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I tend to be a bit outdoorsy, but at this time of year, when the weather seems to alternate between mild and soggy and freezing cold, here in Northern Europe, I spend more of my free time indoors than I would prefer. It is nice looking at some loverly, winter landscapes, from the dry, warmth of a vehicle. It looks like some folks enjoy doing this and then stopping, in a secluded spot, to enjoy a quick spanking. Before getting back to the snug, comfort of their mode of transport.

Just time for a quick switching

We decided to bring a friend along for the drive

At least the heater will keep parts of them warm

They might risk scratching the paintwork

With both doors open, at least a little breeze can freshen the car

Thelma and Louise thought that this was a better idea, than driving off that cliff

A brisk spanking in the crisp winter air and then back to sitting uncomfortably, in a warm car?

I think that I have had worse ideas 🙂



We Those Brats out there often go unrecognized, but not unpunished, for all the efforts that we they go to in thinking up colourful bratting schemes. From the simple insulting gesture to the complicated plot, they all take thought and effort. Tootling around the internet, I have managed to find some specialist greeting cards, that we those brats would appreciate, by the way of recognition. I am posting a selection of those cards here, along with a few images and GIFs illustrating how they might be earned.

I think that rewarding your brat with a nice card, to go along with their severe punishment, is a wonderful idea. And to anyone who does not like the concept, all I have to say is…



Two Blogs For The Roll

Two new (to me, anyway) blogs are being added to the blog roll and the…



This is the blog of Asa Jones, a well known author, artist and photographer. This blog is about spanking activities, thoughts and preferences on spanking and some other things. I highly recommend a visit to this blog, it is very interesting.


This blog can be a bit confusing to navigate, to start with, but it is not difficult once you get the hang of it. It posts some very good images and a lot of worthwhile interviews, with kinky celebrities.

Moving A Couple Of Blogs


It looks like Andy Cap is posting regularly again. So this blog is being moved back onto the main blog roll.


When I first linked this blog, I thought that it was an active blog, as it had no dates on its posts. I do not think that it is still active, but its content is very interesting, so it is being moved onto the archive blog roll.

Hope these links and information are useful to you



What Might They Be Saying?

Let’s face it, when you are chatting with a work colleague, you are most likely to be talking about something either not related to work or moaning about work. This has often made me wonder what two spankees, doing a spanking shoot, might be chatting about, when they are asked to hold a position, for the sake of continuity, between the time when filming is going on. Here are some of my suggestions of what they might be saying.

The Writing On the Wall

“I have been thinking about repainting this room. What do you think of magenta?”

At A Shoot A Hundred Years Ago

“It’s about time that someone invented a camera, with an exposure time of less than three minutes!”

It Happens

“Did you fart?”

Smells Like Teen Spirit

The image above was found at


” “That smells nice. Are You trying a new deodorant?”

Weather Watch

“I wish He would turn the heating up a bit, I’m freezing!”

Has anyone any better captions for these images?



I was luck enough to stumble across a couple of videos depicting Sorority and Fraternity spankings, in main stream films. We did not have this tradition in the UK, during my student days and it has always intrigued me.

Sorority Paddling

As far as I am aware, the image above is of a real Sorority paddling. The video below is not, it is from a movie. I don’t think that there would be whipped cream in real life 🙂

Fraternity Paddling

Again, I think that the image above is the real deal and it looks like someone has a good swing 🙂 The video below is typically film staged.

And As A Bonus

The video below has only one swat in it, but it is interesting to see who was and was not in a Fraternity, in College.



Ants In Your Pants Or Even Worse

Formicophilia is the sexual interest in and pleasure derived from small animals, insects, or snails crawling over one’s body.

I have to admit that I had a total WTF moment, when I found out about this fetish.

It had never occurred to me that people could get any kind of pleasure out of this. I mean, it is not like the obviously pleasurable experience of being bent over something and being hit on the bottom, until you are in excruciating pain.

It is surprising that it often involves things that bite and sting.

Could there be anything worse than leaches?

O yes, of course. Big leaches.

Yes, there are even cartoons and lots of art work about this.

And a lot of this stuff just had me saying, “You have got to be kidding me”.

At least the last image involved some nice, wholesome bondage.

I have to admit, at this point in the post, I am running out of things to say.

Except perhaps to ask if someone can please get me a bucket?

I do notice that it always seems to involve icky creepy crawlies, never nice creatures, like butterflies or ladybirds. I did manage to find a YouTube video about this fetish.

Bug Play On YouTube


Until the weekend gone, I was blissfully unaware that this fetish even existed and I am wondering if I would not be happier, if that was still my knowledgeable state. Would I try this myself? I think that I will have to answer with a big fat NO. I get creeped out when I find one or two creepy crawlies on me during my post work shower, which is something that I just regard as a normal, occupational hazard, in my line of work. To those that do practice this, I have two things to say to them.

1/ Please ensure that these creatures are returned to their natural place of existence, in an unharmed state, once you have finished playing.


2/ Stay a long, long way away from me when you are doing this, please.