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>Is This Bondage Or Art Or Both? – A Hiatus Repost


Just one of those web finds that really grabs the attention. Unfortunately the original website seems to have disappeared now, so it was good to find it when I did. Original post HERE.

Long story short, suffering a bought of insomnia I ended up doing some pointless web surfing at about 3 am when, after following link after link, I stumbled across this site Permanent Bondage. I grabbed a few pics to show you below. This kind of bondage is not my thing but I think that this has crossed the line into being art IMHO.

Full body standing suit

Chastity devices

Full body standing and sitting suits

The guy who makes this stuff sells some of his smaller pieces at a site called Mr S LEATHER. It is aimed at M/m players, definitely not my thing but good luck to those who are into that bag.

As I said at the start of the post I am not into this kind of thing as a play article but if I could afford it I would order one of those full body suits to have as an art sculpture display, you have to admit it knocks spots off Tracy Emmit’s work.


>A Plant Post. Calamus – common name Rattan – A Hiatus Repost


I am a Hortic so there had to be a plant post in this hiatus series and what could be more appropriate than the source of most of our canes. Original post HERE.

The picture above is of a finished Rattan Cane as available from Stockroom

Below is a young Calamus Gibbsianus. The picture comes from Flickr.

Left is the stem of an adult Calamus. Also from Flickr.

Now I thought I would be clever and write a plant profile that is relevant to both Spankos and Hortics. The problem is that I have never worked with this plant and thought that I could punch Rattan into a search engine and get the relevant info WRONG.

What I found was that there are over 600 different varieties of Calamus and nobody seems to be too sure which one Rattan Canes are made of.

This is what I found out.

Calamus grows all the way from southern India and Sri lanca right across South East Asia in damp rain forest conditions. It is a type of Palm and starts life as as a free growing plant on the rain forest floor until it reaches about one and a half meters, similar to the Calamus gibbsianus pictured above right. Once it reaches this height it starts to develop spines, as in the picture on the left and uses these to scramble up the surrounding vegetation. It is not Farmed or cultivated commercially but is gathered from the wild.

Some variates are also known by the common name Sweet Flag and the aromatic roots are used in both herbal medicines and aromatherapy.

If anybody knows how it gets from its raw state to a harsh toy please do tell.


>Men Who Have Earned A Spanking – A Hiatus Repost – And Some News From Radha


News from Radha

Normally I would put this in the Saturday Blog Stuff Roundup but there will not be one this weekend. So I thought that I would pass on the good news that Rahda of Radha Sutra has had her baby and tells about it in this post She’s Here!.

This post is one of my favorites from the Men who have earned a spanking series, especially the clip at the end. The original post is linked HERE.

Here’s a few guys who have definitely earned a seriously harsh spanking.

An old classic
but it is good to imagine what all these ladies would do with
This guy’s sorry ass

I hope she has a cane in her wardrobe
This bloke should get a stripy butt before breakfast

A budding glamour photographer?
Or a perv who should get bent over that bonnet for what he deserves from this lady?

And finally
It only took me forever to work out how to get this clip from YouTube but it was worth it. I’m not sure what country this is from but I hope they have a wealth of female disciplinarians there because here is a whole basket full of men earning a good bottom whupping.
(Love the music though)

>The School Prefect, A Description – A Hiatus Repost


It is very easy to think that something that is familiar to you is familiar to everyone, this is very often not the case, especially in the international environment of blogging. Almost anyone from the UK would know what a Prefect is but there are many countries that do not have this post in their schools. THIS POST from July 2008 was an attempt to clarify things for people who do not know much of UK school culture.

As a result of a posting at The Spanking Spot and some comments on that posting it has become clear that there are many people in the world who are not aware of what a school prefect is. As “prefect” is part of the name that I write this blog under and understanding the concept of what a prefect is, is essential if you want to be able to follow whats going on in many fantasy British school spanking scenes, I thought I would have a go at explaining the concept.

A basic description

A prefect is one of the older pupils in a British school (usually a sixth former from 16 to 19 years old) who has been given power and duties concerning the monitoring and control of pupils not awarded this post. This is in order to lighten the load in the teaching staff and instill a sense of responsibility and order amongst the pupils. Wikipedia has a description of a school prefect about half way down this page Prefect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Being a prefect, my real life experience and the fantasy version

I was a prefect in a state school (Comprehensive) in the 1980’s.
In a state school being a prefect was not glamorous at all, I had to give up one or two lunch breaks a week to perform playground monitoring duties for the younger kids. If a teacher needed a free worker to get things done you could be kept after school to lug this, build that or help out with whatever. The most icky duty, that I hated the most, was being called up without notice to escort some vomity sick annoying little kid down to see the school nurse, usually spending the rest of the day stinking of someone else’s vomit. Being a prefect in my school was so unpopular that it was compulsory, if you where chosen. Sixth formers are older than the minimum age for leaving school in the UK and the philosophy of “If you don’t like it you can leave” was thrown in your face if you tried to get out of doing prefect duties. Even before the ban on CP in UK schools I have never heard of a UK state school that allowed it’s prefects to administer corporal punishment.

