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How A Birching Was Carried Out Way Back When

I’m not sure when this practice was stopped but The Isle Of man was, I believe, the last authority in Europe to use corporal punishment as a judicial punishment, in the form of birching. This is an actual news report where a police officer explains how the punishment was conducted.

And I Just Thought That This Was Funny

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All Chained Up And Nowhere To Go

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75 Years ago in Europe peace broke out. it was not the end of the Second World War, the Japanese still fought on but at least one continent had stopped fighting. During the Second World War, pin-ups where popular. And for those of you who do not know pin-ups where a sort of soft porn with clothes on. So I thought that it would be nice to show a few examples of that type of image here. Although some are modern versions of what the servicemen would have known.

And this is definitely a modern one

May all wars end


St. Cure D’ Ars

This is him


And that really is him. His face is covered by a wax mask but that is his body, not a representation.

How I found out about him

I was having a little history walk around a French town and went into a church to have a look around.ย  As in most Catholic, French churches, there were statues of saints around the place and the inscription under one statue said St. Cure D’ Ars. Great! Just what every Christian spankee needs, a saint that cures arses ๐Ÿ™‚

The Real Saint


Of course St. Cure D’ Ars does not mean what it sounds like in English. It does mean St. Priest (or curate) of the town of Ars (yes there really is a French town called Ars). His real name was John Vianney and he is the patron saint of priests. After the revolution he helped save French Catholicism and founded a home for girls with Catherine Lassagne and Benedicta Lardet (and no I did not make up those names). And he spent most of his life in the town of Ars.

Maybe a prayer?


I’m not a Christian myself but any Christian spankee that finds their bruised and battered rear end throbbing away, on a hard pew, one Sunday morning could consider saying a prayer to this saint. Even though he is not a real spanko saint, who knows, perhaps he can “Cure The Arse” ๐Ÿ™‚

The final image came from Parox Dark – Fetish and BDSM Art


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Onderwijsmuseum Ieper (Ypres)

Regular readers of this blog might remember my trip to An Historic School in the UK, back in June. Inspired by this I decided to see if there was anything similar here in Flanders. My search was not in vain.

The School Museum Ieper

In the town of Ieper, perhaps better known for it’s part in The Great War (AKA WWI), is a museum of Flemish schools, housed in an old church. It is called the Onderwijsmuseum. It is an interesting way to spend an hour and surprisingly cheap to visit. Mostly it is an information board and artifact type of museum but it does have a couple of mock ups of schools in the olden days. I am strongly against the corporal punishment of children but I find this kind of place great for adults to get ideas about scenarios for playing with other adults. Here are a few snaps that I took.

A 17th Century school room

Note the birch on the teacher’s desk

A 1930’s school room

Someone got corner time

I so want one of these desks

I hope that gave you all lots of ideas ๐Ÿ™‚


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Back To School, Whilst On Holiday

A little over a week ago I was back in the UK for a little trip to see the family. Whilst there I visited the Black Country Living Museum, which has historical buildings from theย Black Country set in dates ranging from the mid 1800’s to the 1930’s. There I found this place…

St James’s School

Looking around, I think that it was terrible that this kind of place was inflicted on small children but it would be a wonderful play place for a group of like minded adults ๐Ÿ™‚

It was set in the year 1912, at the beginning of compulsory education of children in England.

It had two fully equipped classrooms of the period, full of artifacts.

And of coarse a blackboard with cane.

In case of breakage a spare hung on the cupboard.

The school was staffed by a very capable lady who talked to all visitors as if they were children at the school. She was very good at this and clicked all the “Yes Miss” switches in my head. If you are ever in the area, this place is well worth a visit.

I was in the last generation that had to learn the old monetary system of the UK, as seen above, it was a nightmare for a small child. Thankfully I was saved from this by decimalization during my second year at infants school.