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I recently stumbled across a photo feature in the UK newspaper “The Guardian”, about mainstream artists take on the human posterior. You can see it through the following link


Some of it I liked and some not so much. I thought that it might be fun to compare some this mainstream art work with buttock centric art from around the spankoverse

The Guardian

The Spankoverse

Image found at


The Guardian

The Spankoverse

Image found at


The Guardian

The Spankoverse

Image found at


What is your opinion?



Notes – 1/ None of the images in this post are of the spanking that I received, they are just ones that I found on the internet and are there for illustrative purposes only

2/ I did ask for and receive the permission of the other person involved in this spanking to write a blog post about it, whilst not revealing her identity or location

Spanked Flesh To Flesh

I did get spanked back in June, but that spanking, like the one the year before it, was only with implements, as a lot of people are still paranoid about direct physical contact. 17 months ago, I shook hands with a friend and that was the last skin to skin contact that I had with another human being, till last week that is πŸ™‚

Employing Services

I really wanted a hand spanking and physical contact with another human being. So I approached a professional who normally offers more intimate personal services and is therefore already used to getting close up and personal with people, but was not above turning her hand to a bit of spanking. I would like to point out two things at this point, 1/ Although she offers them, I did not partake in any of her sexual services and 2/ I have been double jabbed with Pfizer, some months ago now and the lady in question also stated that she had been inoculated.

It Started With A Hand

As she sat on the bed, I bent over her lap. She was only wearing underwear (her choice) and I was bare apart from my man thong, finally my skin touched that of another human being and it felt so good. Not in a sexual way, but in a comforting, reassuring sort of way. Skin to skin contact with other people is one of those things that you do not know the importance of, until it is not available to you. Then she proceeded to spank my bottom with her hand…. heaven.

Then A Hairbrush

Unfortunately, the hand spanking did not last long. This was because, as she had pointed out to me before we started to play, she was not very experienced in spanking and my gnarly old bottom hide was hurting her hand too much. I had taken some pervertables with me and handed her a hairbrush, then resumed my position over her lap, to receive the sweet kiss of wood on flesh. This worked well for both of us

Slipper Time

By this time, I needed a higher pain level. I took a position on all fours, on the bed, while she stood and attempted to slipper me from the side, with one of the beach shoes that I told you about in


As I said before, she is not experience in spanking techniques and struggled with this. Then I remembered a GIF, that I had posted in a previous post, the one above and suggested that we tried this position, this was new to me too. This worked so much better than I had hoped. It played well with my mind, having her buttocks pressing hard into my shoulders. I felt happily restrained by her body on top of mine and the breath restriction that it caused, intensified the feeling of pain that I perceived. She was new to this and reluctant to spank as hard as I would normally be spanked, but this seemed satisfying to both of us

It Finished With A Belting

Last year, I purchased a new belt. You can read about it in


This was the first time that it was used. I lay on the bed and was belted with it, not too hard, but this leather bit hard anyway. I want to do a review of this belt, but I will wait until it has been swung by someone with more experience. Even though my spanker was not willing to get too harsh with me (sensible of her, as she had not developed the skill level to do so), the belting did hurt and I noticed that, unlike many other belts, the pain was along the entire length that it struck and not just in the last inch or two. And that concluded the spanking

And it was so good to be touched by another human being again, after nearly a year and a half of pandemic caution



Normally, I have some time to spare on a Wednesday, to put together a post for Friday. But this week I did not, because I was too busy getting spanked πŸ™‚ (second time in less than two months, woo-hoo), but more about that in another post. So here I sit, dog-tired, on a Thursday night, needing to be up before 5am tomorrow and nothing planned for Friday’s post. I do keep a computer file called “Potential post pictures”, where I put any images that interest me but I have no reason to use at the time. I thought that I would post some of these images for the Friday post. A little lame, I know, but actually getting spanked has to take priority over blogging about spanking





Welcome to another in this series of posts. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at…….

The Straight backed chair

Found All Around The House

We find these chairs in various forms, around dining tables, in the kitchen, in front of bedroom dressing tables and at the computer desk

But even if they are not in the room where you want them, they are easily transportable to where they are needed

Ideal For OTK

Both for spanking her

And for spanking him

It is, in fact, the go-to furnishing, for many spankers wanting to administer an OTK punishment

Lean On Me

If the spankee needs something to lean on, to receive a spanking that requires a longer swing, this purpose is served too

Stay In Position

For a spankee who tends to flinch away from those biting strokes, the back of the chair can be used to keep their bottom where it needs to be

Break Out The toys

And if you have a standing or OTK spanking, the chair is a great place to deploy those weapons of ass destruction

Taking the knee

A cushioned chair is always a comfortable spot for a spankee to kneel

Adding To The Fun

Put two chairs together and they can make a passable spanking bench

Other Alternatives Are Available

Such as a base for a wheelbarrow spanking

Keeping Them In Their Place

Some spankees can do a disappearing act, if they know that a spanking is happening in the near future. A little chair bondage will keep them where they are needed, until the appointed hour arrives


If the straight backed chair is your kind of thing, you could try making a special one, to fit your exact requirements

Once the spanking is over, you are left with a place for someone to sit, uncomfortably πŸ™‚



Whilst searching for illustrations for my Beach Shoe review, that you can see in this link


I came across many good still images and GIFs of various foot ware, in action, on a lot of bottoms. It seemed a shame not to share some of them

Prepare yourself to receive 12 of the best, 6 GIFs and 6 still images. And remember to retain your position, no matter what, or else!


You moved! I saw you move. I warned you to retain your position

Right! For that, you will have to receive an extra one



Welcome to another in this series of posts. Spankos very often practice their art in a domestic situation, utilizing various locations in their homes and often their everyday furniture as spanking benches or supports. In this edition of this image based exploration of spanking domesticity, let us take a look at…….

The Sofa/Couch/Settee

As If It Was Designed For Spankos

Of all the fittings in the house, could any be more appropriate for spanking activities than that master of the living room furniture

Perfect for OTK

Could there be a more comfy spot, for a spanker to settle into to deliver that overly lengthy OTK spanking? And if they are allowed it, the spankee can take advantage of the soft body support that it offers

Well Armed

The arms of the Sofa offer such a lot of variety for positioning the spankee

Giving great scope for both long and short range weapons of ass destruction

Back To Basics

The back of the Sofa will position the rear end of a spankee at just the right height for a standing spanker to get a superb swing into play

And provide a nice stance for removing obstructing underwear

Prepared For The Long Haul

If an extended funishment is going to happen

A considerate spanker might allow their submissive to assume the most comfortable position, that the Sofa offers

No Kneed For Splinters

And the Sofa offers a better alternative to the floor, if the recipient is required to kneel

Invite Your Friends Round Too

There is plenty of space for more than one repentant offender on most Sofas

And Relax

As the sofa is such a comfortable place to be, a spankee might find themselves taking more of this than normal

Leaving a behind that is just too sore to sit on. But even then a spankee can still use the sofa for some well-earned rest and recuperation time

And please feel free to add any spanking uses of the Sofa, that I have missed in this post, in the comments section. There must be many