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In this post about NON CONSENTING, PUBLIC SPANKING OF CHILDREN I posted a video made by Jillian Keenan. It was about some evil people doing bad things to the under aged, that need to be stopped. Ms Keenan has posted an update on the situation and so I thought that it would be a good idea to let the viewers of this blog have a chance to see that.

Spanking Predators Update

Any ideas on how to help fight these people are welcome.



I was not planning to post today but I think that this is important. JILLIAN KEENAN is an international journalist, author, photographer and open Spanko. Yesterday, on her YOUTUBE CHANNEL, she posted a video highlighting a group of really bad people (Family Pro Spank Workshop) openly advertising, on FACEBOOK, an event involving non consenting children being stripped and spanked at a public event. Please watch this video and if you think it appropriate, post it on your own blog, twitter feed or other social media stream of choice and condemn such activities.





Myself, I will be writing a strongly worded complaint to FACEBOOK, which on it’s own I expect will achieve absolutely nothing but if some of you out there are inclined to do the same maybe we can get someone to listen. Remember, one email is a waste of pixels but a thousand emails will get attention.




Post Update


I found it impossible to send an email to Facebook and so instead used their inadequate reporting system, which does not allow you to add details of why you are reporting the group. Then I posted the video on my vanilla Facebook time line. I hope that this will raise some eyebrows over this groups activities.




What is Bonding

bonding 1.jpg

Bonding is a recently released comedy TV series produced by and available on Netflix. It’s two main characters are Tiff, played by Zoe Levin and Pete, played by Brendan Scannell. Tiff is a University/College student, who is financing her studies by working as a Dominatrix. The gay character of Pete has known Tiff since their childhood schooldays and is employed by her as as an assistant/bodyguard/general go fer. Pete is also a wannabe comedian. The series revolves around the adventures of this dynamic duo, both inside the world of professional BDSM and in more mainstream life. The series is loosely based on the experiences of the shows main production initiator, Rightor Doyle and his time as an assistant to a Dominatrix.


My opinion of Bonding as a TV comedy

bonding-1556637825 from digital spy.jpg

On the whole I am glad that someone attempted to tackle this subject in such a way but I do believe that this is a bit of a failed effort, at the moment. As a comedy series, it cannot be expected that the story lines are fully reflective of the Professional BDSM scene but the story lines, in this case, are just too far from reality to have any believability. Also, as a comedy series, it needs to be a bit funnier.

penguin wrestling.jpg

I have a little theory as to what might have gone wrong. Unlike on this side of the Atlantic, comedy series from North America are usually written by teams of writers, rather than individuals. I suspect that Rightor Doyle started of with a good idea, based on real life experiences and then a lot of people, without a clue about this world, started to stick their grimy fingers into the pie and ruined the plot lines. Thus causing ludicrous scenes, such as Penguin Wrestling. If any members of the Penguin Wrestling community would like to disagree with me about this, please leave a comment at the end of this post.


A nasty truth included in Bonding

Abusive relationship couple.jpg

And that brutal truth is the high level of inexcusable Misandry, that is found within the BDSM and Spanking communities. In this case we see the character of Tiff swooping into a situation, where a female class mate is being victimised by a sexual predator and heroically saving  her, well done Tiff. During the series the same character meets a couple who become her clients. The female of this couple is violently and without consent, abusing her husband. Not only does no one feel that they should intervene in this situation but it is worked into the comedy element of the story line and normalised within the series. I find this to be a highly unacceptable attitude to adopt in this form of media.


The school report

Bonding is only worth a D- including a note to report to the study of the Head Mistress.

This series shows great potential but needs to make more effort and resist being distracted by those who have no or little personal experience of the subject matter.


Will there be a second series?

