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What Light From Yonder Window Breaks

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With A Bicycle Along The River Ourthe

Above is the River Ourthe as it flows through Durbuy where once a watermill stood. From Durbuy there is a very good cycle path that runs along the river. I spent my last full day of holiday exploring the river and thought that I would show you some of the views that I saw.

There had not been much rain in August and September in Belgium and like most rivers, the Ourthe was a little low but still very pretty. Lets play “Spot The Little Devil” (my campervan), it is mostly hidden by a tree in this shot.

And on down the river, with my trusty folding steed.

That last view reminds me that I have to save my pennies for some sort of small river craft.

I broke off the trail at Bomal Sur Ourthe, in search of an ice cream and found this old building. Unfortunately it’s historic interior is no more. It is now for hire as holiday flats.

And that concludes my posting of holiday snaps from my September tour. I hope that you enjoyed them.



I guiltily have to admit that I have not read this book but I have listened to the audio version, link below and it’s sequel The Testaments



But recently I got to see the first two series of the excellent drama series, based on The Handmaid’s Tale book and was surprised to get comments, on my post from Friday 9th of October 2020, from three fellow spankos that have yet to see this. It is a well known feminist work by Margaret Atwood about a dystopia USA that has been renamed Gilead by the Christian fundamentalists that now run the place.

As well as being a significant story it is also full of punishment scenes, which is why I thought that most spankos would have already seen this program. I have to admit that a lot of these punishments I would not like to play out in a spanking/sub dom(me) session but I thought I would give those that have not seen it, the type of things you can expect, as the episodes proceed.

Loosing bits

Definitely not what I would class as safe and sane for play but an important part of the story.

Eyes can be plucked out, hands and tongues cut off. A woman can lose a finger for committing the sin of reading a book.


Now this could be played out in a scene.

Offred (Elisabeth Moss) has the soles of her feet whipped twice

And Serena (Yvonne Strahovski), the commanders wife receives a spanking with a belt from her husband

And there is all the rest


And Worst

Cattle prods

Just general brutality

False executions

And real, absolutely not for play time

Female circumcision, again not for play or any other reason ever

But there is always fight left in the oppressed

And I will finish with my favourite quote from the series 🙂

If you haven’t seen this yet I suggest you give it a go, it is a great series



Feel The Rage Of The Machine

Durbuy, Arguably The Smallest City In The World

I think that there will be other competitors to the title “World’s Smallest City”, It’s a bit like “England’s Oldest Pub”, there must be more than twenty of those. Durbuy is tiny though, if you judged it on size it would only count as a village. It is a beautiful little place to visit though, located on the banks of the River Ourthe with many tiny, ancient streets to explore.

There is a stately home in the city but this is not generally open to the public

And an amazing rock formation that has been turned into a feature, with the addition of a large pond and fountain

I finished my day of sauntering around this little burg with a visit to the topiary gardens

On Tuesday I will post the last of my holiday snaps that where taken as I explored the River Ourthe



Undressed To Impress

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The Bird Show At Bouillon Castle

Whilst visiting Bouillon Castle I got to see a very interesting Falconry display. I found it difficult to get pictures of the birds, as I had to remain seated and could not move around but I did get to grab a few shots that you might like to see.

I am usually a little wary of live animal shows but all the birds got to fly free and came back of their own accord. So I assume they are happy to be there. The one in the picture below even made a little snack of one of the small lizards living on the castle walls

It was a very interesting display laced with some information about the birds, in Flemish and French

And those are the last pictures that I have for you from Bouillon. I just have a few more snaps from one more location, from my recent travels. Hopefully I will be posting some of those on Sunday.




Whether it is OTK, over a desk, prone on a bed with your head hanging over the end or a dozen or more other positions, that a submissive finds themselves in when playing, it is true that as a group of people we do find ourselves looking at a lot of floors. And as all spankees and subs can tell you, most floors are a pretty damn boring thing to look at, no matter how interesting the things happening at your other end are. Well here is a solution for all you Tops and Dom(me)s out there.

Treat your sub to an interesting, kinky rug

There are a lot to choose from

I know it might not be the kind of thing that you want the neighbours to see, when they come round but you could keep them rolled up in a private place and just bring them out for play time. This has the added benefit that the person on the receiving end has somewhere clean to put their hands that is not covered in hairs because the dog/cat has been sleeping on it.

Try something humorous


Or something for corner time

Christmas is around the corner and this kind of thing would make a great gift for someone who has made Santa’s naughty list 🙂

Rugs are also good for practising your swing

Hope you all like my little suggestion 🙂



An Easily Bared Tushy

I thought that these would be great for any spankee. But I found three problems with them. They might be uncomfortable to sit on, they could possibly scratch wooden seating and no matter how hard I searched I could not find any for the boys 😦

The Castle At Bouillon

The castle at Bouillon sits on a high rocky outcrop and is surrounded on three sides by the River Semois There have been defensive structures here, of one sort or another, for over a thousand years

The castle is half built on and half dug out of the rock peak

And inside is traversed inside by low tunnels

A sign lead me to the “Torture Chamber” which turned out to be more of a photo opportunity for tourists, rather than the real thing

There are some great view points from the castle

It is an extensive castle and hard to give an impression of the whole of it without a drone shot and I do not own a drone. On Thursday I will show you some pictures of a demonstration that I attended at the castle.