases the pain a little but bending down to retrieve my dropped pen introduced me to a new kind of blinding hell.
Managed to finish the washing up. Standing is better than sitting but the pain is very harsh now.

Task three, spending time at the computer

Sitting in an upright chair in front of the computer is too much pain, decide to work standing at the computer after less than one minutes sitting.
15 minutes before the end of the test – Removed jeans and underpants this helped relieve the growing pain a little.
After managing to write 2 replies to comments on the blog I gave up and surfed other blogs, 8 minutes before the end of the test I could no longer even manage that, the pain was so great – Every second is a living hell now I tried a little self hand spanking to take my mind off of the pain, at impact it helped but it caused the pegs to jiggle and increase the pain afterwards.
After that I just leaned on my desk and sweated out the last few minutes.

Removing the clips

The clips where not ripped off but carefully opened and pulled off, as I did not want to risk damaging my scrotum. This was the most painful thing of all and I can describe it in one word, OHMYGODA-
The pain lessened pretty quickly but I could still feel some aching for several hours afterwards.


Even the small plant clips produced a painful experience over a period of time and the larger ones where just as painful as plastic pegs but for those seeking the highest pain level from the four items tried here, wooden pegs are the way to go. The plant clips are better looking than clothes pegs though.

Personal conclusion

I like the sensation of strike pain and not the grinding aching pain of this type of toy. I have never tried this type of play with a Top or Domme but I suspect even then that I may find it not to be to my taste.

Prefectdt (limping a little)

>A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part Six, Wetting, Testing And Costs – A Hiatus Repost


It is a long time since I have done a “make”, perhaps I should do another one soon. This is the conclusion to making a toy that I have been most satisfied with. Not only does it work well and look great it is also something that I have never seen for sale and so is a special item to have in the toy box. Original post HERE.

If you have missed any of the posts in this series and wish to see them they are linked below

A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part One

A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part two, The Handle Base And Marking Out the Chamois

A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part Three, Cutting The Chamois And Attaching It To The Handle

A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part Four, Continuing With The Handle

A Wet Chamois Leather Flogger Is Born – Part Five, Finishing The Handle And The Wetting/Drying Stand

Re nailing the handle

Anyone who read the last post in this series will remember that I was not too happy with the brass coloured nails on the handle (first photo). two of these where repositioned and a second row was put in for visual effect. As can be seen in the second photo, it is a big improvement.

The first wetting

the new pride and joy is finished and a nice clean bucket has been found for its first introduction to water. I did try a couple of swings at my back with the flogger in its ‘never been in water’ state, it was incredibly lightweight, I could hardly feel it, in this state it may be a good toy for those who are into psychological play rather than real pain play.

The bucket was filled to the correct level with tap water, the flogger was tied into its wetting position and the stand, with the flogger attached, was lowered into the bucket. The tails where not prodded and poked into the water but allowed to absorb the water in their own time. The flogger took about an hour and a half to soak fully.

The first testing

The first testing happened in the bath room. Firstly the flogger was used fully wet over my shoulders, onto my back. the impacts where a very heavy thump and had the unusual effect of leaving a cold area where the tails had landed, as opposed to the heating effect of a dry toy. After about two dozen strokes the water was running down my back and down the tiles of the bath room, used in this state this flogger does spray a lot of water around but the impact sensation was good and very different from a dry toy. The tails of the flogger did tend to tangle a little.
The tails of the flogger where then squeezed out as dry as they could be and more strokes where applied. In this state the flogger is still very thumpy although not as much as before and has a strange after effect of leaving a little stingy sensation, where it has landed, that happens a couple of seconds after impact. The area of impact is still cooled by the water. The tails did not tangle when used in this state. next the flogger was left to dry out for a couple of hours until it was in a state of not really dry or wet but more slightly damp. A few strokes where applied in this state and it was found to be surprisingly like a dry leather flogger complete with heating effect.

After use the tails had, worryingly, stretched and so where trimmed to an even length that fitted the stand. The flogger was then left to stand and dry properly for two days.