Although this comedy program has been highly slated, both from inside the kinky community and in the mainstream arena, it did get very good viewing figures and so a second series may be possible. Personally, I would like to see a second series. There are many examples of comedy series that where judged to be failures after the first series, Blackadder jumps to mind, but proceeded to become something special, in later series. I think with a more knowledgeable writing team and a bit less idiocy and more reality, this could become something worth watching, both for the Kinksters of this world and the Vanilla community.

The trailer



A Couple Of Goodbyeeees – A Blog For The Tumblr Roll – Adding A Site – And I Think This Song Has Happened To All OF Us


Goodbyeeee The Pink Report and Spanking 360 (Audrey Knight)


I am working my way through the second blog roll, removing the blogs that have ceased to be blogs, whilst I was busy for the earlier part of this year and this week it is time to bid a fond farewell to the blog of the spanking model Audrey Knight, Spanking 360, which has totally disappeared from the blogasphere, presumably because of the retirement of Ms Knight. Also The Pink Report has stopped posting for some time now and will be removed from the list, though it’s owner still has a Tumblr blog The Pink Papers.

A blog for the Tumblr list


The Chief from Spanking Blogg has a Tumblr blog. This is called Chief’s spankingblogg pics and will be added to the third (specifically Tumblr) blog roll.

A new website for the Campaigners Page


I do not agree with everything that this organization is campaigning for but I agree with the general philosophy and so am adding Backlash to the Campaigners Page.

A very true parody

You’re young, drunk and the mood is right. And then, the next day, you wake up next to someone you wish you had not woken up next to. This song is about that. My vulnerable times for this was at music festivals, during my younger days.


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It Got Set To Music

Lyrics and music meet

Some of you might remember that I wrote some lyrics, in this post Set It To Music, and asked if anyone would like to have a go at putting some music to them and to be honest I thought that, that would be an end to it. But Pandora Blake  put a guy called  Quai Franklin onto the post and he has actually done the musical bit as he posted about in this post The Quai Franklin Show – Episode 3 (Almost Live) « Quai Franklin Radio.

You can go directly to the audio of the episode, with the song through this link

The show with the song

It was kind of weird and a bit of a thrill to hear the song set to music. Quai has done it in his own style, which I believe was a good decision. People should do things in their own way.

What is it about

Generally about standing up for our rights and especially about the way that we are represented in the gutter press (tabloids/red tops). And in it’s title, is dedicated to someone that I regard as one of the greatest of Submissive heroes (at least for someone from the UK anyway), it is called Lawrence’s Grave.

A big thank you Mr Franklin, for doing this. Sooner or later and in one way or another we all have to stand up for what we believe in when the time comes.


Set It To Music

A kinky protest song

I have had the idea of writing a protest song for kinksters going through my head for some time and have decided to put what I came up with in this post.

I have been told that I  can sing a bit but apart from that I don’t know much about music, especially not putting those little tadpoley things on lines. If I am really lucky one of the readers out there might have the skill to come up with a tune for this. It is written in a fairly formulaic fashion, often found in many protest songs from the 60’s through to the 80’s.

Lawrence’s Grave

A stingy flogger

Canes and whips

Leather ropes and chains

We like it that way

For we are the chosen

The Dom(me)s and Submissives

With pain and power we like to play


They are the haters the mental castraters

Who threaten our families our lives and our jobs

They want to trial us judge and execute us

With lies that they print

In the red tops


We’ll stand strong and start shouting

Fight for our rights in the streets and the fields

We have a right to live how we want to

And to love the way that we feel

Boot up your phone and your Google box

Talk on the forums with tweets and on blogs

Tell the politicians they must hear us

For ours is the vote of

nearly twenty percent


They get their hard ons

And damp crotches

Driving us from our homes in the dark of the night

Sick twisted persecution

Is their turn on

And they have the gall to call us the perverts


Stand shoulder to shoulder at the barricade

Bottoms Subs Switches Tops and Dom(me)s

Kink honouration

We’ll win our station

This I swear

On Lawrence’s grave

Images courtesy of


Spanked, Not Silenced

Naked With My Guitar