In the fantasy version you take an older pupil like the one illustrated above (photograph courtesy Spanked Schoolgirl) and give them a prefect’s badge and the responsibilities and powers that go with it. These responsibilities and powers are loosely based on the prefects from boarding schools in the earlier part of the 20TH century. In many of these schools, at this time, prefects where allowed to administer corporal punishment. Some teachers, in some schools, who did not like administering corporal punishment themselves, would deputize a prefect to do it for them. Not all sixth formers are chosen as prefects meaning that a prefect could end up punishing a pupil the same age as them or even a little older.

The down side of this was that the prefect was supposed to set a good example for other pupils. If they transgressed the rules themselves they could expect to be punished in a far more harsh manner than the other pupils. If they objected to this their only option was “If you don’t like it you can leave.”

Picture from HD Spank.


This varied from school to school but to give a general idea it went something like this.

Head girl/boy – Top of the tree, usually appointed by the Headmaster/mistress to control all the other prefects.

House Captain – Head prefect for their house.

Senior prefect – a prefect with superior powers and responsibilities than a normal prefect.

Prefect – Well yea a prefect.

Sub prefect – Very often a fifth former being tried out as a prefect, to see if they would be suitable once they became a sixth former.

Hope this helped those not familiar with the history of the British school system.

And this is a Ford Prefect, not the same thing at all, but what comes up over and over again if you search for prefect in Google’s picture section.


>An Advert In The Times – A Hiatus Repost


One of the funniest things that I have ever seen put in a National News paper, THIS POST from 2007 just had to be in with the hiatus reposts.

Not sure when it was put in the paper or by who but the following personal ad was actually published in The Times newspaper.


A tall well built woman with good
reputation, who can cook frogs
legs, who appreciates a good fuc-
schia garden, classical music and tal-
king without getting too serious.

Please read only lines 1, 3 and 5

I have been trying to think up a spanko equivalent all day and failed. Can anybody out there think one up?


>My Good Advice – Top Five – A Hiatus Repost


A vanilla post but one that I thought worthwhile and it did prompt a good bit of advice from Morning star of The journey “Listen more than you talk”. I still live by these little pearls. The original post is HERE.

Her are the top five bits of advice I have heard or read, in my life that help me make it through to the next day. They are in reverse order. There is a comment box open to all under this post, so if you have a good bit of advice to share with myself and the readers of this blog, for the love of God don’t keep it to yourself, the world needs guidance from everybody in it.

Number five

If you don’t like what your doing, stop doing it

I had worked this one out for myself, some time ago but it was summed up in something that Lucy McLean wrote. One simple line replaced a whole essay.

Number four

To thine own self be true

I’ve probably misquoted that, I’m a big fan of watching the works of Shakespeare but I’m damned if I going to read Shakespeare. It is a fact of life that we all have to present an image to the world and cannot show the chinks in our armour. But it is important to know where we are strong and use those strengths and know where we are weak and compensate for those weaknesses. An exercise that some people find very difficult.

Number Three

Listen to people who say “What I did” and not to the people who say “what I would do”

It is a natural human reaction to give advice but no theorizing can ever take the place of actual experience. If you have a problem or are facing a situation that is hard to cope with, listen to people who have already dealt with the same hardship and emerged successfully from their dilemma and see if their solution could work for you.

Number two

Don’t stand under a falling tree

This one isn’t the advice itself, it represents all the practical stuff that you hear. You can live by the best philosophies in the world but if you get yourself killed, by being stupid, these philosophies don’t count for squat.

Number One

When it comes to people, presume nothing, learn who they are

I wish my Dad had told me this one, it was the type of thing that he would have said, if he had thought about it. I was actually given this by a lecturer, during my student days.

It is the hardest one to follow, it is so easy and even comfortable, to judge people by their demeanor, the way they dress, basically that first impression, doing this is always a mistake. The worst judges of character in the world are those fools that say things like “I can tell exactly what someone is like two minutes after I’ve met them” these people always get it wrong and are not worth listening to. People are the hardest thing to asses in the world but being able to asses them is one of the most important things in the world.