The second testing

Chamois leather tends to become stiff after it has been wet and then dried, so the flogger was first put into the water in its drying position, on the stand, until the ends of the tails had become flexible and was then re tied into its normal position for soaking. this time the flogger was fully saturated with water after less than ten minutes. The same testing sequence as before was repeated and the impact and after effects found to be the same as before. There was no problems with the tails tangling this time.

when the flogger was placed on the stand to dry it was found that the tails had not stretched this time, that, thankfully, seems to be a first time use only event.

Conclusion – This is a very effective toy that can produce two types of thumpy cold impact, that are different from a dry flogger and one effect that is similar to a dry leather flogger, depending on how wet it is. I am very happy with it.


Free – the wood for the handle and the cord which came from an old drawstring bag.

Chamois leather – 3.95 Euros.
Strong camping binding material strip – 3.31 Euros for 2 meters.
Cloth binding used to decorate the cloth binding and cord – 0.50 Euros for five meters.
Brass coloured decorative nails – 2 boxes at 1.37 Euros per box, total 2.74 Euros.
Screw in metal loop – 1.37 Euros for a box of six, so the cost for one is 0.23 Euros.
Marine varnish – For the sake of argument we will say 0.50 Euros worth was used.
Some small nails – again for sake of argument 0.5o Euros.
Glue – lets say it was about 1.00 Euros worth.
Metal stand – 2.75 Euros.
A beer for the mate who let me borrow his belt sander – 1.50 Euros

Total cost – 16.98 Euros


For just under 17 Euros I have a toy, that try as I might, I have not been able to find any where for sale, that has a unique and special impact effect. The toy looks nice, I particularly like the brown, brass, fawn colour combination and it has its own stand. So in conclusion I am a very happy bunny. All I need now is a hot summers day, a beautiful ice cold stream several miles from prying eyes and a woman with a strong arm and an accurate swing.


P.S. If anyone else has ever made anything similar I would be very interested in hearing about it.

>St. Trinian’s Cartoons And A Little About Their Creator Ronald Searle – A Hiatus Repost


As a child I was a great fan of the original St. Trinian’s movies and it was fun to find out a little about the artist who came up with the idea of St. Trinian’s and also a little disturbing to find out about the circumstances in which the first few drawings where made and preserved. Originally from THIS POST.

I haven’t had chance to see the St. Trinian’s film that was released last year yet, when I found out that another is planned to be released next year. Interest titillated I did a little surfing and found a lot of cartoons and some info on the creator of St. Trinian’s, I thought I would share both with the readers of this blog.

The creator of St. Trinian’s is Ronald Searle. He was born in 1920 and was of a working class background. He started work, firstly at a packaging company and then as a cartoonist for the Cambridge Daily News, at the age of 15. His jobs funded his art classes.

In 1939 Searle joined the Territorial Army as an Architectural draughtsman but continued drawing cartoons. St Trinian’s was born in 1941 when Lilliput magazine published the first of these cartoons.

Searle was in Singapore in 1941 when it was surrendered to Japanese forces. He spent the rest of the war as a POW and was used as one of the forced labourers, building the Burma Railway. Through all the disease, hardships and brutality of that time Searle continued to draw, both his experiences of the time and cartoons.

After the war Searle approached Lilliput magazine, the following is a remembrance of his visit to their offices.

“He walked into our offices bearing a neat folder containing seventy-two cartoons. They were drawn in faded brown ink, on stained and yellowing paper. Some of them were crumpled. Most of them had survived burial in the jungle undergrowth or under disease-ridden mattresses, where the Japanese would be unwilling to search. Among them were the second and third St Trinian’s drawings. We asked him for more and published them every month for the next three years.”

The “mattresses” mentioned held comrades dying of cholera, one of the few places that the Japanese and Korean guards would not search.

In 1948 “Hurrah for St. Trinian’s” the first St. Trinian’s book was published.

In the 1950’s and 60’s four St. Trinian’s films where made, one more in 1980, one last year and another is due for release next year making a total of seven films.

To find out more about Ronald Searle and his work check out the following links.

Ronald Searle Biography
8: II. Ronald Searle & the St Trinian’s Cartoons
Ronald Searle Art Work – Lithographs and original drawings and paintings by Ronald Searle

I even managed to find a couple of blogs dedicated to Searle you can find them at Ronald Searle Tribute and Ronald Searle Tumblog

As far as I know Ronald Searle is still alive and well and living in France. He is amongst the most influential cartoonists and graphic artists of the Twentieth and Twenty First centuries.


>Jeremy Clarkson Earns A Spanking, Horticulturaly – A Hiatus Repost


Unfortunately the original clip, used in THIS POST, was removed from YouTube (shame) but I have added a little bonus clip at the end of the post to compensate for this. Enjoy.

To those of you unfamiliar with UK Television, Jeremy Clarkson is that idiot in the photograph on the left. Now I am well aware that the person that you see on a screen is not what someone is like in real life so Mr Clarkson is probably a well balanced nice type of bloke in real life. However this post is about the on screen willie brain that every body loves to hate.

Clarkson is a TV and newspaper journalist specializing in all things with four wheels and an engine. Along with his two side kicks, James May
and Richard Hammond, he has taken one of the UK’s most respected and serious automobile programs, and turned it into a program where three middle aged blokes pratt around in either overpriced super cars or clapped out old bangers (I love it, won’t miss an episode).

Clarkson is famous for insulting the entire human race. If you come from a country odds are that Clarkson has taken the mickey out of it. If you have an interest in anything that does not drink petrol (gas) Clarkson has made a joke of you for it.

To see what he is like lets take a look at some of his quotes.

A turbo:
Exhaust gases go into the turbocharger and spin it, witchcraft happens and you go faster.

Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary… That’s what gets you.

It’s the coldest march for twenty years because of global warming.

We all know that small cars are good for us. But so is cod liver oil. And jogging.

Only last week there were calls from north of the border for a separate Scottish entry for next year’s Eurovision song contest. What? The Proclaimers? Or just a random collection of men in dresses blowing into their tartan bags? Either way, I can’t see them getting too many votes from Estonia.

Now we get quite a few complaints that we don’t feature enough affordable cars on the show, so we’re kicking off tonight with the cheapest Ferrari of them all. (a Ferrari F430)

I love this variety, although of course it can cause problems. I, for instance, would never employ anyone with a Brummie accent. I don’t wish to be rude to the people of Birmingham, but I’m sorry, it makes you sound thick. Likewise, whenever I meet someone with a Somerset burr, I always imagine that in the next five minutes I’m going to be tied to a candlelit table, with a goat, and raped.

There are even Clarkson related products available.

Clarkson finally crossed the line and earned himself a spanking when I saw his bad horticultural practice in the clip below and as the offense is of a horticultural nature may I suggest that THIS LADY does the honors and gives him what for on behalf of every Hortic and Gardener out there.

Embedded Video


The blog Spankedhortic and all those associated with it would like to point out that firearms, explosives and anything else that goes bang and may cause large amounts of pain and loss of limbs are not endorsed as a form of weed control. Furthermore it is advisable that on encountering anyone who thinks that this weed control method is the way to proceed, that you maintain a reasonable distance (about 3 kilometers) from them and inform the nearest Psychiatrist.

The replacement clip, Clarkson gets a pie in the face

This clip, for some reason does not start to move for the first 30 seconds but be patient, it is worth the wait.

Enjoy, Prefectdt

>Spankee Hero – T.E. Lawrence – A Hiatus Repost


THIS POST was written in my first month of blogging and is about one of the great icons of the spanking world.

From time to time I hope to write about my spankee heroes and heroins both contemporary and historical. This is the first.

Thomas Edward Lawrence AKA Lawrence of Arabia

Lawrence was often described as suffering from a “flagellation disorder” as a result of his torture and rape during his time of captivity at Deraa. However evidence has shown that before this he used to write letters to himself from a fictional Uncle, describing violations that he had committed back in Britain, giving him excuses to be beaten for these imagined offenses by his own men during the Arab Revolt.

During the 1920’s he paid a man called John Bruce to birch him and was known to attend flagellation parties in Chelsea (London) run by a German who is only known by the name of Bluebeard.

Lawrence was well decorated for his efforts having The Order of the Bath, the Distinguished Service Order, and the Legion D’Honnour. He was recommended for the Victoria Cross but this was not awarded and was offered the Knight Commander of the British Empire but he refused this honour.

Lawrence was many things, a graduate of Oxford University, an Archaeologist, a Leader of Armies, a Diplomat, an Author, a Translator, a Biker and amongst all these things he was a Spanko.